How to Analyze Your Online Slots Play

analyzeOne aspect of playing slots online that we are aware a lot of people take seriously is analyzing each individual session. Whilst many people will sit down and play slots with the intention of passing some time, having a bit on entertainment and of course having a winning session, there are many player who keep notes on each session played and use them as a way of tracking, in detail, the profit and loss  made on each single session.

With this in mind we have a few ways that you can keep much more detailed records of your online slot playing which may just allow you to spot which slot are looser than others whilst also allowing you to recognize which slots repeatedly cause you to lose!

There are several bits of information that are important when you are keeping track of a slot playing session, the first is the actual amount of cash that you wager on each individual session, it may sound like a long and drawn out thing to do but you will need to record every single wager placed on a slot game you play online and then also keep a record of just how much you win on that session.

Once you know how much you have wagered along with how much you have been paid out as winnings then these two figures allow you to work out exactly what your payout percentage was on that particular slot game. We have a section of our website covering in details Working Out Your RTP’s When Playing Slots, do give that section of our website a read through for it will allow you to instantly determine whether you have been getting a payout percentage anywhere near the one a slot game has been designed to payout.

Microgaming’s PlayCheck

You may be put off keeping records of each spin of the reels you make when playing slot games online, for this will mean you are always going to be distracted from the slot you are playing by having to write down and keep a running record of every wager placed along with every winning payout spun in and awarded to you.

If this is the case and you tend to play at Microgaming software powered casinos as opposed to other casino sites, then you will be able to utilize Microgaming’s PlayCheck Tool, which is a way of self auditing your slot play with you having to keep detailed records yourself.

PlayCheck is a self auditing tool found exclusively at any Microgaming powered site which allows users to look up and then review instantly each slot playing session they had at any online casino site utilizing this software platform.

You can go through each single spin you play and the Play Check tool allows you to see in details your starting balance, the stake you wagered on each spin, the final resting position of all of the reels along with the result of any bonus game awarded, and a finishing balance is also listed after you played off each individual spin. Do checkout our guide on this handy tool for information on how useful it is.

Benefits of Analyzing Your Online Slot Playing Sessions

You may be wondering what is the point of keeping detailed records of any slot playing you do online, but when it comes to knowing when you are winning or losing over the long term this is of course one way that will allow you to do just that.

Slot players and in fact any type of online casino game player can always quite quickly lose track of just how much they are losing (or winning) online, and as such this is where keeping a record of each session played along with which casino you played at will allow you to have some form of reality check.

As most slot players in particular are always eager to snap up and utilize any bonuses that a casino might have available, if you have been experience a number of losing sessions on the trot then by having detailed records this will enable you to contact your VIP Host or the casinos customer care team to enquire if there are any free bonuses or comps on offer due to your recent losses.

Many casinos are only to happy to flip their customers a bonus, often quite a large sized one when they have not been having any successful or profitable slot playing sessions over the long term and as such if you have been losing, time after time, always politely enquire if the casino you have been losing at is prepared to give you some free credits, you really will be amazed at just how many of them will.

One final aspect of analyzing your online slot playing sessions, is that once you know what the payout percentage that you have achieved over any length of time playing one slot game, and then comparing it to the long term expected payout percentage that particular slot game has been designed to payout, you will be able to make an informed decision on whether that slot is worth playing again in the future.

Throughout our website we have many individual slot game reviews, many of which detail the payout percentage each slot game has been designed to payout, so for example if you have been playing the Stash of the Titans Slot and your current payout percentage is 106% for example then by comparing it to the 95.07% the slot has been designed to payout, you will know it is probably best that you do not play that slot again for it is more likely you will lose when playing it.

If on the other hand you have been playing for example the Cashville Slot and your payout percentage achieved so far has only been 55%, then as that slot is set to return a long term RTP of 95.99% then it may be worth your while sticking with that slot until your actual RTP gets nearer to the expected payout percentage of that slot game.

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