How to Play Roulette Better

When playing playing roulette, the outcome of the round is never within the player’s control. And because the player can’t tell where the roulette ball will land, this game features bets with thin odds, like betting on a number straight up for a 35:1 pay. These bets makes the game exciting, but also gave it a bit of a bad name for being too volatile.

But the roulette does not necessarily justify its reputation. Players who take a few minutes to look into the odds and betting options can actually do a lot better on the table. There are two ways to play better and win more money: Picking better bets, and picking up a betting system.

[Play Roulette Better] First of all, a clever player should be aware of the difference between the two types of roulettes offered in every online casino: the American roulette and the European roulette. While the European has only one 0 (zero) on the wheel, the American has a 0 (zero) and a 00 (double zero). The double zero plays against the player. How come?

First, the 00 means that the ball has one more possible number to hit, so it makes it a bit harder on the player to pick the right one. Now, even though there are 37 numbers on the wheel, the straight up bet still pays the same, 35 to 1. Now, players who play the 1:1 bets also work harder for the same wages, because the zeros are not Red or Black, Odd or Even, Low or High. So the extra zeros increase the odds of losing such bets.

After picking the European wheel, rather than the American, it’s time to pick favorable bets. A very good choice for a solid play (which turns to an excellent choice if the player applies a betting system) is playing the even bets on a European roulette in a casino that gives half the bet back if the ball lands on zero.

This favorable feature is called La Partage, and it’s worth looking for a casino that has it. Of course, when playing with a system, this feature helps even more to expand the life span of the player’s bankroll. Another good option is the column bets and the dozen bets (that pay 2 to 1). In these bets the payoff is close to the real odds, and that’s always favorable.

Playing with a casino strategy is an excellent way to boost the payments. There is a wide selection of good systems that players can easily remember and apply, like Oscar’s Grind, the Fibonacci, the Martingale, the Paroli, and more. Players can simply pick a system according to the bankroll it requires and practice them on the free games before continuing to real money.

A betting system is a much better way to get the best out of the roulette wheel. Sticking to the system is a solid way to earn more. Perhaps it’s less exciting than picking numbers by intuition, but when it comes to playing seriously, that’s the way to go.

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