iPhone Poker for Real Money

iphone-pokerMost major online poker rooms have always been very enthusiastic about providing mobile users with a chance to try their games, so when Apple’s new and powerful line of smartphones became popular they immediately flooded the market with apps allowing you to enjoy iPhone poker for real money. Those apps were usually well received, so it shouldn’t be a surprise that other companies also decided to enter the fray, leading to the development of additional mobile-only networks that tempt their potential customers with even more exclusive bonuses and exciting game modes.

The fact that Apple has a rather strict policy when it comes to allowing real money poker companies to offer their products in the iTunes app store never really impeded this new, mobile online poker boom and as a result, players who’d like to try real money poker for iPhone have plenty of downloadable and browser based options to choose from.

The best poker site to play on iPhone is still PokerStars, but we expect more options in the near future, even for US poker players.

iPhone Poker Games

Just like their desktop-based counterparts, real money poker apps for iPhone usually focus on Texas Hold’em cash games, but that doesn’t mean that other poker variants aren’t available for iPhone users, as there’s plenty of quality sites that also allow you to play Omaha. The games are usually available in no limit, pot limit and fixed limit versions and give you access to a wide range of stakes, which should be enough to satisfy recreational player and high-rollers alike. What’s more, most apps allow you to take part in various Sit & Go’s and some will even provide you with a chance to play larger pre-scheduled multi-table tournaments or freerolls. Nevertheless, most developers of real money iPhone poker apps seem to assume that tournament play isn’t particularly well suited to playing on the go since players have to follow a tight tournament schedule. As a result, instant action and fast fold poker are significantly more popular, with the latter giving mobile users a unique chance to play massive amounts of hands in a ring game environment which can only be compared to grinding multiple tables while using desktop-based software.

Unfortunately, while most apps support full ring, short-handed and heads-up tables, the availability of niche poker variants like 7 Card Stud is still fairly low. Nevertheless, since most real money iPhone poker apps connect you to the same poker networks as their desktop-based counterparts, mobile players are able to benefit from being a part of a massive player pool and usually won’t have a problem with finding opponents regardless of the time and stakes they choose to play.

Playing iPhone Poker

Most of the real money iPhone poker apps are well optimized and should function on any Apple’s smartphone without problems, allowing you to take full advantage of the excellent touchpad and relatively high resolution, at least for mobile device standards. Consequently, while multi-tabling remains rather unpopular, some sites allow you to play on up to four tables at once, which will undoubtedly prove useful for low stakes grinders. More importantly, the designers of those apps are well aware of the limitations of the platform, so the function buttons that allow you to adjust the size of your bets, fold or raise tend to be bigger than in desktop-based programs, reducing the chances for a potentially costly missclick. Even better the icons and the card symbols are usually are easy to read from the standard viewing distance, especially since most apps allow you to use the new four color card decks that basically make it impossible to mistake clubs for spades or diamonds for hearts.

The lobby designs usually follow the same philosophy, making it easy to select the preferred game mode, stakes and table size. Finally, it’s important to remember that while iPhone real money poker apps are very similar to desktop based clients in terms of functionality, using the iPhone’s touch screen isn’t as fast and precise as navigating your way through the game with a computer mouse, so in the end the games might feel slightly slower paced especially when you aren’t allowed to play more than one table.

The Good and the Bad

While real money iPhone poker apps undoubtedly allow you to play a wide selection of exciting poker games on the go, they have a number of shortcomings that might prove to be irritating for some seasoned online players. For example, the necessity to provide mobile players with a simplified user interface often leads to the removal of table selection functionality as soon as you choose what kind of game you want to play, the app will automatically place you at a table without giving you a chance to take a glimpse at the action beforehand. As a result, you might end up in a really tight or boring game and the only solution would be to disconnect and try again hoping for a better match. Fortunately, some apps will allow you to browse the games just like with desktop based poker software or even add other players to your contacts list or host private games. What’s more, it’s important to remember that while the number of poker variants available on iPhone is fairly high, you’d be hard pressed to find some of the more obscure poker games like Seven Card Stud or HORSE tournaments. Last, but definitely not least, poker rooms tend to offer all the usual bonuses and promotions for their mobile customers and might even add something special exclusively for iPhone users, which puts you in an even better position than desktop-based players.


To conclude, while real money iPhone poker apps are still quite far from realizing the full potential of the platform, they’re advanced enough to provide you with a varied gaming experience and countless occasions to score major wins. If you enjoy Omaha and Hold’em there simply is no reason not to give them a try, especially since all the popular game modes are readily available with some of the best apps. In fact, the biggest problem you’re going to face will be to pick the app that will best suit your taste in poker games but thankfully, there are plenty of quality poker room reviews to assist you with this task.

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