How and Who Certifies Online Casino Games?

One thought that will often come into the mind of anyone who is playing any type of online casino game is how can a player be 100% confident that the games they are playing are both completely random and are going to payout as they appear to have been designed to do.

In fact due to the speed at which you can play casino games online which is often at a much faster pace than those games found in a land based casino or gaming venue, you are always going to have some unusual results simply due to the fact you are achieving both winning and losing outcomes much quicker and they will be much more noticeable online.

With this in mind we have chosen to take a look in this article at a company that is tasked with verifying and certifying that every single casino game offered at a large number of online casino sites are fair and random and will always play and pay as they have been deigned to do.

That company is Gaming Labs and as such when you are looking around for a new casino site at which to play at also look out for their logo on the website of any casino sites you come across, for that logo will link through directly to a certificate which will give you complete peace of mind in knowing that casinos games have all be independently tested and certified as being random.

How Gaming Labs Test and then Certify Online Casino Games

We shall now take a look at each of the different aspects to all online casino games that are going to be tested and certified when Gaming Labs have been commissioned to verify any games are fair, random and true.

Game Design – The first aspect of any casino game that Gaming Labs has been tasked with testing and certifying is the actual design of the game and this will involve looking at the source code of the game and ensuring that over the long term play its design is such that it will deliver the long term expected house edge and the long term expected payout percentage is has been designed to do.

Random Number Generator – Any online casino game that has been designed to be completely random will of course in addition to the source code and software of that game will need to be linked up to a random number generator that does nothing other than deliver random outcomes.

Gaming Labs will test the random number generator and will also review the data is delivers to ensure that every event is completely random and as such when linked up to any casino game players and operators of that game will have complete peace of mind in knowing the game is truly random and the outcomes of each game played cannot be predicted.

Game Auditing – As soon as any casino game is live Gaming Labs can also be commissioned to provide an ongoing audit of each game any online casino has on offer. This will entail them accessing the entire gaming logs of each game played and by doing so they will be able to compile a definitive overview of the payout percentages and house edges achieved over any given time period.

One thing worth noting as a player is that even though for example a slot game is designed to return a certain payout percentage over the long term the short term payout percentage of any slot game is going to wildly fluctuate.

So do lookout for monthly casino game payout certificates that many online casino sites have on display on their websites for by doing so you will get an overview of just how much each game in each category has returned to play over any given time period.

Progressive Game Verification – You will also find that Gaming Labs will also check and test the progressive jackpot game networks, and as such they will make sure that every single progressive game they have been asked to certify is working and operating in the way it has been designed.

Obviously there are many different types of progressive jackpot paying casino games some which randomly award their jackpots and some which will be guaranteed to be won when they reach a certain amount and so on. However, Gaming Labs can and will ensure that every single progressive jackpot paying game they have certified is working and operating in the way it has been designed.

Free and Real Play Casino Games – Many Gaming Commissions and Gaming Authorities that issue gaming licenses to online casino sites will insist that any site holding one of their gaming licenses who offer both free to access and play and real money casino games have those games designed in such a way that both versions of the games play out to the same payout percentages and the same house edges.

This is to stop casino operators from increasing the win ratios on their free to play games to give the false impression that those games are just as high paying as the real money games, when the opposite could be true.

That is another aspect of the service that Gaming Labs offer and as such they can and do verify for licensing purposes that any online casinos free to play casino games are working and operating and more importantly paying the same way and to the same RTP’s and house edges as the real money version of those games.

How to Make a Complaint

Should you be playing any online casino game and you suspect or believe that at it has not paid out as it has been designed to do then you should stop playing that game immediately and contact the customer support team at the casino site.

Ideally keep the game screen open and either telephone the customer support team or get in touch with them via instant chat. Then explain the game error and get them to double check the outcome of that game for you.

If they are unable to help or rectify your problems on the spot then ideally take screen shots of the game malfunction and then compile an email attaching the screen shots and address and send the screenshot along with a full description of the alleged error to the casino manager.

Should you not get any satiation from the casino manager then your next point of call should be the casinos licensing commission or authority, and once again give them as much information as is possible so they can review and address your complaint.

Whist online casino game errors and malfunctions are extremely rare you will often find the casino support team or the casinos manager can rectify those problems quickly, and they will call on the help of the game supplier or a company such as Gaming Labs if the error is one that needs further investigation.

It is worth noting that every single one of our featured and reviewed online casino sites have all had their games tested and certified independently and every casino site we showcase throughout this website does of course also hold a full gaming license.

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