Is the Hall of Gods Slot worth Playing?

hall-of-the-gods-slotYou are faced with an enormous range of slot games that you can access and play when logged into any of our NetEnt Casino sites, and when playing at casinos such as RedBet Casino or the equally as impressive Guts Casino site you will find a large range of progressive slot games.

One slot which may just immediately catch your attention as a slot player is the Hall of Gods slot]

which is one of the more recently launched progressive jackpot paying games on which you have the chance of winning one of three large and ever growing progressive jackpots.

However, the only downside if you can call it that of playing this particular slot game online is that you are required to have to play all of its 20 pay lines as the paylines cannot be adjusted by players.

Plus one additional thing worth knowing is that the more you stake on the base game by increasing the number of coins in play per spin and/or the actual coin values, the more chance you will have of being awarded with one of those three progressive jackpots.

So this is going to be a slot game that higher stake players should find appealing, and their higher valued stakes will give them a much increased chance of walking off with one of those three progressive jackpots.

However, any player could win one of them so do not be put off playing  the Hall of Gods slot game if you are a very low stake player as you could win the jackpot when playing for a minimum bet spin of just 0.20.

How to Win the Hall of Gods Progressive Jackpot

The only way in which you can win any of the three progressive jackpots when playing the Hall of Gods slot game online is by you triggering its pick to win based bonus feature round. That bonus game is triggered by spinning onto one of your 20 activated paylines from reel one onwards a set of three of the bonus reel symbols.

Once the bonus game is awarded then you will be presented with a bonus game screen on which you will find displayed 15 shields, and you will have to use a hammer to smash those shields to reveal what is hiding underneath each of them.

There are four different things that can be revealed as you smash each of the shields by clicking on them. A set of coins may be revealed and by matching three sets of the same amount of coins you will then be awarded with that amount of coins and the bonus game will then end.

The other three things you can be revealed when playing off this bonus game is a progressive jackpot logo, there are three of them which can be revealed and your task is to reveal three of the same logo as you pick off the shields.

If you get three matching Mini, Midi or Mega jackpot logos then you will instantly be awarded with the corresponding progressive jackpot as displayed on the jackpot meter displayed at the top of the slot game screen.

Halls of Gods Slot Jackpot Tracker

The biggest progressive jackpot that can be won on the Hall of Gods slot game is the Mega Jackpot and in the following section of this guide we shall be taking a look at the history of the jackpots this slot has awarded to players in the last 365 days.

Number of Jackpots Won – In the last 12 months the Hall of Gods Mega Jackpot has been won just three times by players. As this slot is networked throughout the entire NetEnt network you have an equal chance of winning it no matter at which casino site you choose to play it at. However, the higher you do wager the more chances you will have of winning that jackpot as mentioned above.

Average Jackpot Payout – By dividing the total amount that the Hall of Gods slot game has paid out via its highest valued progressive jackpot with the number of players who have won that jackpot in the last 365 days we have discovered the average payout value is €4,407,515.

Keep that figure in mind if you do decide to play this slot online, for that may be the key to start playing this slot if the current value of the Mega Jackpot is higher in value than that amount.

Total Won in the Last Year – Just three very lucky players have managed to walk off with the Mega Jackpot in the last year when playing this slot game. However, as the value of those jackpots was certainly life changing then it is only to be expected there are not going to be many winners of that Mega Jackpot each year.

Average Days between Jackpots – The average number of days between one play winning the Mega Jackpot on the Hall of Gods slot game and another player then winning that jackpot is 134 days, and as such at this current moment in time there is something of a well balance spreads of jackpots being won on this slot.

However, always remember that the jackpot can be won at any time and by any players and you will never know when the jackpot is about to be won. The number of days between thee jackpots being awarded is of course going to change quite regularly and the amount each winning player will win will also vary depending when they win the jackpot.

All in all as this slot game also has another bonus game, that being a set of free spins and as it comes with a high and attractive payout percentage even if you are not lucky enough to win one of the three jackpots on offer you could win big via its base game or via that set of free spins. So why not give it a little play time when you are next in a slot playing frame of mind, that next big winner could be you.

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