How are Online Slot Machines Certified as Fair?

fairPlaying slot machines online has now become a worldwide phenomenon and it doesn’t matter in which part of the world you live you are going to have access to a huge number of different types of slot machines from a whole host of online casino sites.

However, there are a lot of sceptical gamblers out there who are very wary of playing slot machines online and want to be 100% guaranteed that before they even deposit a penny or one cent into an online casino site that they are receiving a fair and honest set of slot machines.

So if you are one of these players or simply want to be safe in the knowledge that you are getting access to and playing fair slot games online, then below we are going to explain and highlight the ways that you can be completely confident those slots you will be accessing online are working and operating exactly as they should do.

In House Design Studios

It can be very expensive for a slot game to be designed and developed, and all of the major online casino software companies and game designers have their own in house studios where they spend days, weeks and months building an online slot game from scratch.

With an experience team employed by each company then their collective knowledge and experience will ensure the slot games they design work and play exactly as they should do.

Beta Testing

Once a slot has been designed before it is ever released online it will go through a rigorous testing period, in fact some casino game designers employ slot players to beta test their about to be released new slot games just to be 100% sure that they are working as they should once they have tested them out themselves.

Third Party Testing

Some companies offer a casino game testing service, once of the main players in this industry is TST and they have the contract to test each and every slot game released by some of the more well known software and casino game companies and designers.

In fact you will often see the TST logo attached to many online casino websites and this is your personal guarantee that each and every single game offered at that site has been independently tested by TST and has been found to be beyond reproach and completely fair and above board.

Licensing Jurisdictions

There are some very strict online gambling licensing authorities out there and those who have the strictest codes of conduct will always make any casino site they have licensed prove beyond any doubt that their casino games are fair and true.

In fact many licensing jurisdictions make the casinos licensed by them sign up too and have their random number generators regularly audited and tested by a third party to guarantee that they are working correctly, so do look out for casinos licensed by these more respected licensing jurisdictions and opt to play at those sites for complete peace of mind.

Ongoing Audits

Many online casinos have signed up to a monthly ongoing audit of all of their casino games, and this is carried out by an independent third party company who is sent the entire gaming logs of each and every single game offered at a casino site and will then go through these figures and produce something known as a monthly payout percentage verification certificate.

By analyzing the payout percentage of each casino game each month and then supplying a certificate which is displayed on the casinos website, the players of that site can continuously see just how well each casino game grouping has been out for each previous month.

This adds another level of openness and integrity to an online casino site and shows that site has no problems opening their books to show the world just how much each slot or casino game has paid out as its RTP for each previous month.

Player Feedback

Never underestimate the power of online slot players, with social media being what it is and with there being a huge number of message exchanges and gambling forums available word of mouth is a powerful tool in regards to online gambling in general.

It does not take long for a slot game that has got some form of error to become the talk of the town at such places, and with players collectively sharing their slot playing experiences online then this does tend to ensure players can see just which slot games are playing as they should and which slots are not.

You will often find some websites allow their visitors to send in screenshots of large winning payouts and these are good sites to visit for you will get a very good feel for the slots which are fair and honest and which slots should be avoided.

Got Any Problems?

Should you have been playing any online slot game and you have experienced something happening when playing it that is out of the ordinary or something happens that is not supposed to then your very first port of call should be the casino in question.

All online casinos have a complete audit trail available to them which will show the outcome of every single spin of the reels made on any slot game by any player at their casino, so by asking them to review your slot play then they will be able to instantly see if a slot game has done something that it should not have done.

You can always request your slot playing logs from most online casinos at any time you like, but most of the larger and better run casino sites using one of the better known software companies let players view their online slot playing gaming logs instantly online and this will enable you to always have access to your slot playing logs and as such you can review any slot playing session you have played in the recent past.

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