How to Play Free Spins Awarding Slots Optimally

isis-slotThis slot playing guide is part of our collection of articles that make up our Complete Guide to Free Spins Bonus Games, and to be perfectly honest this is possibly one of the most important ones, for we are going to enlighten you on how you can play any slot game that awards free spins bonus game optimally.

Stake Levels and Types of Slot

As these kinds of slot machines come in many different shapes and sizes the first  thing that you need to do is to pick a slot game that will be structured in such a way that your available bankroll is going to be able to sustain a decent number of spins.

You always are best advised to play every single payline on offer on free spin awarding slots, it is going to be an often fruitless exercise playing for example a 25 payline slot with just 2 or 3 pay lines activated as when the free spins are awarded the chance of you getting the maximum payouts possible during that onus feature round will be massively diminished when playing fewer than the maximum pay lines.

As you are often able to increase the number of coins that you play on each payline, once again when plying these types of slots always try, if your budget can sustain it, maximum pay lines with the maximum number of coins per line in play. If your slot playing bankroll is not able to sustain max bet spins for very long, then pick a slot offering fewer pay lines.

In fact a good choice of slot game to play if you have a limited budget are those newer slots offering an All Ways playing structure, for when you play those slots at any stake level will put into play hundreds and occasionally thousands of ways to win, and as such they can be much more cost effective slots to play.

Variance and Free Spins Trigger Rates

You are also going to have to factor into which free spins slots to play a couple of additional aspects of the design of those slots, firstly variance. With their being low, medium and high variance slots on offer you will find that when a free sin bonus game has been awarded the actual amount of cash you could win will vary depending on how the slot has been designed.

For the maximum chance of winning some very high amounts of cash then to play optimally you need to play the high variance free spin awarding slots. If you are playing at a casino that uses Microgaming software then two ideal slots to play with such a variance attached to them is the Supe It up Slot and the Isis Slot.

You will find the amount you could win when those two slots award their respective free spins bonus games are going to be much higher than when you play slots such as the Munchkins Slot or the Cabin Fever Slot.

If you are simply playing a slot game with the hope of triggering the free spins bonus games and are not too bothered regarding the design or theme of the slot, then you will of course need to pick one which is going to award its free spins bonus games more often than other slots do.

With this in mind, pick slots such as the Moonshine Slot which has been designed to award its free spins feature round at much more regular intervals than when you are playing other slot games. We have a section dedicated to when Slot Game Bonus Rounds Should Trigger and would suggest you give it a good read through to enable you to locate and play the slots which have been designed in a way that appeals to you.

When Bonus Games are Not Triggering

Sometimes you can play a slot game and as you are playing off spin after spin it becomes apparent that the free spins bonus feature attached to that slot game hasn’t actually triggered for quite a while.

On average, some of the fairly standard video slots which award this type of bonus feature will award their free spins once every 130 to 150 base game spins you play off. However, we can guarantee that there will be times that you can play hundreds and then thousands of base game spins on the trot and never get one free spins round being awarded.

When this happens it will affect slot players in one of two different ways. Those most hardened of slot players will then see it as their aim to continue playing that slot for however long it takes to trigger the free spins, whether that is another few dozen spins or even hundreds of more spins.

On the other hand you will get some players who will realise early on in a slot playing session that the free spins haven’t triggered within the usual average number of base game spins as usual, and will opt to stop playing that slot as they deem it to be cold, and they will then start to play another slot in the hope the new one they pick is hotter.

You should become a player who does the latter, you can lose some huge amounts of cash when you become obsessed with chasing a slot games bonus free spins round, and when a slot is cold and not awarding them, you will often find when you finally do get a free spins feature round awarded to you the amount of cash it pays out is nowhere near as high valued as you would have expected.

So always be prepared to up and leave a slot game that is not playing ball! If you do not then you are going to be pouring money into a large pit and are unlikely to ever get a profit when that machine finally becomes a little warmer and awards that long awaited set of free spins.

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