Lowest Valued Keno Bets

In this section of our website we are going to take a look at the very lowest valued Keno bets and wagers. This does of course mean that when you are playing any of the following Keno games online the bets listed below are the ones that you should always avoid placing.

If you are not that well versed at playing Keno games then be aware that is it a very basic type of number predicting game, and when playing it online you will be faced with having to predict a series of numbers which you will be hoping are drawn out of the keno machine.

Depending on just which casino site you play at and what software and gaming platform they use, you will find you are often able to predict from one to fifteen numbers that are going to be drawn out of the keno machine, and depending on how many you have picked and just what pay table is attached to that game you are playing, you will receive one of several winning payouts based on the amount of cash you have wagered and just how many of the number you correctly match.

There are a total of eighty numbers in total which are loaded into each keno machine and twenty of them will be drawn out on each game you play, these numbers are of course the numbers one to eighty inclusive.

Have a look through this following guide for we have split it up into different sections and as such you will find out what each of the major online casinos have on offer via their respective keno games based on the gaming platform they are utilizing. The bets and wagers listed are the ones you should avoid placing as the payout percentage s attached to each of them a very low, and much lower than all of the other RTP’s found on the other betting opportunities.

Jungle Keno Game from NetEnt

If you choose to play the Jungle Keno game which is found exclusively in the no download required suite of games offered by our NetEnt Casinos, then you will be able to place a series of bets which enable you to pick from two to ten numbers on each game you play off.

It is fair to say that the actual payout percentages on all of the betting opportunities offered on this Jungle Keno game are comparable to those found attached on most online slot games, however some bets do have much lower RTP’ than others.

With this in mind we would advise you to not place a 3 number bet, a 5 number bet or a 7 number bet as those three bets have payout percentages of 95.74%, 95.65% and 96.00% respectively and as all of the other betting opportunities have RTP’ over 96% then those other bets are the ones you should be looking to place when playing his game and none of those three mentioned, if of course you want the best winning opportunities.

Microgaming Keno Game

You will find one or two different keno games available at Microgaming Casinos, however all of them will have the original classic game on offer, and when playing this variant you will be able to pick from just one single number up to fifteen of them, and obviously the more of them you pick and the more numbers that match those drawn out of the machine the more you will win.

However, there are some betting options available on this Keno game that should never place, the first is the single number betting opportunity. When you pick just one number the payout percentage of that bet is a minuscule 75%, which as far of any game of chance goes that is an appallingly low RTP.

Most of the other betting opportunities offer an RTP of around the 92 to 93 percent range and other bets you should never opt to place include the 2 number bet with has an RTP of 92.09%, the 8 number bet which has a very low RTP of some 92.90% and the 14 number bet which has an even lower payout percentage of 91.41%.

If you do decide you like the look and feel of the classic Keno game from Microgaming then the best bet you can choose to place quite unusually is the 5 number bet, for the RTP of that bet is quite high working out at some 95.79%, so if you are in a Keno game playing mood today or any time in the future and you want to play Microgaming’s Keno game then always place the 5 number bet as that is the best valued bet on offer.

Playtech’s Keno Game Poor Value Bets and Wagers

Finally let us now have a quick look at the Keno game you will find available at Playtech Casinos, we have several online casinos listed on our website that offer this gaming platform, and as such we invite you to checkout our reviews of casinos such as Omni Casino as they have some rather large welcome bonuses up for grabs which you are going to be able to use on Keno games.

When playing the Keno game designed and released by Playtech you will be able to pick from two to ten numbers, and sadly all of the RTP’s attached to each of those nine betting opportunities are low. The worst bet you can place on this variant of Keno is the 9 number bet as the RTP on that wagering opportunity is exactly 92.00%.

The 4 number bet along with the 2 number bet are another two wagering opportunities you are best advised to steer very clear of and never place for the respective RTP’s on those two bets are 92.03% and 92.09% and as such offer very poor value, in fact having said that as the best paying bet in regards to its RTP is the 8 number bet which has a payout percentage of 92.75% this game is hardly a huge paying one on general.

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