Low Rolling Slot Machine Strategies

immortal-romance-slotKnowing your limits when gambling in any shape or form is what is going to ensure that you never get too carried away when logged into an online casino, and today we are going to introduce to you some very well thought out and balance low rolling slot playing strategies.

With there being tens of thousands of different slot games that can be accessed online or via a mobile device, then by putting in place your very own slot playing strategy you can ensure you get value from your gambling budget and will know in advance which slots you are going to play today and also how you are going to play them.

Never be under the impression that by having a slot playing strategy in place you are going to find you have a less than enjoyable slot spinning session, for you will have just as much fun and winning opportunities by playing in a certain way than you would do by randomly selecting just which slots to play, but you will also have more winning sessions once you have in place a solid and rigid slot playing strategy.

Your Slot Playing Budget

The one key element of any low rolling slot playing strategy is always going to be the amount of cash that you have set aside to gamble with. Your slot playing budget is what you have to base your strategy on and as such the first thing you need to do is to try and maximize it in any way possible.

Casino bonuses are obviously the one way in which you can turn a small bankroll into a much larger one, and as such we would suggest you have a hunt around to see if your favourite casino is offering you any type of reload bonuses when you are next intending to play there, if not then do consider playing at a new casino that you haven’t played at before.

The bonuses you ought to be tracking down and being constantly on the lookout for are those will give you a match bonus of or over 100%, along with those bonuses having play through requirements of 30% or less. The terms and conditions do need looking through when you accept a slot related bonus so always do give them a good going over to see if there are any unfair terms attached to them such as maximum cash out amounts or higher than average play through requirements.

One final tip if you are planning on having a low rolling slot playing session is for you to make sure that you have been enrolled into the comp club of the casino site you are playing at, most casinos nowadays automatically enrol you into their comp club so the minute you start to play their slot games you are earning comp points, but some may make you join up separately and as such make sure you are a member of the comp club before you place your first wager.

Staking Your Spins

It can be very easy for a player who has a small slot playing bankroll to put into play spins which their bankroll cannot sustain, and as such you need to carefully plan just how much you will be wagering on each spin you play to guarantee your bankroll is going to give you the maximum value and give you a decent amount of play time.

If you are planning on playing video slot games then do keep in mind that the bonus games that those slots can award usually trigger within a certain number of spins on average. If you take a look at our Average Bonus Game Trigger Points guide, you will see the bonus games on many slots usually trigger at or around 150 spins on average, and as such when you do play these kinds of slots then you need to divide your budget up into small amounts to give yourself a chance of triggering those bonus games.

With a budget of say 50.00 at your disposal then you are best off playing each spin for a maximum stake of around 0.30, for that will see you having at least 150 spins of any one single slot and that will give you a good chance of trigger the bonus game attached to that slot.

Be aware that as most free spins awarding bonus games award their respective free spins rounds via scatter symbols then you will not need to activate all of the paylines on that slot to have a chance of triggering the free spins, so if the slot you are playing has more than say 30 paylines then put into play 30 paylines on stake values of just 0.01 per line as you will still have a good chance of being awarded the bonus game and will be able to keep within your 0.30 per spin maximum stake amount.

Only Play High RTP Slots

Finally when you are planning on playing for very low stakes always stick to playing the slots which have the highest long term expected payout percentages. The RTP attached to each slot game will vary, but with some hunting around on our website you will find which slot games have the highest payout percentages, and if you stick to play those slots which boast RTP’s of over 97% you will have more winning spins dropping in and forming and will get much more value from your slot playing budget.

Finally always have a winning goal in mind when playing slots online, if you are low rolling then do not be too greedy in regards to when you will stop playing and cash out, the best low rolling slot playing strategy will be one on which you call it a day and make a withdrawal when you have increased your initial deposited amount by 50% or higher, remember you are not going to constantly win huge amounts when low rolling, but small gradual winning sessions are always possible, so cash out regularly once you hit your winning goal.

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