How to Use the Tabbed Browser at Microgaming Casinos

microgaming-logoThere are a number of hidden features and optional player adjustable settings available on the downloadable gaming platform offered by Microgaming, and there are certainly no shortages of casinos using it.

Today we will be taking a look at one often overlooked feature available on this very popular online casino gaming platform and that is the Tabbed Browser feature on which you are able to open up and play several different games all at the same time.

Using the Tabbed Browser

As mentioned above you are only going to be able to find the Tabbed Browser feature on offer on Microgaming’s downloadable gaming platform, and all you need to do to open up more than one game at a time is to click on the “+” button that is located near the top of the screen.

It should be noted that this button will only become activate once you have already launched one game, and once clicked you will then be taken back to the main menu (the game you have opened will remain open), and then you can choose another game to open.

You can open up and play several different windows and therefore games however it should be noted that you are best off closing any games you may have open that you are not playing so as to not reduce the playability of the open game windows.

You are able to move your mouse over each open window in the Tabbed Browser at any time and you will then be shown a small window showing that game in play however you can of course opt to select any of the open windows and see each of them playing out as you wish to watch playing.

Drag Open Windows Around

An additional feature that many casino game players may be interested in is that you can drag any open windows from the Tabbed Browser anywhere you want to locate them on your computer screen, and you are also able to resize them all, which means you can then watch each game playing out instantly without have to scroll from screen to screen.

It should be noted that when you do utilize the Tabbed Browser and have several different games all loaded onto your screen you are best off setting those games to play in the auto play setting, for by doing so you will not have to go from game to game clicking the Spin button on the slots or clicking the Deal button on card and table games individually.

Benefits of Using the Tabbed Browser

We shall now run through a few of the benefits and advantages of using the Tabbed Browser when you are logged into any of our featured Microgaming casino sites, remember that it is only an option on the downloadable gaming platform and not the instant play flash powered one.

Meeting Bonus Play Through Faster

If you have a bonus on your casino account, and the bonus rules do not disallow you from using the auto play feature then one way of making the play through requirements much quicker is by opening up several high paying slot games and setting them all to play with the auto play setting switched on.

By selecting just enough spins on the correct stake levels then you can set each game to play via the auto play and leave the games to play themselves in the hope that when you return to your computer, if you have more important things to do, you may find you have met the play through requirements attached to the bonus and any credits left in your account will then be yours to cash out.

Saving Up of Bonus Games

Some slot players will open up several slot games and set them to play automatically via the Tabbed Browser and will wait until they hit the main bonus games on each slot and then close the window, this could be the pick to win bonus games, the pick and match bonus type games or even the free spins bonus games which a lot of Microgaming slots do have attached to them.

The reason for them doing this is that when you then return to that slot game at a later date the bonus game which you had triggered will be stored in the slot games memory and you will then be able to play it out.

By having several of these bonus game features saved up for you and ready to play then you could find yourself having a very profitable slot spinning session at no cost, as those bonus game features will have been saved up on a previous session, so it is an ideal way of guaranteeing yourself a potentially profitable slot playing session without you having to spend a penny when you net log into play.

Low Stake Progressive Play

There are a lot of slot players out there who enjoy playing the Mega Moolah series of slots, and this is due to the random nature of the progressive jackpots attached to these progressive slot games.

One way of playing them that we do know a lot of players enjoy doing is by setting these slots to play for very low stakes, and as such we are aware of players who will set into play the auto play feature and will activate thousands of auto play spins with each spin set at just 0.01.

The aim being that by playing thousands of these very low stakes spins they may have an increased chance of hitting the Mega Moolah bonus feature which guarantees when it is awarded you will win one of the four jackpots on offer. Whilst there is no proven way of triggering the progressive jackpot awarding bonus feature we have heard of quite a number of low stake players who have won one of the progressive jackpots on offer.

So by opening up a window and dedicating it to one of the Mega Moolah slots you can set the game to play itself whilst concentrating your main playing efforts on another casino game in another window.

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