Hook’s Heroes Slot from NetEnt Coming Soon

hooks-heroes-slotThere is a brand new slot game which is going live throughout the NetEnt casino network in September 2015, however we have been given a sneak preview of this highly playable slot game and will now give you an overview of what you will find on offer on it when it does go live at your favourite casino site.

The playing structure of this slot is easy enough to understand, for it comes with a standard five video reel, 20 payline playing structure on which you are going to be able to play as many or as few of those 20 paylines as you like.

The coin values are also fully configurable and you will be able to play for coin values which can be set down as low as just 0.01 or can be increased upwards in value to 1.00 and 10 coins per payline can also be put into live play, so a maximum bet spin will cost you 200 coins on your chosen stake, which is ideal for both low rollers and high rollers alike.

Huge Jackpot on Offer

One of the main reasons why we think you are going to enjoy playing the Hook’s Heroes slot game from NetEnt is that you are going to find a huge jackpot on offer on it! The bonus game is where you are going to have the chance of winning a huge amount of cash for once triggered if everything falls into place there is a potential maximum bonus game jackpot on offer of some 194,800 coins.

The base game jackpot is also worth winning and by spinning in all five of the Bandana wearing Pirate symbols you will receive a 900 coin jackpot payout per coin wagered on the payline they all spun in on, so when playing for 10 coins per payline that jackpot will equate to a 9000 jackpot payout.

The payout percentage has been set as high as possible by NetEnt on the Hook’s Heroes slot game and that RTP is a huge 96.82%, so when you do decide to give this slot some serious amount of play time you will always get a high proportion of your stake money returned to you over your long term play on this slot.

Multiple Bonus Features

If you are looking for a slot game to play on which plenty of bonus games and bonus features can and will be triggered then make sure you do give the Hook’s Heroes slot game as much play time as you can, for with several features waiting to be triggered you will find it is an exciting and entertaining slot game to play.

We shall now take a look at what each of the bonus featured attached to this slot game does and how they will play out once you have managed to trigger them, so read on for we are confident you will be itching to play this slot once you find out how those bonus features play and pay.

Free Spins Feature – You will need to have at least three of the scatter symbols spinning in for you to trigger the main bonus features on this slot, those symbols all have the word Scatter on them so you are never going to miss out on seeing them making an appearance on the slot game screen.

As soon as you have spun into view at least three of those scatter symbols you will have three options in regards to how you get to play off a set of free spins. Each set of free spins you can choose to play off will have their own levels of risk attached to them.

However, the Hook’s Heroes slot game offers you something no other multiple free spins bonus game awarding slot does, and that is when you spin in 4 scatters you can pick two or even three of the three different ways of playing off your free spins, and when all five scatters make an appearance you can play off up to all three of the free spin options or any combinations of them if you prefer one over the other two.

Let us now enlighten you on your options in regards to playing off your free spins.

Fairy Feature – By choosing to play off the Fairy Feature free spins then you are awarded with 7 free spins. As you are then playing off those 7 free spins at random between two and five overlaying wild symbols are going to be added to random reel positions by the Fairy.

Obviously you will be hoping to see as many of those overlaying wild symbols added to the reels as you possibly can for when playing maximum payline spins you will then get an increased chance of forming multiple winning combinations.

Mermaid Feature – The Mermaid Feature set of free spins will see you being able to then play off a set of 10 free spins when you have opted to make use of them. If you do opt to make use of this set of free spins when you spin in any set of winning combinations on any of the paylines you have put into play they will be doubled in valued by x2 multipliers.

However, by forming any one or more winning combination or combinations with the help of the wild symbols the wild symbol formed winning combinations are instantly quadrupled in value.

Pirate Feature – The highest number of initial free spins you will be awarded on the free spins feature is reserved for players opting to make use of the Pirate Feature set of free spins as by picking this option you will have 15 free spins to play off.

During this set of free spins the wild symbols are removed from the reels and the winning combinations are not formed by you spinning in matching reel symbols on the paylines instead it is the number of visible matching reel symbols that will determine your winning payouts.

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