How Long are the Reel Strips on Online Slot Machines?

tomb-raider-slotWe are always eager to bring you information regarding playing slot games online that you will not find available anywhere else online, and if you are interested in getting a much better Understanding Of How Online Slot Games Work, then this article is quite in-depth for it will enlighten you on just how long each reel strip is on a range of popular online slot games.

As soon as you know just how many reel symbols are located on any online slot games reels then this answers the age old question of How long is a Slot Game Playing Cycle, which many slot players ask when they are trying to get work out their Actual, Expected and Theoretical Slot Game Payout Percentages.

Microgaming Slot Games Reel Strip Length

It has taken us quite some time to determine the length of each reel strip on a range of Microgaming slot games, however this we have managed to do and below are some of this leading online casino game designers slot machines with the relevant facts and figures in regards to the length of each of the reel strips attached to each of their respective five reels.

Munchkins Slot – In order, starting from real one to five the number of reel symbols on each reel of this slot are 26, 28, 34, 38 and 38 and as such us you will find that that game cycle of this slot game is 35,741,888 spins. For reference this slot game does boast a free spins type of bonus game feature which is triggered when three or more scatter symbols spin in.

There is one scatter symbol on reels one to four but two of them on reel five, and the odds of you spinning in at least three of them to trigger the bonus game are 93 to 1.

Cashapillar Slot – The number of reel symbols on each reel of each different Microgaming slot game can and do vary massively, and one example of a slot boasting some very long reel strips is the Cashapillar slot, and on reels one of five there are, 79, 78, 74, 94 and 94 reel symbols respectively on each of those five reels, and as such the playing cycle on this slot is 4,029,109,967 spins.

This is a 100 payline slot hence the massive number of symbols on each reel, and in regards to the jackpot symbols these are the Wild symbols which are stacked, and in case you are wondering what are the odds of you spinning all five of these symbols into view in a stacked formation the odds of that very, very rare event happening are 4,029,109,967 to 1.

Tomb Raider Slot – Another extremely popular and much played slot game found on Microgaming’s online and mobile gaming platforms is the Tomb Raider slot which may be one of your favourite slot games.

If you do enjoy playing this slot then allow us to enlighten you on the length of each reel strip, reels one to five have the following number of reel symbols printed up on them, 24, 28, 34, 40 and 40 which means one complete game cycle on this slot will take a total of 36,556,800 spins.

There are two Wild symbols on reel one of this Tomb Raider slot and one of them on each of the other four reels, and as such if you are wondering what are the odds of you actually walking off with the jackpot payout when playing maximum line spins on this slot the odds are 1,218,559 to 1.

What on Earth Slot – We do want to give you a wide spread of different types of slot games so you can ideally find one which has a design that you find appealing, and as such another slot game which we have taken a much closer look at is Microgaming’s What on Earth slot game and this is one of their 9 payline slots.

The number of reel symbols on each of this slot games five reels are, starting with reel one, 62, 29, 22, 20 and 27, as you can see there are quite a lot of symbols on the first reel and as such it is quite long. The length of one complete playing cycle based on these figures when playing this slot is 21,360,240 which is quite a low number of spins when you compare it to some of the other slot games listed on this web page.

Secret Admirer Slot – The final slot game we would like to give you a much deeper insight into the workings of is the Secret Admirer slot game, and this is another of Microgaming’s 9 payline slot games, but its bonus game is quite unique as re-spins instead of free spins are awarded and only the scatter symbols count during the bonus game feature round.

Having dissected the reel strips we can let you know that on reels one to five there are a total of 50, 50, 28, 28 and 28 symbols on those five reels and this means that a complete game playing cycle which has been used to determine the payout percentage of 96.08% that this game plays out to is 54,880,000 spins.

The Ring symbols which are the scatter symbols of which you need two of them appearing, one on reel one and one on reel two on any single base game spin to set the bonus game into play are quite large symbols so you cannot miss them spinning in.

There is one of these symbols on the first reel and two of them on the second reel so the actual odds in case you are wondering of triggering this slot games bonus feature round are 138 to 1. There is a just one jackpot symbol in play on each reel, and as such if you play all 9 paylines on this slot game on each spin made then the odds of you forming the jackpot paying combination on any one of those 9 paylines are 6,097,777 to 1.

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