Live Dealer Casino Games for Bitcoin

live-dealer-blackjackWe have been very impressed with the number of Live Dealer casino games which are now accessible at our top rated Bitcoin Casino sites, and below you are going to find an overview of the range of these types of games now on offer to anyone who has a Bitcoin Wallet and wishes to gamble online completely anonymously.

Our current top rated Bitcoin Casino site is the MBit Casino, they have all of the Live Dealer games listed below and for additional information on what this leading casino site has to offer we invite you to check out our Review.

Live Dealer Blackjack for Bitcoin

The Live Blackjack games offered at Bitcoin accepting casino sites can vary from site to site however by opting to play at our featured and top rated Bitcoin Casino site you are going to have access to one boasting liberal game playing rules and a set of payouts that ensure this variant is a low house edge one and therefore it is a game worth playing.


Eight decks of playing cards are in play on the Bitcoin Casino Live Blackjack game at our above named Bitcoin accepting casino site.

Dealer Rules

The Dealer is going to draw to all 16’s and will stand their hand on all 17 hands whether those hands are soft or hard 17’s.

Player Rules

Players may take Insurance when offered and will be permitted to split a pair of matching cards, a Double Down option is also available. Be aware splitting a pair or doubling down will of course require a player to make an extra bet which will be of the same value as their original bet.


A winning Blackjack hand which is any 10 valued card and Ace card is paid out at odds of 3 to 2, all other winning hands are paid at even money, when splitting Aces if a ten card is dealt to either or both Aces then if unmatched by the Dealers hand these hands are paid out at even money. Insurance bets are paid out at odds of 2 to 1.

Live Dealer Baccarat for Bitcoin

If playing Baccarat in a Live Dealer environment is what you enjoy doing then this particular variant offered at our featured Bitcoin Casino site named above is going to be a great variant to play and offers not only the standard range of betting options but also a range of optional side and bonus bets on which all manner of extra bonus payouts can be awarded to you based on certain hand combinations being dealt out.

Below are all of the winning payouts associated with each betting opportunity available on this Bitcoin Live Dealer Baccarat casino game.

Banker’s Hand

Much like all other Baccarat games available online when you place a Banker’s hand wager and that hand wins you are paid out at even money however a 5% house commission is charged and as such your winning payout is 0.95 for every 1.00 waged.

Player’s Hand

Should you bet on the Player’s hand and that had has the highest value at the end of the game your wagered amount is paid out at odds of even money.

Tied Hand

If you place a wager on the Tie Hand and both hands end that game with the same value then your bet is going to be paid out at odds of 8 to 1.

Be aware the following Lucky Pair betting options are all optional, and these wagers are based on the first two cards being dealt out to either the Player’s or Banker’s hands.

Player Pair

You can place a bet on the first two cards being dealt to the Player’s hand are a pair and if you place this wager and it is successful you are paid out at odds of 11 to 1.

Banker Pair

The Banker’s Pair wager is the same as the above named wagering opportunity however it is the Banker’s hand you are hoping to see a pair of cards dealt out to and this wager pays, if successful at odds of 11 to 1.

Big and Small Bet

Both a Big and Small bet wagering opportunity is offered on this Baccarat Live Dealer game and the returns for a winning Big bet are 0.54 to 1 and the winning Small bet pays when successfully dealt out at odds of 1.5 to 1.

Perfect Pair

When you place a Perfect Pair bet you are hoping to see two cards sharing the same value and the same suit being dealt out and when placed and that pair does get dealt out your winning payout is a large 25 to 1.

Either Pair

You can also place something known as a Either Pair bet and this will payout at winning odds of 5 to 1 when either the Player’s or Banker’s hand gets, as the first two cards dealt out, any pair of cards of the same value.

Live Dealer Roulette for Bitcoin

You really do have to give the Live Roulette game a try at our featured Bitcoin Casino site named above, for thanks to the sheer quality of the graphics you are going to find it a great playing game and one that is just as appealing to play as any Roulette game offered in a land based casino.

When you launch the Live Roulette game you will find you will be able to view, in one screen, both the entire Roulette table including the wheel and the betting layout along with the Croupier, and also in the top right hand corner of the screen you will see at the actual Roulette wheel which has its own camera constantly filming it.

The Live Roulette game is a single zero European Roulette game variant and if you are a mathematically minded gambler you will know that is a very low house edge variant to play and the house edge is a very low 2.70%, making it a much better variant to play than for example the American Roulette game variant.

You are able to place all of the standard type of wagers directly onto the Live Roulette table and to do this you simply need to move your mouse over the betting position you wish to place your wagers on and then right click to place those wagers onto the table.

Another set of betting options include the Call Bets and you will also be able to repeat any previous wagers you placed onto the live Roulette game by simply clicking onto the Rebet button, the chips values on the Live Bitcoin Roulette game are of course adjustable and you will find the Roulette table betting limits cater for both low and high rolling players.

An on screen display box will also alert you to which numbers have recently been spun in, so keeping track of the hot and cold numbers is quite easy! This really is a great looking and great playing Live Roulette game and one that you should get a lot of enjoyment out of playing.

Live Lottery for Bitcoin

You are also going to be able to access and play a quite rarely found online casino game and this is the Live Lottery game, every few minutes a live lottery takes place and you are able to place many different kinds of wagers in regards to what numbers you think are going to be drawn out of the onscreen lottery machine.

Below are just some of the available betting opportunities that are fond at our featured Bitcoin accepting casino site:

Number Betting

There are quite a number of unique betting options on the Number Betting category of wagers you can place on the Live Lottery game, and as such you could choose to bet that the first ball will be higher than a certain value or lower than a certain value or whether two or more balls will be dropped from the lottery machine.

Colour Betting

As the lottery balls come in one of two different colours namely Gold and Orange then this allows for a set of colour betting options to be made available. You can bet on whether all of the balls dropped out of the lottery machine will be one particular colour, or you can guess what you think the colour of the first or last ball dropped will be.

Sum Betting

There are also a plethora of Sum Betting options and on these kinds of wagers you can select what you think each of the balls when added together will add up to, or whether the sum of all balls added together that drop out of the lottery machine will fall below or above a certain spread of values.

The odds attached to all of the Live Lottery game wagering opportunities do vary from bet to bet and as such if you do enjoy playing number predicting games then this game does offer a whole slew of wagering options and is much more interactive than other similar casino games such as Keno.

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