Jurassic World Online Slot in the Pipeline

jurassic-worldIt is always great news for slot players when a company such as Microgaming announces they have secured the rights to bring out a brand new fully themed slot game, and thanks to the success of Microgaming’s Jurassic Park slot they were eager to secure the rights to another film in that series that being Jurassic World.

Well, as luck would have it Microgaming have just announced they have done a deal with Universal which will see them being licensed to launch a brand new slot game, which quite aptly goes by the name of the Jurassic World slot.

Obviously Microgaming are keeping rather tight lipped in regards to what this new Jurassic World slot game will be offering players, however as we occasionally like to do we are going to now take a few well thought out guesses at how we think this new slot game will be structured and designed.

So with that in mind allow us to make a few predictions as to what we think, based on Microgaming’s passion for designing all singing and all dancing slots, the Jurassic World slot game will be offering you as a player.

Features and Slot Structure

As soon as we get word that the game is about to go live we will of course update our website and add to it a full review of the Jurassic World slot, but let us now move onto those predictions, and time will tell if our magical sixth sense has proven to be correct.

Animated Character Reel Symbols – Time have proven that whenever Microgaming does launch a video slot game which is themed completely around a blockbusting movie, the slot will have lots of the main characters displayed on the reels of those slots as symbols.

One prediction that we are fairly confident that we will get correct about this new slot game will be that each of the higher valued reel symbols will be the main characters from the film, some of which could possibly be stacked reel symbols.

When those reel symbols do spin in however and form one or more winning combinations they are almost certainly going to become animated and spring to life, possibly with some form of audio effect paying to indicate you have formed a winning combination.

Random Bonus Features – Microgaming have been designing many of their very latest slot games with added base game bonus features, and one thing we have noticed about those bonus features is that many of them are randomly awarded to players.

With that in mind we would not be too surprised if the new Jurassic World slot game does boast some form of randomly awarded base game bonus feature which could possibly make the slot switch over to a different playing mode or a different playing format.

Auto Play Option – It is going to be an odds-on certainty that the new Jurassic World slot game from Microgaming is going to have the expert mode attached to it. The expert mode is simply Microgaming’s name for the auto play settings.

So when you do finally get to play this slot you are going to be able to pick a stake and a number of spins you want the expert mode to play off and the slot will then play itself whilst you sit back and watch.

Multi Denomination Slot – Anther predication which we know we are going to get correct is that this new slot game will offer players a range of different staking options, with the lowest coin value settings being as usual 0.01.

However, one thing we are not 100% sure of is whether the slot will be an optional payline slot, a fixed paylines slot or one of their all ways slot games which an offer hundreds or even thousands of ways to win for one fixed coin amount.

We will make an educated guess and plump for our prediction as regards to the possible playing structure of the Jurassic World slot game as being a 234 ways to win slot, as Microgaming have found those types of slot games to be highly attractive to slot players.

Wild Symbols and Wild Features – We have yet to see one of the more recently launched slot games from Microgaming not boasting at least one type of wild symbol and as such another educated guess as to what this new slot will be offering is some form of wild symbol.

Whether the reel symbols will be staked, expanding or even wild multiplier symbols does remain to be seen, and there may be a good chance that the Jurassic World slot will have some form of additional wild symbol related bonus game or bonus feature attached to it.

So do not be too surprised to see additional wild symbols being added to the reels if you do choose to play this slot once it is launched via either spun in special wild symbols or via some form of bonus game or bonus feature such as a wild reel bonus game.

Main Bonus Game – It is anyone’s guess what the main bonus feature game will be on the Jurassic World slot game, however there are usually one of two different bonus games that Microgaming tend to attached to their branded slot games.

There could be some form of multi stage pick to win or pick and match styled bonus game on offer on his new slot, which will possibly be triggered by spun in scatter or bonus symbols. In fact, there could be a chance that Microgaming will in addition to a pick or match or pick or win bonus game make this slot a free spins awarding video slot.

If that is the case it would be good to see this new slot offering players one of several different options for playing of their set of free spins, as by offering players a choice those players will then be able to pick from a low risk and low variance type of free spins bonus game or a high risk high variance set of free spins.

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