How Much Do I Have to Wager to Win a Progressive Jackpot?

As part of our series of Progressive Casino Game Questions and Answers articles in this one you are going to find a listing of a range of different progressive online casino games which we have listed in order in regards to the stake levels at which they can be played. Be aware that each game listed does require you to put into play the listed and highlighted stake amount for you to have any chance of winning the progressive jackpot or one of the progressive jackpots attached to that game.

When playing any progressive game for the first time always make sure that you have fully understood the design of that game for if you inadvertently do not place the correct wager or do not play it in a certain way then there is a chance the progressive jackpot element of that game may not be activated as you are playing it.

Low Stake Progressive Games

Let us start off by introducing you to the low stake progressive games which you will find offered at many of our listed online casino sites, these types of games tend to appeal to all players as you have a chance of winning a large cash jackpot even when playing for modest and minimum stake amounts.

Tunzamunni Slot – The coin values are fixed at just 0.05 when you play the Tunzamunni slot game online but five of those coins must be wagered to win the progressive jackpot.

Marvel Jackpot Slots – You can play any of the Marvel Jackpot slot games at Playtech powered sites for any stake level you want and you will have the chance of then triggering a pick to win bonus game on which one of four different progressive jackpots can then be won.

Mega Moolah Slots – The Mega Moolah slots work in a similar way to the Marvel Jackpot slots in as much as you can play them for low stake amounts and trigger a progressives jackpot awarding bonus game which in the case of these slots will see you then spinning a bonus wheel to find out which of its four jackpots you have won.

Real Series Slots – There are loads of Real Series slot game found in Real Time Gaming powered online casino sites and when playing these slots for very low or even high stake amounts when the base game reels have stopped spinning you could be randomly awarded with the progressive jackpot, in fact some of the newer Real Series online slot machines now offer two randomly awarded progressive jackpots which can be won for low stake amounts.

Mid Stake Progressive Games

The following casino games all have a mid stake level playing structure and format attached to them, and as such they may just appeal to you if you have a mid ranged gaming budget.

Progressive Blackjack – You are usually forced to place a side bet whenever you play an online progressive Blackjack game and that side bet will often not only activate the jackpot payout but will also allow you to win some additional bonus winning payouts.

Progressive Roulette – Much like the progressive Blackjack game above there is going to be an obligatory side bet you are always forced to place when playing progressive Roulette online and whilst that side bet is only 1.00 it could eat away at your bankroll if those bonus payouts awarded for spinning in a series of winning numbers is not achieved when you play this progressive table game online.

Cash Splash Slot – A stake of 3.00 if required to win the progressive jackpot on the Cash Splash slot and you will only achieve that when you line up three of the logo symbols in this slot games single payline.

Major Millions Slot – This slot like the Cash Splash slot game named above has a maximum bet spin costing 3.00 but when playing three of its fixed 1.00 coins per spin three different paylines then come into live play and the logo symbols have to line up on the third payline for you to be instantly awarded with its progressive jackpot, forming that winning combination on pay lines one or two results in a fixed coin jackpot being awarded to you instead of the progressive jackpot.

High Stake Progressive Games

If you are quite prepared to play progressive online casino games for higher than average stake amounts then we can recommend any of the following games, whilst the cost per game may not be as low cost as other games the following games do give you the chance of winning big not only via their respective progressive jackpot but also via their respective base game.

Mega Spin Major Millions Slot – Microgaming’s Mega Spin Major Millions slot is quite unique for when playing it you are playing six Major Millions slots simultaneously, however to win the progressive jackpot on any of those six slots you need to wager 3.00 in total per slot which means when playing this slot a total wager of 18.00 is required per spin which does mean it is a very high stake progressives game to play online, but one that may appeal to some players looking for six times the chance of winning a progressive jackpot.

Jackpot Deuces – The Microgaming designed Jackpot Deuces video poker game offers a progressive jackpot but you need to wager 5.00 in total per hand to have a chance of being dealt out the Royal Flush hand in the suit of Diamonds which is how the progressive jackpot is awarded, so it is something of a high stake game to play.

Supajax – One final video poker game on which you can win a progressive jackpot is the Supa Jax game, this game once again calls for you to have to play 5 x 1.00 coins to have a chance of winning the progressive jackpot and a unique and exclusive hand combination must be formed to be awarded with that jackpot.

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