How long does it take to trigger the Wild Desire Bonus?

wild-desireYou will find that when you are playing the Immortal Romance Slot game, which is one of many Microgaming slots on which are wild reel feature can be randomly triggered, you are obliged to have to put into play 243 pay lines when playing off each base game spin. The Wild Reel bonus game found on this slot is known as the Wild Desire Feature.

The Wild Desire bonus game, once awarded could see from one to five of the reels turning wild, and you will always be hoping to see all five reels becoming wild once is has been awarded to you for by doing so you will then have 243 jackpot paying combinations.

However, there is never any knowing just when that feature is going to magically be awarded to you. But we have managed to work out, based on a large sample of spins, when on average that bonus game will be awarded and have also got several other important facts and figures to bring to your attention.

Below we will give you an overview of the more relevant yet often hard to find facts and figures regarding the Immortal Romance slot game which we suggest you read through. These facts and figures will enlighten you on when the Wild Desire bonus feature should on average trigger, when the free spins bonus round should trigger and also what effect both of those two features should have on how much you win when compared to base game spun in awards.

Immortal Romance Slot Facts and Figures

Let us now enlighten you on those all important facts and figures relating to the Immortal Romance slot game, these have been compiled on a large amount of game play data and whilst the average number of base game spins required to trigger the features are accurate, as this slot is completely random you are going to experience variations in the number of spins required to trigger those features on any given session playing this slot and also your single session RTP.

Immortal Romance Slot Payout Percentage – Microgaming have had the long term expected payout percentage of 96.86%, which does mean that it is one of Microgaming higher paying slots that should see you getting a large amount of your stakes wagered on this slot being returned to you as winning payouts.

Base Game Long Term Expected Payout Percentage – The base game on average should return a payout percentage of around 65%, whilst that figure may be low the fairly high hit frequency of this slot game bonus rounds and their respective RTP should help you achieve, with some luck in playing a much higher RTP.

RTP of Bonus Game Features – By taking away the base game RTP of 65% away from the Immortal Romance slots overall RTP of 96.86% we can reveal that the bonus games collective payout percentage is 31.86%, and as such a fair chunk of your stakes are going to be won back via the bonus games when they finally trigger.

Frequency of Free Spins Bonus Game – The free spins bonus game on the Immortal slot game is triggered by spinning in three or more of the scatter symbols anywhere in view. On average that bonus game should trigger once every 160 base game spins you play off.

Average Number of Spins to Trigger Wild Desire – The Wild Desire feature should on average trigger around once every 400 base game spins you play off, however do remember that there is never any way of knowing when that bonus game will be awarded to you and also there is never any knowing just how many reels will end up turning wild when it has been awarded.

Where to Play the Immortal Romance Slot

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