How To Cheat at Blackjack

blackjack01There are lots of very interesting stories regarding how players have managed to cheat casinos out of small fortunes at the Blackjack tables, and we have, as part of our series of Casino Game Cheats and Fraudsters articles put together the following article which takes a look at the world of Blackjack cheats and fraudsters.

Land based casinos are always aware of the very real possibility that a player or a team of players could at any moment turn the tables on them and put into play some form of scam and this is why you will always find when playing at such a venue there will be more than just the Dealer keeping their eyes on you.

Shoe Swapping Scam

One of the most brazen Blackjack scams ever involved a team of fraudsters who, after having found a Blackjack Dealer to come in on their scam then went about putting in operation a scam that involved them swapping the shoe of cards for another shoe of cards.

The shoe is where all of the cards that are about to be dealt out to Blackjack players are stored, and as each card gets dealt out it is placed in a discard are of the Blackjack table until such a time that all of the cards in the shoe have been dispensed and then the dealer will shuffled all of the cards and then place them back in the shoe.

However, this team of fraudsters managed to get hold of a shoe and also several decks of playing cards that matched those used in the casino they were about to cheat and placed the cards in the shoe in such a way that every player playing would get dealt out a winning hand.

They planned and rehearsed for many days getting that shoe into the casino and swapping it for the one being used at the Blackjack table that they had recruited the Dealer at, when the day came around for this to be put into reality this is what they managed to achieve.

The Players in on the scam distracted the Pit Boss whilst other member of the team blocked the CCTV cameras view of the shoe then swapped the casinos shoe for their own, and then went about playing Blackjack will the rigged decks of cards in them. The players then won every hand they were dealt out as was expected and having placed massive bets on each hand they took a small fortune away from the casino.

The scam did however finally come to light when an alert security team member spotted what had just happen as the team swapped the shoe and all members of that team did end up serving time for their crimes.

Player Collusion

When you are playing Blackjack at some land based casinos you are not allowed to touch the cards, however at some other casinos you will be dealt out your cards and will be able to handle them.  One way of cheating that has been around for decades is done at those casinos where players can handle their cards.

Player collusion is the name of this next Blackjack scam and it is a simple scam in which players, using amazing sleight of hand are able to swap cards from one hand to the other without the Dealer, Pit Boss or CCTV monitors being able to detect it.

Obviously when you have a poor hand when playing Blackjack your chances of winning a game are greatly reduced, but imagine how advantageous it would be if you could swap one of those cards in your hands for a better one, and that is exactly how this scam works.

However, it has to be noted that all land based casinos are more than aware of this scam and they go to great lengths to ensure that players are never able to swap cards from one hand to another, but there will always be people trying to do just that.

Increasing a Bet

One final way that people have been cheating Blackjack games for many years is by those players adding to their original stake once they know they have been dealt out a winning hand. To get any Blackjack game into live play and for you to be dealt out a hand of cards you first need to place a chip or stack of chips onto the betting box located in front of you and once all other players have done the same the Dealer will then deals out everyone’s cards.

However, by placing themselves in the first position on a Blackjack table where they will be dealt out their cards first a Blackjack cheat will then be able to place their wagers and be dealt out their cards first and will, will a great deal of practise, be able to add a high valued chip onto their betting box if and when the Dealer is distracted by dealing out cards to other players.

This scam has cost the gaming industry a small fortune over the years for it only takes a second to get those additional chips onto the betting box in front of a player and other players are always able to distract the Dealer is they are in on the scam too.

This is why when you are playing Blackjack you will notice a Pit Boss is usually in the background keeping a close eye on all Blackjack players and some casinos have now started to remove losing bets from the table or pay out winning players as soon as the outcome of each players hand has been know and not doing so at the end of the game.

But do be warned there is always going to be the CCTV cameras of which there are usually several monitoring the Blackjack tables and it will only take an eagle eyed security team member to spot a cheat in action and that player can then expected the full force of the law to rain down on them once they have been detected.

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