How to Play Slots Bonuses Optimally

250x250You can often get taken in by some online casino bonuses, for a lot of them appear to be more generous than what they actually are, and as all of those you will come across online have page after page of rules attached to them it often takes a very patient slot player to go through them all to finally discover whether they are actually worth taking or not.

So below you will find a checklist in regards to what makes one bonus more attractive than another and by knowing what to look out for in the terms and conditions on any bonus offer you see available you will be able to make a decision quite rapidly in regards to whether you should consider accepting that bonus.

It should be noted that most of today’s savvy slot players choose not to have anything to do with bonuses and will flatly refuse to accept them for it is much easier just to play with your own money than be tied to play through requirements, slot game restrictions and even being told which real money slots you can play when there is a bonus in your account and which slot games you cannot play.

If you do intend to become a player who accepts the most generous of bonuses then we would advise that you build up a bit of loyalty with the casino you are playing at before you start to claim bonus after bonus, for by doing so you will have shown a commitment to playing at that site and are not just after taking consecutive bonuses, and whilst many casinos do offer such bonuses they tend to get upset when someone wins with a bonus.

Anyway, do keep on reading as we will now present to you some pointers in regards to how many bonuses are structured and how to spot a good one to take.

Play Through Requirements

You need to note just how many times you have to play through a casino bonus plus where required any deposit you make to claim that bonus as this is going to instantly tell you whether a bonus is worth taking or not.

For every 100.00 wagered on a slot game you are expected to lose, when playing a slot with the average payout percentage attached to most slot games which is 96%, 4.00 in total. This means that if you have to play through a bonus of 100.00 ten times then you will be expected to lose 40.00 on average with that bonus and as such will still have 60.00 left.

However you are not going to find any online slot game bonuses which come with play through requirements of just 10 times the bonus amount, as many online slot game bonuses require you to play 30 times your bonus amount or more.

The break even point on a slot game bonus is one that has to be played through twenty five times, for when you are playing an average paying slot that means you will be expected to lose 4.00 x 25 due to the play through requirements and as such that equals 100.00.

You will find many online slot bonuses often require you to play through a bonus and the deposited amount over 30 times and as such those bonuses are simply not worth taking. The only true value for money bonus is one requiring you to play through less than 25 times of your bonus amount only, so keep than in mind.

Maximum Cash-Out Rules

Be aware of a rule that many online casinos have attached to low play through amount bonus offers, for if you stumble on what appears to be a good bonus, with only a low play through requirement on the bonus amount, you may find buried in the small print of the rules of playing that bonus a term that says you are only able to win a certain amount of cash with a bonus.

This rule is commonly known as the maximum cash out rule, and as such a generous low play through slot playing bonus is not going to be as generous if you are only ever going to be able to cash out a certain amount in winnings and have anything over that amount voided out by the casino.

So please and we do mean this, pay careful attention to every single term and condition attached to any bonus you are thinking of taking, for a lot of casinos add these rules and they are continually catching out the unwary slot player.

Comp Point Redemption

There can also be a lot of confusion in regards to the way that comp points can be redeemed and turned into playing credits as some online casino sites. If you want to have the best value via any online casinos comp club then you need to only play at those sites that award you with cash credits when you redeem your comp points.

If a casino online turns your redeemed comp points into bonus credits then you will be expected to play through those credits a certain number of times much like a standard bonus, and this will reduce the true value of those comped casino credits significantly.

So one final piece of advice is that you should once again, and we do seem to say this a lot, read through the rules of each casinos comp club or even ask the casinos support team whether comp points are redeemable for real cash credits or bonus credits, and if the former that is a good comp club and if the latter it is one worth avoiding, and many online casinos will award comp credits as cashable credits which you are able to cash out at any time.

There are many traps you can fall into when claiming bonuses and redeeming comps and knowing how to avoid them is all part of becoming a savvier online slot game player.

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