House Edge of All Online Blackjack Games

Please be aware that all of the house edges you will find displayed below are what you can expect to be playing against over the long term and only if you play the correct perfect strategy for each variant listed, playing in any other way other than the most optimal way will increase the house edges of each of the real money Blackjack games listed.

House Edge on Microgaming Blackjack Games

The first set of Blackjack games which we will enlighten you on in regards to their house edges are those games found in each of our listed and reviewed Microgaming Casinos, when playing at any casino using this gaming platform you will find their Blackjack games can be played for stakes as low as 1.00 per hand.

Classic Blackjack – There are two different variants of Classic Blackjack offered at Microgaming powered online casino sites and you need to ensure that you stick to playing their single hand variant of this game if you want to play the lowest house edge variant for that game has a house edge of just 0.13% whilst the multi hand variant has a much less appealing house edge of 0.59%.

Vegas Strip Blackjack – Whilst you will probably be quite hard pressed to actually find a Blackjack game offering a house edge of 0.35% at a casino located on the Las Vegas Strip should you give Microgaming’s variant of this game some play time then that is the house edge you will be up against.

Vegas Single Deck Blackjack – Another of Microgaming various different regional Blackjack game variants you will find readily on offer at any casino site using their gaming platforms is the Vegas Single Deck Blackjack game, and when you master this game the house edge will be just 0.35% which is of course identical to the above named game.

Atlantic City Blackjack – The number of land based casino still open for business in Atlantic City has massively been reduced in recent months, but for the thrill of playing a Blackjack game offering a similar playing structure and set of game play rules to casinos found in that part of America then look no further than Microgaming’s Atlantic City Blackjack game on which a house edge of 0.36% can be found.

Spanish Blackjack – Please do no jump in and start to play the Spanish Blackjack game until you fully understand its game play rules, for this game has several playing cards missing from its decks and as such it calls for a totally different playing strategy. When you master this game however you will be able to get the house edge down to a quite manageable 0.38%.

Pontoon – As soon as you have got your head around the different names given to all of the betting decisions and playing moves attached to Microgaming’s Pontoon game you will find it can be a fair paying game thanks to the house edge being a somewhat manageable and low 0.39%.

Vegas Downtown Blackjack – There are two games which have more or less the same playing structure these are the Vegas Downtown and Bonus Blackjack games found in the gaming suite of Microgaming powered casino sites, the only main difference between these two games is that you can place a bonus side bet on the aptly named Bonus Blackjack game, the house edges of both of these two variants when you play the base game only and not the bonus bet option is 0.39%.

European Blackjack –  The Microgaming European Blackjack game has a house edge of 0.42%, please be aware that when you play at any casino site using their gaming platform and range of games you will also find available the following three variants of this game which are the Hi Lo 13, High Streak and the Perfect Pairs Blackjack games.

All three of those additional games use the European Blackjack game as the base game so when playing any of them the house edge attached to those games is of course 0.42%, but each of those variants offering an optional side bet wagering opportunity and when you play one of those side bets the house edge will be greatly increased.

Big 5 Blackjack – One Blackjack game which has not the most appealing house edge is the Microgaming designed Big 5 Blackjack game, this game is exclusive to Microgaming so you will not find it offered anywhere else online and the house edge you are up against if you decide to play this game is 0.47%.

Multi Hand Blackjack – Both Microgamings’ standard Multi Hand Blackjack game and their Multi Hand Blackjack games play out to the same game playing rules surrounding how the Dealer can play his hand and the Players can play out each hand dealt out to them. Those two variants along with the base game of Microgaming’s Triple 7s Blackjack game have a house edge of 0.59%.

However, the forced obligatory side bet wager on the Triple 7’s Blackjack game variant effects the house edge in a negative way and as such as you cannot opt out of playing that side bet you should avoid the Triple 7’s variant unless the size of its progressive jackpot proves too tempting.

Double Exposure Blackjack – The game of Double Exposure Blackjack is hardly what you will call a low house edge game, for its house edge is 0.69% and even though you get to see just what cards the Dealer has in his hand that doesn’t make this game a much more appealing one than any of those listed above, in fact those other games are much more attractive to all serious Blackjack players than this one.

Super Fun 21 Blackjack – The highest house edge Blackjack game and therefore one that should never be on any players list of games to play when logged into a Microgaming powered casino site is the Super-Fun 21 Blackjack game on which even with perfect play you will never get the long term house edge lower than its expected 0.94%.

House Edge on NetEnt Blackjack Games

For a full and quite diverse range of Blackjack variants that you are going to be able to access and play via a no download gaming platform please do checkout our top rated NetEnt Casinos for each site we have listed will offer you lots of Blackjack comps when you choose to play any of the variants on offer and new player and ongoing bonuses are quite free flowing at each of those casinos.

Standard Blackjack –  NetEnt’s Standard Blackjack game or as it is also known the Blackjack Pro game offers players a very reasonable long term expected house edge of just 0.40% and until they launch a lower house edge variant this game is the best one you can play at any casino using their no download gaming platform.

Pontoon – NetEnt’s’ single hand Pontoon game which is a quite good looking game and one worth playing for its house edge is only slightly higher than he above named Blackjack game variant, and that house edge for reference is 0.41%.

Single Deck Blackjack – The Single Deck Blackjack game on offer from NetEnt does get a lot of attention from Blackjack players and that is hardly surprising once you learn that the house edge on this game is reasonably low at 0.48%.

Double Exposure Blackjack – The lowest house edge Blackjack game variant on offer from any of our featured casino platform and software providers on which you can see all of the Dealers cards at all times is the NetEnt designed Double Exposure game which has an expected house edge of some 0.64%, however that house edge makes is their worst playing game and one worth avoiding.

House Edge on Playtech Blackjack Games

As each of our fully reviewed Playtech Casinos have proven to be very popular with players we have chosen to list below all of the house edges you will find attached to each of this leading software, gaming platform and casino game designers online Blackjack games.

As you would expect there is lots of different Blackjack game variants offered at all Playtech powered sites and you will have the option of playing them for free or for real money. However for the best winning opportunities you should not look any further than the Blackjack Switch game.

Blackjack Switch – Please take the time and effort that will be required for you to learn how to fully master playing the two hand game of Blackjack Switch available at all Playtech powered sites for this game is and always has been their very lowest house edge variant, and once you have mastered playing it you with then always benefit for its very low house edge of just 0.16%.

Pontoon – Pontoon does have quite a strong following of players online and when playing the Playtech variant of this game you will find apart from the above named game it has the lowest house edge offered on their Blackjack game listing, although open to debate as to whether it is a Blackjack game in its own right, but the house edge is certainly very appealing at 0.38%.

Blackjack Surrender – You will of course have the option of giving up your hand and getting half of your wager back when playing any game offering a surrender option and that playing move is obviously on offer on Playtech’s Blackjack Surrender game which has a house edge of 0.39%.

Blackjack Pro – The Blackjack pro game offered at selected Playtech sites will see you playing against a reasonable yet not very low house edge of 0.48%, and you are best advised to give any of the above named variants some play time as opposed to this variant due to that higher house edge.

Standard Blackjack – Both Playtech’s Progressive and Standard Blackjack games offer a base game house edge of 0.49%, but their Progressive game does have the side bet on which the progressive jackpot can be won and as such that side bet results in that particular variants house edge being much higher and whilst the progressive jackpots size may be attractive the house edge is not.

Live Blackjack – You can now play real life Blackjack from the comfort of your own home which is possible on Playtech’s Live Dealer gaming platform however there is a price to playing their Live Blackjack game variant and that is its house edge of 0.57%.

UK Blackjack – The UK Blackjack game which Playtech have recently launched may get some of our website visitors based in the Great Britain interested in playing it due to its name, however the house edge you will find in play on this variant is hardly awe inspiring as it is a high one working out at 0.61%.

Double Attack Blackjack – Let us finally introduce you to two of the more rarer and less commonly available Playtech designed Blackjack games, you will not miss either of the following two games as their respective house edges make them games you will not find appealing, the first is the Double Attack Blackjack game variant on which a house edge of 0.62% is in play.

21 Duel Blackjack – The other Blackjack game which will never be worth playing even if you do find an online casino that has it available and that is the 21 Duel Blackjack game, you are probably going to have a better chance of winning when playing one of Playtech’s higher paying slot games than playing this game due to its house edge being a massive 3.08%.

House Edge on Real Time Gaming Blackjack Games

One thing that you will instantly notice about the Blackjack games on offer at several different Real Time Gaming Casinos is that the number of decks of cards in play in each deck can vary depending on just which casino site you choose to play at. This does of course mean that the house edges attached to every single RTG Blackjack game will also vary from site to site.

With this in mind please be aware that the house edges attached to each of the Blackjack game variants listed below are the lowest ones possible when you play at a Real Time Gaming powered site that has chosen to put the minimum number of decks of cards in play on each of their Blackjack games.

Blackjack Surrender – There are not many Real Time Gaming powered sites that have the Blackjack Surrender game on offer and that is a pity as it was a very low house edge variant on which a house edge of 0.49% was in play! However, look hard enough and you may find one or two casinos that still have this game on offer and available.

European Blackjack –   The very lowest commonly available Blackjack game is the European variant which all RTG casinos have on offer, when played with the lowest number of decks in its shoe which by the way is four full decks of cards the house edge works out at 0.57%.

Standard Blackjack – The Standard Blackjack game found in Real Time Gaming powered casinos has an identical expected long term house edge as the above game that being 0.57% and therefore is going to appeal to a lot of Blackjack players looking for a low house edge game to play for either low or high stake amounts as the chip values on this game are of course fully adjustable.

Pontoon – All of our features online gambling platforms that powers each of our top rated casino sites has a Pontoon game on offer and the house edge on this variant is not as low as it could be and works out at a rather high and rather unappealing 0.73%.

Match Play 21 Blackjack – The final three Real Time Gaming designed Blackjack games that we are about to introduce you to are hardly worth mentioning, for their house edges are not low at all! However we shall list them anyway and the first one on offer is the Match Play 21 Blackjack game on which the base game alone offers a house edge of some 0.81%.

Face Up 21 Blackjack – As with all online Blackjack games on which you get to see at all times the Dealers hand the price to be paid for doing so is a high house edge and this is certainly the case on this Face Up Blackjack game which has a house edge of a high 0.85%.

Super 21 Blackjack –  With a house edge of a whopping 1.20% the Super 21 Blackjack game is not one you should ever wish to play, and quite rightly it is the least played online Blackjack game currently available in the gaming suite of any Real Time Gaming powered online casino site.

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