Isaac Haxton Criticizes PokerStars for Scamming Players

Professional poker playing legend, Isaac Haxton has publicly voiced his opinions on the infamous PokerStars, yet again shaming the organisations he once represented. In a recent tweet, Haxton commented on an article published on USPoker entitled Is PokerStars Extending An Olive Branch To The Poker Community?

The piece discusses the online poker operator’s attempts to assure its customers that all the changes that were carried out in its reward scheme and other aspects of its business were done with the intention to achieve a better overall playing experience. It also mentions PokerStar’s branching out into the online casino and sports betting markets as well as its efforts to improve communication with players.

In reply to this, Haxton commented how the company’s “apparent generosity is to be treated as laying the groundwork for the next con”, adding to his previous comments of how the operator ‘defrauded’ himself as well as other players out of huge sums of cash.

Haxton No Longer Brand Ambassador

Haxton was previously a sponsored professional player of the PokerStars’ team but then went on to cut ties with the firm in January of last year, when heavy adjustments were made to its reward programs. At the time, he was extremely vocal and condemned this decision to alter the terms of its Supernova and Supernova Elite bonuses, rewards that were offered to VIP players who racked up a number of years betting with real money in PokerStar’s online platform.

Haxton thus no longer wanted to be associated with a brand whose player policies he himself disapproved of, going public with his decision on Twitter on January 1, 2016. He had stated that his contract with the online operator would end as a “form of protest” against the adjustments to the rewards program.

Isaac Haxton is undeniably one of the most famous high-roller players of modern times, having garnered massive success in his tournaments played both live and online, managing to acquire winnings of over $13.8 million dollars. As a regular participant in the biggest international tournaments with the highest stakes, he’s won countless times but perhaps his biggest live payout was achieved when he finished second in the Aussie Millions Poker Championship A$250,000 Challenge back in 2014, where he walked away with a whopping A$2.82 million.

He has been just as successful on the online poker scene, which is how he ended up as one of PokerStar’s prestigious Team Pro Online members. Haxton has definitely made a name for himself as one of the best poker players in the world.

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