Ten Important Aspects of Microgaming Blackjack Games

As there is a good chance that your game of choice when playing at a Microgaming software powered casino site could be Blackjack, then below we are going to take a look at ten different aspects of playing their range of Blackjack card games that make then very appealing to players.

There is one aspect to playing any Blackjack games online that will be your number one requirement at any casino you play at and that is above all else the games are fair, and this is guaranteed when playing at any of our rated and highly recommended Microgaming Casinos.

Low House Edge Variants – Microgaming have many different Blackjack Game Variants and as each game has its own rules and payouts along with several different betting options the actual house edge of each variant is of course going to vary.

As a player you therefore have the ability to pick the best variant available unlike when playing at casinos powered by different gaming platforms that tend to offer just high house edge variants which offer players very little value and winning opportunities.

Multi Hand Game Options – Be aware that as you have the option of playing Multi Hand Blackjack games at a Microgaming powered casino site you should always make sure that the number of decks in the shoe of each game variant is the same.

Take for example the Classic Blackjack game the single hand variant has just one deck or cards in the shoe which results in that game having a tiny house edge, however the multi hand variant has five decks in its shoe and as such the house edge of that variant is way higher then the single hand variant.

Free Play Blackjack Games – The only way you are going to be able to master playing any Blackjack game is to play that game as often as you can to experience every possible hand combination that can be dealt out to you, and this is why when playing Microgaming’s range of Blackjack games you will find free play options are always on offer.

Expert Mode Settings – As an Auto Play option is attached to most Blackjack games offered by Microgaming you will find that each variant which can be played automatically comes with its own strategy table which is used to determine how the auto play is going to play off each hand dealt out to you, that strategy table can be adjusted by players should they have their own unique way of playing any variant of Blackjack.

Blackjack Comps and Bonuses – Bonuses will be given away at all Microgaming powered sites and you will of course be accumulating comp points when playing these types of card games for real money, however always shop around for the play through requirements of some Blackjack bonuses, and the number of comps you can earn on each wager you place on these games are going to vary from casino to casino.

Bonus Bet Options – Many of the newer Blackjack games have a range of Blackjack Side Bets Options that will allow players to place a range of completely optional side bets in the hope that they get dealt out a listed hand combination when playing that variant, and when they do a range of bonus payouts will then be awarded to those players. But do be aware that any additional wager or wagers that you can play alongside your base game bet are going to have their own house edge, and often it will be a case that those house edges are too high to make placing those bonus bets appealing.

Blackjack Tournaments – You may have played at a Microgaming powered casino before, and when accessing their downloadable gaming platforms you will notice a wide and varied range of slot tournaments are offered to players which can either be completely free to enter or require a small one off entry fee to be paid to take part in them.

Microgaming have also made available a range of networked Blackjack tournaments via their downloadable gaming platform, and as such if you would prefer playing in a tournament structure instead of playing their standard stand alone Blackjack games then that is always going to be an option but only when playing via the downloadable gaming platform.

Mobile Blackjack Games – Be aware that when playing at a mobile casino site using Microgaming’s range of casino game you are going to have only a limited number of variants available, and those variants may not be the lowest house edge ones.

Progressive Blackjack – It may not have even crossed your mind that you can play Blackjack games online that come with a progressive jackpot, for if there is one casino card game that comes with only a modest set of winning payouts it is the game of Blackjack. However, Microgaming did release many years ago a Blackjack game variant on which a progressive Jackpot can be won and that game is the Triple 7’s Blackjack game.

Be aware though that not all Microgaming powered sites have that variant of offer, and when playing it you have to place a 1.00 obligatorily side bet alongside your base hand stake which activates the progressive jackpot element of the game.

Blackjack Stake Options – The minimum stake level at which you can play any of Microgaming’s Blackjack games is 1.00 per hand, be aware that as you are able to pick and choose one of several different currency option settings at which to play at Microgaming casino sites then that 1.00 wager could of course be in Dollars, Pounds or Euros or one of several other currencies.

Blackjack Shoe Shuffling – When you play any Microgaming designed Blackjack game it is worth noting that the entire shoe of playing cards gets shuffled at the end of each game played, and as such each game is played with a freshly shuffled deck or decks of cards which makes card counting impossible, but does ensure you get a fair and completely random outcome to every single hand you play.

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