iPhone Slots for Real Money

Even though Apple tends to follow some rather strict guidelines when dealing with online gambling sites due to the overall company policy of refusing to deal with adult materials of any kind, that doesn’t necessarily mean that the Apple’s platform can’t be used for playing high quality iPhone slots for real money rather than for some sort of free credits. Quite the contrary, numerous online casino sites have been allowed to offer their downloadable apps in the iTunes app store; and even those who weren’t given that privilege – because of various legal reasons – are still able to offer their real money slots for iPhone using browser-based software. The fact that so many online casinos decide to swim against the current is easily explained once you realize how big the iPhone market really is – and plenty of people are making it their smartphone of choice every year. Consequently, the industry is being flooded with immense numbers of iPhone-optimized slots that have nothing to be shy about when compared with their desktop based counterparts.

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A Short History of iPhone Slots

Slots, fruit machines, one-armed bandits, pokies – whatever you choose to call them, these casino games have been a significant part of any gambling establishment’s offering ever since they’ve been invented by Charles Fey back in 1887. The gameplay has always been about simplicity – you place your wager, see the reels spin and if the symbols line up the right way, you receive a payout. Obviously, the slots of today are very different from the ones that were available back in the prohibition era – the online games we can enjoy now have done away with crude machinery, replacing it with computer-generated graphics and adding countless types of bonuses and gameplay innovations. The available prizes increased with the popularity of those games and as a result, slots quickly became the major source of revenue for brick & mortar as well as online casinos – which shouldn’t be all that surprising given the fact that plenty of titles have the potential to turn you into a millionaire with a single lucky spin.

Online slots have long been absent from the mobile market due to technological limitations – back in the day, it was impossible to provide the player with the same experience that desktop users had been enjoying for years. The release of the first iPhone models changed all of that, providing the developers with a platform that could handle all the graphical bells and whistles, and also provided people with quick and easy internet access which could be used to play on the go. As a result, the floodgates were opened and even Apple’s restrictive policy couldn’t stop iPhone slots for real money from becoming hugely popular.

Playing iPhone Slots For Real Money

In terms of gameplay, real money slots that were designed with iPhones in mind are no different from their desktop based counterparts – aside from being forced to replace your computer mouse with a touchpad, you’re pretty much getting the same package. All the popular varieties of slots are represented on Apple’s platform, giving you the same freedom of choice that made playing online so exciting in the first place. If you want to enjoy the old-school, Vegas style games that concentrate on line wins, there’s plenty of titles that will give you just that. The more complicated real money iPhone video slots are perhaps the most popular variety, providing you with the latest cutting edge visuals, free spins and countless types of bonus rounds and themes that can range from horror to cartoonish comedy. However, just like in desktop-based casinos, it’s the progressives that hold the greatest potential for life-changing wins. These slots operate on a different principle than other games; whereas in standard slots the jackpots are pre-determined and funded entirely by the casino, in progressives the size of the jackpot is increased by a percentage of funds invested into the game by all players. The size of such progressive jackpot is almost always displayed next to the game’s icon in the casino lobby and it is not unheard of for the luckiest gamblers to win more than $5,000,000 in one lucky spin of the reels.

The Good and the Bad

By now, the advantages of playing real money slots on an iPhone should be apparent – the visuals are as good as they get given the limited screen real estate, all the major genres of slot games are represented and the navigation is as easy and intuitive as in desktop-based casinos. Nevertheless, it’s important to remember that iPhone slots have some limitations, which will become all the more obvious the longer you play. For starters, the iPhone may be a very powerful piece of hardware, but it’s still incapable of rendering the same high-definition graphics as a gaming PC or even a Mac. What’s more, swiping the screen to access the casino menus or change the stake settings may be a good idea in an app that has to look good on a small screen, but desktop-based players and new iPhone users might initially find it hard to adjust to. The greatest shortcoming of iPhone real money slots though is the relatively limited library of games – despite the fact that all the important categories have plenty of high-quality representatives and new titles are being released with every passing month, the amount of iPhone optimized slots is somewhat smaller than what desktop-based casinos have to offer.


All things considered, iPhone slots for real money are an excellent choice for anyone who likes being able to play casino games on the go. The visuals and controls are simply excellent given the limitations of the platform – and in all honesty, there’s hardly any room for improvement in this regard. The only noteworthy downside of choosing this particular platform over a desktop based casino is the smaller selection of available games, though the iPhone still manages to stay ahead of other mobile devices and pretty much sets the standard for the entire mobile casino industry. In the end, gameplay, the wagers and the jackpots are pretty much what anyone could hope for, so if you call yourself a slot enthusiast and you own an iPhone you’d be doing yourself a disservice by not giving them a try.

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