Las Vegas sees the opening of a new casino resort, Lucky Dragon

Do you remember the last time a new casino opened up in Las Vegas? If you need your memory refreshing, it was six years ago. Now, a brand new casino resort has opened up in Sin City, and it is known as the Lucky Dragon.

The Lucky Dragon

There is a distinctly Asian theme to the new Lucky Dragon casino, which is officially opening its doors on December 6, just in time for Christmas. Located on the north end of the Las Vegas Strip (on Sahara Avenue), the casino is already open, although the grand opening ceremony isn’t scheduled to commence until early next month.

What does it offer?

Aside from its Asian theme (which will no doubt lure in thousands of players from Asia, in a bid to dissuade them from playing in Macau, or Hong Kong), the casino features an impressive 27,500 sq. ft casino floor. It also boasts 30 tables and over 300 slot machine games. Even with that entourage, it is still one of the smaller casinos to open up in Vegas in recent years.
Of course, table games are most popular with Asian players (particularly baccarat and pai gow poker) so that is what the casino specialises in. Only a handful of western casino games such as blackjack will be supported. The whole gaming floor surrounds a 1.25-tonne glass dragon, which also happens to be the logo of the new venue.


Players who fancy splashing the cash are invited to join the Emerald Room. This exclusive room is reserved for high-rollers and big spenders, and will surely attract richest and most popular Asian players. That being said, Asian games are becoming more and more popular amongst western players, so it is likely than many western moneybags players will also find the new Emerald Room their cup of tea.

A place to stay

Lucky Dragon contains 204 hotel rooms for guests to stay at, and there are boutiques for shopping. Restaurants offering Asian-inspired cuisine, and tea are also present in the new casino venue. The top floor of the hotel offers a massive 1,300 sq. ft penthouse suite, offering panoramic views of Las Vegas, and much more.

Can I play there now?

In theory, yes. The new Lucky Dragon Casino is open for business, so if you are planning on a trip to Vegas before December 6, you can pop into the casino and test it all out. Of course, if you want to make the trip extra special, then head to the casino on that fabled night for the grand opening. We haven’t got the details just yet, but we’re sure that the new Lucky Dragon Casino will be putting on a lavish spread for their special opening night.

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