Lucky Lois and Crafty Coni

Lucky Lois was famous for her Midas touch. It was like she had a magnetic field around her that warmed up even the coldest slot machine. She never demonstrated a particular preference to a specific type of game: reel slots, video slots, bonus slots, progressive slots… she loved all casino games and fared equally well wherever she turned.

In fact, whenever Lucky Lois played, you could always spot two or three regulars who knew her knack for picking the hottest reels lurking around – battling to snatch the seat she just occupied – with Crafty Coni being her prominent slots stalker.

Coni didn’t get that nickname for nothing; she was a sharp poker player who could dominate every table she played; well, to a certain level at least. You see Coni played fantastically until she lost her patience, and when it comes to poker, losing your patience means losing your shirt. When Coni’s fuse burnet out, all her sly finesse would turn to an amok race through the flop, turn and river, where she’d end up knee deep.

This is why Crafty Coni always kept an eye out for Lois the slots siren, hoping some of her composure and good fortune will rub off.

Lois had the gambler’s green thumb: she made coin trees grow. It’s like she had her own secret rain dance that made the machine downpour. But as soon as she laid her finger on a new slot machine, the last one she touched would seem to wither away without its goddess of plenty by its side. Well that just made Coni crazy.. What was it about that woman that made the slots oh-so-generous?

Coni decided to tackle the matter just as a cunning poker brain would. Her theory was that Lois worked out some routine where she hits a machine just when it reaches its hot streak for the evening. The solution then would not be to follow in her footsteps, but get a step ahead. And she knew just how..

Like many a slots players, Lois was a kind and unsuspecting soul. She came to have fun, exchange smiles with familiar faces, and zip one fabulous martini exactly forty minutes after she started playing. Winning was just a sweet side dish – playing was the main course.

That evening Coni watched Lois like a lioness, ready to swoop and seize whatever slot machine Lois was planning to take up. She tracked each and every move, nod or glance Lois demonstrated; As a trained poker player, Coni knew that even the slightest gesture could point out to where Lois was heading.

Unfortunately, no one filled in Lois as to how significant her body language was that night, and she simply went on with her business, blissfully unaware, sending looks and waves and hellos all over as if to drive Coni mad.

The lucky lady’s martini break was also Coni’s big break: As Lois leaned over the bar Coni caught a longing look at the Jackpot Jungle slot machine, and she wasn’t about to let anybody or anything to get in her way there. But as you know, her capricious impatience never played in her favor.

Had she took a second look she would have noticed that after no more than 3 seconds, Lois turned to the other side of the floor to sit at the High Noon reel slot, but Coni had an all other showdown in her future. As she pounced from her sit towards the woods of Jungle Jackpot, her eager body failed her and she knocked down the very elderly Ms. Kimberly, a sweet old patron of the house for more than two decades who was innocently making her way to the nearly located Texas Tea slot.

Blind with fervor, Coni managed to squeeze one coin into the machine and couldn’t believe her ears when she heard the machine parading in her honor. She thought she saw blinking red lights and a commotion of people gathering round her to celebrate her hitting the progressive jackpot.

No such luck for cunning, conspiring Coni! The sirens and lights came from the ambulance which parked outside and started its engine to take Ms. Kimberly to the hospital. Luckily, the floor manager was apt enough to support her in her fall, which was softened by the heavy carpet. Nonetheless, the lovable elderly patron was sent off to be checked up just in case.

As Coni was escorted out, she could still see in the corner of her eye Lucky Lois being serenaded once more while winning yet another spin.

Coni never set foot in that casino again. I’d love to say that this incident cooled down her temperament altogether, but she still loses her patience on the table every now and then. She did get wiser thanks to that exercise in humility: nowadays when she gets tired of the game she simply takes her winnings and walk away. And you know what? That was exactly the strategy used all along by a certain lady know as Lucky Lois.

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