How to Play Video Poker Games

Some of the best playing online casino games can be found in the video poker games menu offered at all casino sites, and as such for the maximum winning chances you are going to find when playing many different video poker game variants as soon as you put into play the best playing strategy the payout percentages those games play out to an be way higher than any other game of chance offered into the casino at which you are playing.

However, it is often the case that casino game players will give video poker games a very wide berth as either those players have no idea how the games work and play or may be put off playing them as they may not look as exciting or as entertaining to play as for example slot machines.

You really are going to be impressed at just how high paying video poker games can be and if you are prepared to give them a try for yourself to see if they are going to be suitable or as great playing as the other games you tend to play when logged into an online casino site, but you do not have a clue how these games play and pay then keep on reading for we will now walk you through all there is to know about how to play video poker games online.

Choosing a Video Poker Game – If you have never played video poker games before then do not be overwhelmed or put off playing them when you see just how many different variants that can be played at whichever casino site you are playing at, the one game you are guaranteed to find when logged into any casino site is the Jacks or Better video poker game variant which is the oldest game in existence.

The Jacks or Better video poker game will return a payout percentage of 99.54% when you play it perfectly and the payout structure listed on the pay table is very easy to understand, however do look around at the games on offer as there will be one game known as the All Aces video poker game which is available at Microgaming Casinos that boasts a payout percentage of a much higher 99.92%, and that game is the one you should try and play for the best winning chances.

Selecting a Stake Level – Once you have made a decision on just which video poker game to play then you will need to choose a stake level at which to play it for, be aware that all variants with the exception of the progressive games will let you adjust the coin values and as such you should choose a coin value that is going to allow you to play a fairly large number of hands, for video poker games are very fast playing so the more hands you can play in any one session the better.

You should aim to play at the very least 100 hands per session and as such split up your gaming budget into 100 units and base the coin value settings accordingly. But do be aware that you will be able to play from one to five coins per hand, and as there is often an enhanced jackpot on offer to anyone who plays five coins per hand then that is the best way o play any video poker game which boast such an enhanced payout, so always check the pay table to see if that variant you have opted to play boasts an enhanced jackpot hand combination winning payout.

Game Option Settings – You will be able to adjust several aspects of video poker games, you can for example opt to speed up the game via the fast play options and you will be able to deactivate the double up gamble option if you so wish, so if you want a much quicker playing game then turn on the fast play option.

Playing Optimally – Once you have made your decision in regards to all of the above ways of playing and game option settings then you simply need to click on the deal button and five initial cards get dealt out to you, and you then need to study those five cards and choose which of them, if any, are worth holding for the next stage of the game.

To hold the cards you need to click on them and then click on the dealer or re-deal button one more time and any cards that you have held stay in place on the screen and all un-held cards are removed and new cards dealt out of the deck to replace those playing card that have been removed, and once the new cards have been dealt out if you have formed a winning combination listed on the pay table you will then win that respective payout.

Knowing which cards to hold in the first stage of the game is what many new and novice players are unable to do, and as such another playing option setting worth activating will be the Auto Hold option, for once you have been dealt out your initial five playing cards the game will then hold the most strategic cards for you instantly, and that will remove any guesswork in regards to which cards you hold or discard.

Double Up Gamble Option – Once you have been dealt out a winning hand combination you can choose to press the collect button and that winning payout will then be added to your casino account balance, or if you wish o try and improve and increase the value of the winning payout you could opt to take the double up gamble game option.

When you take this optional bonus type game you will be faced with picking one of four cards which have been dealt out face down and you will be hoping the one you click on will be, when it is flipped over, a higher valued card that the first up facing card, if it is your winning payout is doubled, if the card you choose to flip over is lower than the up facing initial card dealt out then you will lose your winning payout.

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