How Online Slot Machines are Designed

As there are both some quite noticeable and often some quite subtle differences in regards to the way that online slot games are designed, we have compiled several slot playing guides that are going to enlighten you on these differences.

If you are relatively new to the world of online casinos or can no longer resist the huge slot bonuses offered to online slot players, and are considering moving your online slot playing action online, then we invite you to have a read through each of these guides, as they will allow you to understand the unique way that online slot games play, pay and operate.

To allay any fears that you may have in regards to the fairness of online slots, we should point out that all of the online casinos listed and reviewed throughout our website have all had each of their slots independently tested, verified and certified as being 100% random. Any individual slot game payout percentages mentioned in these guides are what each slot has been designed to payout over the long term.

Low Tech Slot Machines

Let us begin by enlightening you on Classic and 3 Reel Online Slot Game Design, when you come across any slot game with three reels, unless you have played these types of slots before and have enjoyed playing them, you may be instantly put off giving them a try! For with only three stepper type reels, and no bonus feature games or rounds to be triggered, and often a pay table that isn’t very appealing you will often give them a miss and opt to play the video slots instead.

However, there is a lot to like about the no nonsense way that three reel slot games work and operate, and with many of them actually boasting very high payout percentages, even though they are very fast playing slots you can often hit some sizeable winning payouts and get extended slot playing sessions when you do so.

Have a look at our section of the website that is dedicated to this category of slot game, and then have a hunt around our slot game reviews, for by taking a look at those review you will find out just how generous the slots can be as we have listed in those reviews the payout percentages and the jackpots each of them have on offer.

Interactive Online Slot Machines

We think that when you start to show an interest and become a regular playing of video slot games it will be as if you have learnt a new trade or career! For you will quickly become accustomed to the many unique base and bonus games features that these types of slot machines offer players.

In fact if you are not particularly fond of video slots or you have never given them any serious amount of play time before, then please do take a look at our guide on Understanding the Design of Online Video Slots for it is going to showcase you all manner of ways these slots have been designed and also it will take a look at some of the ways they can play and payout.

You are always going to find lots of new video slot games coming online, in fact each month of the year a fresh and brand new batch of video slots game get launched by most of the major game designers. So there is always something new to learn when playing those slot games, and all of our reviewed casino sites will let you play their new and existing video slots for free to allow you to see how they work and play.

Constantly Growing Jackpots

The slot games which can be a bit like Marmite in as much as you may hate them and never play them or you love them and cannot get enough of them are those slots offering a large and constantly growing progressive jackpot.

You will often find that some lucky players will walk off with massive jackpots usually when playing a progressive slot that is linked up to the one you are playing or have just been playing and this is what can put some people off playing them, for it is losing players stakes that have been feeding the jackpot pool and watching someone else winning it can be infuriating.

As part of our ongoing series of different slot playing guides we have just completed our latest one which is entitled The Mathematics behind Online Progressive Slot Games and invite you to have a good read through it.

You will often learn the pros and cons of playing progressive games will vary depending on just which ones you play and some of these types of slot games offer you more chance of winning a progressive when playing them, and some require you to play them in a certain way to have any chance of being the next winner of that constantly growing progressive jackpot.

New Slot Machine Innovations

One article that you really ought to have a look through is our guide on New and Enhanced Online Slot Game Features. As there are always some new slots to play online by way of recently and newly launched video slots, and as each new slot usually comes with a feature you haven’t seen or been awarded before this article will enlighten you on some of the most recent innovations.

Some of the new ways that slot games will play and pay may not appeal to you personally, but there is always going to be a time when you end up playing a new slot that you take an instant shine too, and with this in mind we would also advise you to peruse fully our slot game reviews of which we have hundreds of them dotted around this website.

Do spend some time checking those reviews out for we can guarantee many of the slots we have taken a closer look at will appeal to the way you enjoy playing slots online.

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