How Often Do Pick and Win Bonus Games Trigger?

bush-telegraph-slotWe have compiled this particular article to complement two other articles which if you find this one interesting, which we think you will then once you have finished reading it do checkout the other two which are our guide on the Hit Frequency of Slot Free Spin Rounds and our Slot Game Bonus Trigger Points article.

The aim of this article is to present to you a range of Microgaming powered slot games all of which can award a pick to win type of bonus game, and in addition to us just naming these slots you will find listed alongside them the number of base game spins that are on average required between bonus game rounds being awarded.

As soon as you know just on average how many base game spins are required to be played in between bonus game being awarded then if you are a strategic type of slot player you could start to increase the stake levels you are playing each of the listed slot games for once you start to get close to the number of spins usually required to see those bonus games being awarded.

The higher the stake levels you are of course playing for when the pick to win bonus games trigger the bigger and better chance you have of being awarded a decent winning payout, if of course you successfully pick off the locations on the bonus game screen which have the higher cash amounts hiding behind them.

We can never guarantee that you will trigger the bonus pick to win feature rounds exactly within the number of base game spins listed below, however over time you should find the number of spins required does average out, and much like any gambling system you can always try this way of playing online slots in a no risk format by signing up to any of our featured Microgaming powered sites and log in as a guest player.

Big Kahuna Slot – You need to line up three or more of the bonus symbols on any activated payline to trigger the bonus game on this slot and there are in fact two different pick to win bonus games on offer the most commonly triggered one on this slot is awarded via the Mask Bonus symbols for the number of spins between three of these symbols spinning in is just 72 spins, the Volcano reel symbols which trigger the other bonus game spin in on average once every 96 spins.

Moonshine Slot – You get to play a pick to win bonus game to determine how many free spins you are going to be able to play along with the value of the multipliers attached to each spin whenever you spin in three, four or five scatter symbols on the Moonshine slot, three scatters spin in on average once every 88 spins, four appear on average once every 1601 spins and all five of them will spin in once every 74,710 spins.

Wasabi San Slot – If you choose to play the Wasabi San slot game then make sure you activate all of its available paylines on each spin you play, for this will give you the best chance of trigger either of its two different bonus games. There is a pick to win bonus game on offer on this slot and that will be awarded when you spin in three of the bonus symbols on consecutive reels starting on the first reel. Getting three of these symbols lining up happens on average once every 63 spins, getting four of them should spin in once every 1,269 spins and all five of them should line up when you play all paylines once every 16,924 spins.

What on Earth Slot – There are a number of different pick to win bonus games that you can trigger when playing Microgaming’s What on Earth slot game, so we will just mention the most triggered bonus game which is awarded when thee of the Red Rocket scatter symbols spin into view, this due to the way the reel strips are laid out will on average happen once every 120 spins.

King Cashalot Slot – You have to get three of the Dragon scatter symbols spinning in on the reels numbered two, three and four when playing the King Cashalot slot game to be awarded with its unique pick to win bonus feature round, and this should happen quite regularly for the reel strips have been designed so that it on average triggers around once every 112 spins, however this is a fixed coin slot so you will not be able to increase the stakes you play it for the nearer you get to its usual trigger frequency.

Bush Telegraph Slot – You are more likely to be awarded the pick to win bonus round on the Bush Telegraph slot than you are on virtually any other bonus video slot which offers such a bonus game, you need three or more of the Bongo Drum reel symbols forming from reel one onwards on any activated payline, and by playing all paylines per spin that on average will happen every 63 spins, so if you like playing pick to win bonus game awarding slots then this Microgaming slot may be the one to play.

Halloweenies Slot – Quite usually for a slot that offers both free spins and a pick to win bonus game the free spins feature is on average triggered more often on the Halloweenies slot than the pick to win bonus feature. The free spins are triggered by three scatter symbols which spin in on average once every 76 spins however the bonus symbols of which three need to line up on reel one then on consecutive reels of any activated payline spin in on average once every 84 spins.

Dog Father Slot – The Dog Father slot awards its pick to win bonus game and its free spins feature in a similar way to the Halloweenies slot above and as such you should trigger these bonus games on average the same numbers of spins in between bonus games triggering as that slot, namely 84 spins for the pick to win bonus feature and 76 spins between free spins features being triggered.

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