How to Use Microgaming’s PlayCheck Tool

playcheckYou will find unique features and player tools available at many different online casino sites, and it is often the case that the gaming platform those casinos use and utilize can vary in regards to what type of features, options and additional tools you will have access too.

Take for example Microgaming’s gaming platform, this has become over the last 20 years one of the most commonly used gaming platforms that hundreds of different online casinos have utilized over those years, and having been around it is packed with unique features and tools that enable players to do all manner of things not available at other sites using different gaming platforms.

One of the tools available at any casino using Microgaming’s different gaming platforms, which include their downloadable platform, their mobile platform along with their instant play gaming platform is the PlayCheck tool, and this is often overlooked by players but it is a handy feature for those players who like to analyse their game playing sessions online.

What PlayCheck allows you to do is to have a complete overview of every single gaming session you play, with a breakdown on every single game played. Below we will show you in detail just how valuable a tool PlayCheck is and show you how to use it.

Using PlayCheck

When you are logged into any online casino site that uses any of Microgaming’s various different gaming platforms you will see a small button located in the main lobby which has the PlayCheck logo displayed on it.

At any time you can give this button a click and once you do the PlayCheck tool will then be launched and loaded onto your computer or mobile device screen. You will then find that you are presented with a list of each time that you logged into that respected casino site and played any of the game offered at that casino.

You can then click on any of the dates displayed and you will next be presented with a list of games that you played, once again simply click on any of those games and you will then be presented with a wealth of information surrounding that individual game playing session.

In order starting with the first wager you placed you will find the original starting balance of your casino account, the time you played each hand of cards or spin of the reels or roll of the dice, and alongside each time will be the exact outcome of that game.

So for example if you were playing a slot machine for real money then you will see the position that the reels finally spun in, any winning combinations form along with the individual outcome of any bonus game awarded, and alongside that will be the final account balance after you played that particular game.

This is one of the most advanced playing tools you will be able to access at any individual casino site for by giving you a blow by blow overview of the outcome of any single game played you are always able to analyse each session played, and if at any time you were unsure whether the outcome of a single game played was accurate you can always view the PlayCheck records to double check that outcome.

Why Use PlayCheck?

You may be wondering just why you would want to use the PlayCheck tool when playing any type of online casino game for real money, there are several reasons why from time to time you may want to refer to the PlayCheck records when playing any online casino game.

If you have been playing any game and you are convinced for whatever reason that the game malfunctioned then by referring to the Play Check records you are able to double check to see whether what the outcome of any single game played matched the Play Check record, whilst malfunctions rarely if at all happen at Microgaming powered sites, if you have been disconnected for example when playing you can always check the Play Check records just to find out what the outcome of that game you got disconnected from was.

We do know that online casino players are becoming much savvier in regards to analyzing their game playing sessions, and if you are the type of player who always like to check just what payout percentage or house edge they achieved when playing any online casino game then the PlayCheck tool will come in handy.

The only way you can correctly work out your RTP’s when playing slots is to have the exact facts and figures in regards to the amount of cash you wagered and also the amount of cash you won during any one slot playing session, and rather that spoil the entertainment value and excitement of playing slot games by having to write down the stakes and payouts you played and won during any single slot playing session you can simply refer to the PlayCheck records was you have played any slot, and then work out your exact sessions payout percentage at a time of your own choosing.

If you are in a country that requires you to submit any gambling losses and winnings for tax purposes then the PlayCheck tool will allow you to have a reliable and instantly accessible way of find out this information.

When you do play at a Microgaming software powered online casino site then you are also going to find another very handy tool and this is their Cash Check tool, this is similar to the PlayCheck feature however instead of giving you a complete overview of all of your game playing sessions Cash Check allows you to review all of the financial transactions you made in any one single casino site.

So you will always be able to have access to information regarding every single deposit you made into an online casino along with having a complete listing of each withdrawal you made along with information on what method was used for each deposit and withdrawal and when it was processed.

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