Best Live Baccarat Casinos in the US

Welcome to a unique take on the classic game of baccarat! Below you will discover a live version of baccarat where you interact with live dealers as you make your selections. Find out about the myths, tips, variations and some of the best live baccarat casinos in your State.

US casinos with live dealer baccarat

A little history of live baccarat

Although live casino games are relatively new in the world of online games,  live casinos have come such a long way in such a short time. In 2012 the first live online slot machines were introduced and shortly table games. Over the years, companies such as Evolution have been at the forefront of improving this exciting way to gamble through cutting edge game-development technology and a deep knowledge of player personas and game requirements.

Faster internet speeds and optical camera recognition technology allows the smallest of details to be picked up and streamed to the players through HD quality video in real-time. All of this has made online Live baccarat and other games the choice of gamblers worldwide.

Is live baccarat legal in the USA?

Live baccarat is a type of online casino gambling. Online gambling is currently legal in four states — Michigan, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey.

New Jersey State Seal

New Jersey

New Jersey was amongst the first states to legalize online casinos back in 2013. Today you can play games like baccarat and live blackjack in stunning HD.

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West Virginia State Seal

West Virginia

West Virginia is the smallest market at the moment. Online casino gambling was legalized in 2019 with the state recording a steady growth in this sector since then.

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Pennsylvania State Seal


Another state that legalized all forms of gambling in 2019 including live casinos is Pennsylvania. Players here can find several platforms offering live baccarat options.

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Michigan took a while to implement its legislation with ongoing debates spanning years. In the end, the green light was given in December 2020, making online gambling legal.

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Online, land-based & live baccarat differences

The rules of the game are the same which ever variation of baccarat you choose to play. The differences between them are highlighted below.

Online baccarat

Online baccarat includes every type of baccarat played on the web, which means live baccarat is a sub-category of online baccarat alongside the so-called RNG baccarat.

What makes RNG baccarat different from live dealer baccarat is that it simply doesn’t use any dealers at all. Instead, the outcome of the game is determined by a special algorithm computerized programme is called RNG (random number generator) which ensure cards are dealt with in a random and unpredictable way.  We suggest you look for casinos that are licensed and offer games developed by a reputable provider.

There has been a gradual shift away from RNG baccarat (which has been popular since the 90s).  Live baccarat has become the #1 option for online baccarat players as it offers a more immersive and interactive online experience.

Land-based baccarat

If you don’t like playing baccarat on any of the available devices, you can simply go to the casino that offers baccarat and enjoy the popular card game in person. If you’ve ever been to a casino, then there’s no point explaining the great atmosphere and the excitement of playing amongst other players, including dealers at a real table. Simply put, some players find land-based baccarat the best possible way to do it, as there’s a social aspect to it. Players interact face-to-face with other players and live dealers.

Still, there’s this tiny obstacle that many players hate — you have to go to the casino to play land-based baccarat, and some players are hundreds of miles away from the nearest land-based casino. This could be a real pain in the neck if you’re up for a round or two of the beloved card game.

Live baccarat

When live casinos were first introduced, online players weren’t really eager to play online RNG-based table games as they didn’t trust computer generated games. Therefore, live baccarat (and other live games) had a two-fold effect. First, they made online casino gaming much more interesting and dynamic. Second, they gained players’ trust as these games used real dealers and real cards instead of software – with the whole game taking place in real-time.

With live casinos you get the convenience of playing at home (or even on the go, if you’re playing it on your mobile device) and still get the social element. Moreover, live casino games and their underlying technologies are still being upgraded and constantly innovated, which means we will likely get an even better live baccarat experience in the future.

5 live baccarat variations

Ever since casino game providers started releasing new games for online casinos, they developed various versions of baccarat and its live counterpart. Nowadays, there are dozens of baccarat games, and each has a unique twist or a side bet that can make all the difference. Let’s take a look at the five most popular versions.

  • Baccarat Squeeze — Sometimes, baccarat players enjoy the excitement of a card-squeeze. This refers to the slow reveal of the card used which adds that extra suspense to the game. In the squeeze variation (which is offered by Evolution) live baccarat dealers will slowly reveal the card. This is usually followed from several different camera angles.
  • Multi-Camera Baccarat — This version also follows the standard rules, except that you get to customize it a bit more by switching cameras the way you prefer it. Evolution’s multi-camera version features as many as 17 different cameras that increase the immersion level by far.
  • Speed Baccarat — Since you cannot control the pace in live baccarat, you might find the ordinary version slow, which is why some online casinos offer the speed version where a single round usually lasts less than a minute.
  • Knockout Baccarat: this variation has many side bets, and some of them can increase your chances by a lot. If you like placing side bets, make sure to check other similar baccarat variations to this one.
  • Baccarat Control Squeeze — Live baccarat players, sometimes like to be the ones to control the squeezing process, and that’s exactly what this version of the game lets you do.

How does live baccarat work?

The rules for live baccarat are no different to land-based and RNG baccarat. We will discuss rules further down. What’s different between these 2 types of baccarat is the technology used to make such a game possible.

First of all, live baccarat uses state-of-the-art equipment, including several cameras that will stream the video right to your device. On top of that, the games use cutting-edge software.

Moreover, every single baccarat game features a live dealer: a professional dealer who developed their skills and been specially trained to meet the needs of online players. Dealers are trained in all aspects of the game, they need to be quick-thinking and know all the rules inside out.

As a player, you’ll see a combination of the virtual and the real. You’ll use virtual chips to make bets, but the table and the cards used by the dealer are real.

What to look for in a live baccarat providers

The live dealer industry isn’t as competitive as the standard online casino industry, as there aren’t as many live casino game providers out there. Still, you want to stay away from the unlicensed ones and thus, aim for the best possible experience when playing live baccarat. Here are some things that you should pay attention to when choosing a live baccarat provider.

Video quality

Since the video is going to be streamed live, you should aim for the best video quality when choosing a provider. Moreover, it’s important to have the freedom to adjust the video quality, especially if you’re going to play games on your mobile. Sometimes, the video will automatically adjust to your connection speed.

Professional dealers

It’s no secret that some providers offer better dealers than others. However, choosing dealers is also a matter of personal taste, as you might like some of them more than others. Still, you should explore enough live baccarat games to determine which dealer meets your needs.


Some online casino providers optimize their games better for mobile devices compared to their competitors. We made sure that all casinos featured on this site allow an immersive live baccarat experience on your mobile device. However, you’ll have to test the games manually to find the best ones for your mobile or tablet.

Software quality

Every live baccarat game uses specialized software, with some providers having better streaming tech than others. Some games have more customization options, while others less. Some games offer a smooth gameplay experience, and others tend to have glitches from time to time.

Live baccarat rules

Playing baccarat live is no different than playing its land-based or RNG counterparts in terms of rules. To briefly sum it up and over-simplify it: you have 2 cards in hand and the aim is to get as clos to nine once you add the value of those 2 cards . Cards two through nine have their face value, ace is one, and 10, jacks, queens, and kings are zero. In case you have a two-digit score, the first digit is dropped. Let’s go through the rest of rules quickly to help you understand how to play baccarat live if you don’t have prior experience.

The goal of baccarat isn’t to beat the dealer but rather to guess which side will have more points and make a wager based on your guess. Therefore, the first step is to make a bet. You have three options: the player, the banker (dealer), and the tie.

The dealer then gives the player and themselves two face-up cards, and the side with the score closest to nine wins. If your guess is right, you’ll win the bet. You’ll double up your winnings if you bet on the player. However, a banker bet comes with a 5% commission. For example, if you bet $100 on the banker and win, you’ll make a $95 profit. The final betting option is a tie which pays 8:1, but it’s not that common.


4 live baccarat tips

  • Avoid the tie bet — Betting on the tie is generally considered a bad strategy as tie bets only increase the overall house edge in baccarat and increase the chances of the player losing.
  • Don’t rely on betting strategies — You’ll see plenty of betting strategies for baccarat out there, but most of them are based on chance, as baccarat itself is a game of chance, so try to stay away from them.
  • Don’t get carried away — If you let your emotions dictate your actions, you’ll spend much more money and risk developing a gambling problem. Therefore, keep your emotions in check and always think through before making any decision.
  • .Plan your live baccarat budget — It’s always wise to plan your budget before starting your session and have a better overview of your wins and losses.