How Not to Play 3 Reel Slot Games

As there are video slot games which will offer you multiple paylines, all manner of exciting and potentially high paying bonus games and bonus features and occasionally the chance of you being able to win one of several progressive jackpots possibly at random, then you can often overlook the three reel slots offered by an online casino site.

Three reel slots are often dismissed by players as being rather boring slots to play and as the majority of them have no bonus games which can result in them being very fast playing slots, you may have opted never to give those types of slots any amount of play time when logged into your favourite online casino site.

However, it may be worth taking a step back and taking a look at the design of some three reel slots games, for there are several of them on offer which have even higher payout percentages than the video slot games! If that has suddenly sparked an interest in you then do take a look at the Multi Spin slots offered at Playtech casino sites for many of those slots have RTP’s in excess of 99%.

One thing that you will need to be aware of when you choose to play any type of 3 reel slot game is that the design of the slot may be such that if you do not play them in a certain way you will possible end up achieving a lower than expected payout percentage or could possibly have no chance what so every of winning the bigger valued winning payout as listed on the pay table.

With that in mind, below you will find details on how you should not play 3 reel slot games, so please read on and make a note of what we are about to tell you and make sure you do not make these following game playing errors when playing these types of slots online.

Minimum Pay lines – When playing some three reel slot game you are going to find that instead of the standard on single payline there may be more than one payline that you can choose to put into live play on each spin you play off.

If you do come across such a slot and you are tempted to give it some play time then for you do send the reels spinning with your chosen number of paylines in play take a look at the pay table. If the jackpot payout attached to each of the five lines is the same, then it does not matter how many line you have in play you will always get a fair chance of winning that jackpot.

However, if the jackpots are enhanced in value on each additional payline you play then you should never play those slots with anything fewer than the maximum number of lien sin play, if you do then the overall winning chances on off to you will diminish and when playing or example just one single payline you will never have the chance of winning the enhanced jackpots offered on the additional pay lines.

One Coin per Line – You will also need to be aware that many 3 reel slots will have on offer just a single payline spread over their three reels, and it is usually the case on these slots that by playing the maximum number of coins per spin which could be one or two coins, then you have an enhanced jackpot payout on offer.

So much like when playing three reel slots which offer more than one single payline, always check the pay table attached to the slot you are going to play or are thinking of playing and see if you will benefits from any type of enhanced winning payout when playing more than one coin on the payline.

If so then it is very important you play maximum bet coins for by not doing so you will end up getting, over your long term play a slightly lower payout percentage than max bet players who and will of course never have the chance of winning that enhanced jackpot payout.

Bonus Games – Whilst many three reel slots have a very basic playing structure on which you are never going o be able to trigger or be awarded with any type of bonus games or bonus features, there are in fact some slots which do offer a bonus game.

Whilst the bonus games are not going to be as highly advanced as those attached to video slot games for example, when triggered on a three reel slot some fairly significant winning payouts can be achieved when playing off those bonus games.

Should you come across any three reel slot on which a bonus game can be triggered if you do not put into play the exact type of staking and playing structure required to have a chance of being awarded with that bonus game then you will never trigger them.

So take a look at the game play rules of any bonus game awarded three reel slot and if the game required a maximum stake wager to give you the chance of being awarded with it bonus feature round or game then make sure that is how you play that slot.

Over Staking – We do know that many slot players are going to be very interested in claiming a casinos bonus offer when they are intending to have a slot playing session, and there will always be some form of bonus available to three reel slot players at many four featured casino sites.

However, when you do have any amount of bonus credits in your casino account be aware that there may be a maximum stake limit in play whilst you are playing off those bonus credits, and as such never place a wager on any three reel slot that is higher in value that the one permitted by the bonus terms and conditions, as you will risk any winning you achieve with that bonus credit playing session being voided.

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