How often does the Mega Fortune Jackpot Hit?

mega-fortune-slotThe range of progressive slot games offered at casino such as those on offer at RedBet Casino and Guts Casino are enormous and it is due to the fact both of those two highly rated instant play casino sites utilize the NetEnt range of slot games that gives them the edge over most other casinos.

However, when you are in a progressive slot game playing frame of mind, you will have such a large variety of potentially life changing jackpots on offer it can be difficult to select just one of them to concentrate your playing efforts on.

It you want to play a progressive slot on which a couple of bonus games can be triggered in addition to you having the chance of winning either a large base game jackpot or a top prize progressive jackpot that offers often several millions of Euros as its cash payout, then you are going to be tempted to give the Mega Fortune progressive slot game some play time.

This is one of NetEnt’s best known progressive slots which actually it is mentioned in the Guinness Book of Records as the online slot which has paid out, in one single jackpot payout, the highest valued jackpot ever.

Before we reveal to you just how often this slot awards its jackpots and let you know how much on average each player wins and how much those winning players have picked up let us give you a quick run through of the basic playing structure that this slot game has been designed around.

The Mega Fortune slot comes with a 25 payline playing structure and when playing any one base game spin you can adjust the number of paylines, the coin values along with the number of coins you play per spin, so it is a fully configurable slot which will suit low and high stake players perfectly.

On any base game spin you could win a base game jackpot worth 10,000 coins per coin per line wagered and that jackpot is awarded by you lining up on any activated payline a row of five of the wild symbols.

Spinning in three scatter symbols during a base game spin awards a set of free spins which play out with a random multiplier in play and once a winning spin has been spun in via the free spins round a multiplier value is then displayed on the screen which will be between x1 and x5 and is then used to boost the value of that spun in winning combinations payout value.

A line of three bonus symbols on reel one and then on adjoining reels of any activated payline will trigger the bonus game on which one of the three progressive jackpots can be won, that bonus game is a multi level wheel spinning based bonus feature game.

Mega Fortune Slot Jackpot Tracker

If you do fancying giving this slot game some play time online at any of the casino sites we have approved, then you may be wondering just how often the jackpot is won, and with that in mind we have put together the following set of facts and figures based around just how often it awards its jackpot payout.

Number of Jackpots Won – In the last 365 days there have been a total of 6 players who have managed to win the highest valued progressive jackpot on the Mega Fortune slot game, for reference that jackpot is the one known as the Mega Jackpot.

Average Jackpot Payout – The average jackpot payout of the six players who have won the Mega Jackpot on this slot game was €2,963,520. That figure is the one you should therefore consider as the value at which you may wish to start playing this slot game.

By that we mean when you log into any NetEnt casino site and check the value of the progressive jackpots on this slot, if the Mega Jackpot is higher in value than €2,963,520 then it may be worth playing this slot as its jackpot will have grown in value higher than the average amount won by each player and it could possibly be then due to payout its jackpot once again.

Total Won in the Last Year – Adding up all of the jackpots won on the Mega Fortune progressive slot game by winners of the Mega Jackpot alone we have discovered this slot game has paid out a whopping €17,781,121 over the last twelve months.

That is an enormous amount of cash but does give you a very clear indication of just how much this slot game does get played at all casinos that have it on offer. Whilst the odds of you winning that jackpot are high, each time you do play the slot you get another chance of winning the jackpot.

Be aware that due to the way the bonus game on which you can win the progressive jackpot is triggered, the more paylines you activate per base game spin you play off the more chances you will have of spinning in the three bonus symbols on any of this slot games activated pay lines. So do try and play maximum payline spins to increase your chance of triggering that wheel spinning bonus game feature round.

Average Days between Jackpots – The final figure that may be of interest to you is the average number of days between one player winning the Mega Fortune slot games Mega Jackpot and another player then winning it.

On average over the last 365 days the jackpots have been won once every 64 days. Whilst you can never know when the jackpot is going to be won, if you are a slot player who enjoys playing slots in a strategic way then do make a note of all of the above facts and figures and use it to determine when you do next sit down to play the Mega Fortune slot game, and if you do play it let us hope the reels do end up spinning your way.

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