How to Save Free Spins for a Later Date on Online Slots

mad-hatters-slotAs part of our research into our range of articles entitled What Kind of Slot Player are you we uncovered many unique and quite interesting slot playing strategies and systems that many players adopt when they are playing both online and land based casinos slot games.

However, one system that we found was exclusively used by online slot players did grab our attention, and this is a system where a slot player will accumulate several bonus feature rounds on a range of different slots, and save them up to play off at a later date.

Obviously you are not going to be able to use this slot playing strategy in a land based casino, for eventually someone will notice you have left a free spins on a slot game and will end up playing it off! But by utilizing this very unique strategy then you can guarantee, at a later date, that you can log back into that online casino and will be guaranteed of having a winning session and a quite exciting session at that.

In case you are wondering how this system works, when you are playing at some online casino sites you are of course able to exit the game you are logged into at any time, Microgaming powered casinos will let you exit a slot game at any point, however be aware that Playtech powered casinos will not let you leave a slot game until you have finished off playing the current game you sent into play.

If you do exit a slot game the very second that you have triggered a free spins round then that game is not lost, the casinos server will remember the exact state of the last spin played and when you next log into the casino and launch that game you will then be able to carry on playing it from the exact point you left it previously.

Benefits of Accumulating Free Spins

There are many benefits to be had by saving up your free spin feature rounds and then choosing when to play them off. The most obvious one being that you do not have to save up every single bonus game, and as such when you are playing with a large bankroll, then you can save up and accumulate a small number of bonus feature rounds, safe in the knowledge that if you later on in the week or month have spent up you can then log into that casino and have a guaranteed winning session playing off each of your saved up bonus games.

There are never going to be any other times when you just know that by logging into a casino you are going to be guaranteed of winning something and as such we do think this system is one worth considering.

Risks of Accumulating Free Spins

The only possible risks that we can think of in regards to accumulating several slot game bonus games and then playing them off at a later date is that you will never really know just how much you are going to win, until of course you play off those bonus games.

However, the more of them you save up and amass the more chances you will have of hitting some decent sized winning payouts, more so with the pick to win free game rounds as they always guarantee that you will win something.

Free spins bonus games on the other hand can either award large winning payouts or modest sized ones depending of course on which slot you are playing and the stakes you set the game to play on the base game spin that triggered the bonus feature.

One very important thing that you will need to keep in mind however is that if you are saving up bonus feature rounds and are playing those real money slot games with a casinos bonus in your account, then the play through requirements will stay in force until you have achieved and exceeded them.

This will mean that when you next log into the casino and play those bonus games off if you still have play through left on the original bonus you claimed any winnings achieved will be subject to the outstanding play through, so it is probably best to put into play this slot playing strategy with real money wagers and not play this system using bonus cash.

Best Slots to Accumulate Free Spin Features On

You will of course be hoping to actually win something substantial once you are accumulating slot game bonus rounds and then playing them off at a later date, and with this in mind we would like to present to you a range of online slots found in the gaming suite of Microgaming casino sites that would be ideal ones to use this playing strategy on.

The Tomb Raider slot game would be a great slot to play for when you trigger the pick to win bonus feature round you are going to be guaranteed of winning at least three cash amounts when playing that free game off and as such this is one slot we would suggest you consider playing.

Another slot that can often be guaranteed to award some large cash payouts once its free spins bonus game is triggered is the Mad Hatters slot game. However do ensure you play all of its 30 paylines as by doing so you will have the maximum winning chances when you are playing off those saved up free spins bonus games.

Also do consider playing some of Microgaming’s older 3 reel slot games on which a spin to win bonus round can be triggered. For when you have triggered these rather basic bonus feature rounds you are going to be guaranteed of winning something once you finally decide to set the bonus wheel spinning.

There are quite a number of these types of 3 reel slots on offer so you should not have any difficulties finding them, and their bonus games can trigger quite often.

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