Low Variance Mid-Stake Casino Games

We want all of our website visitors to have access to exactly the type of information that will enable them to have the perfect type of gaming session when they are logged into any of our featured online casino sites, and this particular article will be of interest to players who tend to stick to playing games for mid ranged stake levels and who want to play a range of low variance games.

Cards Games with a Low Variance Playing Format

Let us begin by showcasing to you which casino card games often come with a low variance type of playing structure. When playing the following types of casino card games you are not going to get those sudden high paying hand combinations dealt out to you as you would when for example you are playing Caribbean Poker but these games are ideal for when you want to slowly grind out a bonus for example or are seeking much longer playing sessions.

Pai Gow Poker – One game you may enjoy playing and one that certainly comes with a very low variance format is the game of Pai Gow Poker. This is a fairly simple game to understand and play once you have got your head around the way you have to play your hand.

You and the Dealer are dealt out a total of seven cards and you need to form a five card hand along with a two card hand with those seven cards, the aim of the game is to beat both of the Dealers five and two card hands with your two hands to receive a winning payout. This game becomes a low house edge game due to the payouts awarded to you if only one of your hands beats one of the Dealers and vice versa.

You may find the occasional Pai Gow Poker game which will allow you to place a bonus bet which is an optional side bet wager, however that game will have a much higher house edge attached to it than the base game and will end up turning this low variance game into a much higher variance one and as such you are best advised not to play that bonus side bet wager.

Baccarat – The game of Baccarat can also be found in most if not all online casinos, and the way this particular casino card game has been structured means that it can be a low variance type of card game due to this game offering only three possible outcomes of each game you play.

These three hand combinations include the Bankers and Players hand which return to lowest valued winning payouts along with a much larger paying Tied Hand betting option. You will get low variance type of playing structure only when betting on the Players or Bankers Hands, so always avoid placing any wagers onto the Tied Hand betting box, for if you do the game then becomes a much higher variance one.

The payouts for those two Bankers and Players hands are by no stretch of the imagination huge, but when you manage to correctly predict the correct winning hand you will find your bankroll will slowly but surely increase in value, which is the key to locating and playing a low variance type of casino card game.

Blackjack – Slow but steady low valued winning payouts are what make any card game a low variance one and the game of Blackjack is another low variance game which we think may just be of interest to you. Never be under the illusion that when playing low variance games the chances of you ending your session with a hefty profit cannot be achieved, you can win big when playing this or any of the above named games however it will often take much longer for you to do that due to the slow pace and low variance structure found on these types of games.

You are best advised before playing any Blackjack game variant you come across, to study the actual game play rules for both the Player and the Dealer along with how many decks of cards are in the shoe and the winning payouts attached to each possible winning hand combinations, as by doing so you will be able to find out what the house edge of any Blackjack game is.

When playing any type of low variance game you need to locate and only ever play the variants with the lowest possible expected house edge. When playing online Blackjack game then this will require you to play games such as Playtech’s Blackjack Switch game or Microgaming’s single hand Classic Blackjack game as those games have by far and away the lowest house edges attached to them and are therefore the best variants to play.

Mid Stake Low Variance Slot Games

Slot games can be very tricky beasts to play for there is never any real perfect playing strategies that you can adopt that will ensure you are playing each spin optimally. There are of course a few slot playing hints and tips worth noting and we have quite a number of them dotted around this website so do please have a look round as you will be impressed by the number of hints and playing tips we have to introduce you to and many of them will certainly increase your over all winning chances.

If you are a mid stake slot player and by mid stake we will include players who are happy to play for stake levels from around 1.00 to 10.00 per spin then below we have listed a range of low variance slot machines which may just be of interest to you.

When you are playing these slots you will find that you will see many low paying winning combinations forming on the pay lines much more regularly than the mid or high paying combinations and these types of slots are often the ones players choose to play to get a longer playing session and one that may just see them taking home a fairly substantial profit.

You should be looking to play low variance slot machines is you do not want to play in a high risk type of playing format or you wish to play a slot with a bonus that has been credited to your online casino account, as the high hit rate of the lower paying winning combinations will give you a much increased chance of making and exceeding the play through requirements of any such bonus when you play these types of sots, which a little bit of added luck of course.

NetEnt Mid-Stake Low Variance Slots

Starburst Slot – This has to be a prime example of a very low variance slot game, you will find the Starburst slot in the gaming suite of NetEnt powered casinos and will be able to set it to play for medium stake levels quite easily. Do not expect mega winning payouts to be awarded to you but do expect some fairly long playing sessions due to the frequent low valued winning combinations that can and will spin in as you are playing it.

Secret of the Stones – This is another fairly low variance slot game from NetEnt and one on which you have the option of changing the stake levels yourself instantly if you are looking to set the game into play for medium stake levels then that is of course always possible.

Microgaming Mid-Stake Low Variance Slots

Twister Slot – You will find the Twister slot game available in Microgaming software powered sites, be aware though that this slot is only available to play at casinos offering the downloadable gaming platform from Microgaming and not the instant play versions of their gaming platform.

This game is a low variance one and one that should see you forming plenty of lower valued winning combinations as you play it, you can also trigger a free spins bonus game but the payouts most commonly awarded on that feature round are low to mid valued ones.

Munchkins Slot – Another Microgaming powered video slot game which you may enjoy playing is the Munchkins slot, this game like the one above can be found in the downloadable gaming platform offered by many Microgaming powered casinos, and thanks to a very low variance type of playing structure if you do play all of its available paylines you should not find your gaming budget being swallowed up too quickly if you are playing it for mid stake amounts.

A free spins feature round can be triggered and the free spins can occasionally re-trigger, but much like the above slot game the payouts awarded via the free spins are not going to be as huge as those found on high variance slots.

Playtech Mid-Stake Low Variance Slots

Arctic Treasure Slot – We shall now move onto introducing you to a couple of low variance slots that can be found in Playtech’s gaming platform. One game which may be of interest to you is their Arctic Treasure slot and whilst the theme of this slot looks a very cold one, due to the low variance playing format and structure you will find it can be a hot slot to play as the lower valued winning combinations do spin in very frequently.

Azteca Slot – Another slot that you will find on offer in any Playtech powered online casino site which boasts a low variance type of playing structure is the Azteca Slot. This game is a multi stake slot and as such if you are a mid stake player you will have no difficulties at all choosing a stake level at which to play it for, and with plenty of spun in winning combinations appearing, albeit low valued ones you can often find you get some longer than average playing sessions when you choose to give it a whirl.

Real Time Gaming Mid-Stake Low Variance Slots

As the majority of Real Time Gaming slot games are the Reel Series slots on which a random progressive jackpot can be won that can often make the variance on the games become a little higher than you would expect. However, if you put that progressive jackpot out of your mind, and as you are only making a very nominal contribution to the jackpot pool via your stakes on each spin you play then below are the best low variance slots to be found in the gaming suite of any RTG powered casino site.

Caesars Empire Slot – This Roman themed slot game was one of the first Real Series slots to come online with a low variance type of playing structure and format, the coin levels are fully adjustable by players, but do be aware that the operators and owners of RTG powered casinos are able to pick one of three different payout percentages that their slots will play out to, and as such for the best type of low variance, mid stake slot playing session it will pay dividends for you to do your research and only play at sites offering the higher payout percentages on their slots.

Derby Dollars Slot – The themed attached to all Real Series slots from Real Time gaming are of course unique and if you fancy getting stuck into playing a low variance slot that can be set to play for some medium range stake levels and one that has a horse racing type of theme then their Derby Dollars slot would be a very good choice of game to play.

This slot comes with a standard Wild symbol which will not increase the value of any winning combinations that it helps to form, and when you trigger its free spins bonus feature round all free spins play off with a multiplier which will double any winning combinations formed during the free spins round which helps keep the variance of this very popular slot game low.

You can of course play this and all other low variance slots for free if you wish to see how they pay before committing yourself to real money gaming action.

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