Lucky Zodiac Slot Goes Live in Microgaming Casinos

lucky-zodiac-slotSeptember has come around very quickly, and as sure as night follows day Microgaming have launched another two slot games this month, both of which we think you are going to love playing.

The first slot is actually part of the Sports Star series of slots which has just had the Rugby Star slot added to it, which means if you love playing or watching rugby, cricket or football there will be a slot in that series you will find very appealing.

However, Microgaming have just released their Lucky Zodiac slot game which is one of the more unique slots which you could enjoy playing, and to give you an insight into what this new slot has on offer below is an overview of its playing structure and a plethora of other information about it.

One aspect that will jump off the slot game screen about this slot is that it is an Astrology themed slot game and as such a number of the reel symbols will be depicting the various star signs.

Lucky Zodiac Slot Playing Structure

The first thing you will need to do when launching the Lucky Zodiac slot from the games menu is of course to configure the staking options and the number of paylines you wish to put into play. This slot is suitable for low stake players as well as high stake players as you are able to put into play from just one single payline up to all 20 of them.

The coin values and coins per payline are also fully adjustable so if you wish to play for one penny per spin then that is perfectly possible, however the staking options allow you to put into play a spin costing a large 200.00, which will be very suitable for all high rolling slot players.

The RTP of the Lucky Zodiac slot game is 96.42%, and we would advise you to compare that RTP with some of the other large number of slots available at Microgaming powered casino sites, for when you do you will find it is one of their above average paying slots on which you should always have more than a fair chance of spinning in lots of winning combinations.

You will also be able to play this slot via the auto play setting whereby you configure the stakes and the number of spins you wish to play off and the slot will play them all of for your automatically. As this slot is available in the downloadable gaming platform offered by Microgaming that does of course mean you can play it alongside other slot games those casinos have on offer.

You will need to make use of the tabbed browser feature to open up a number of different slots and once you do you can then drag those slot games around your computer screen and then play them all simultaneously if you so desire. If you do then that is where the auto play feature will come into its own as you could configure each open slot to play themselves whilst you sit back and watch them all playing off.

Bonus Games and Bonus Features

You will of course need to know of any additional bonus games and/or bonus features which can come into play and be awarded to you when playing any new slot online and with that in mind we shall now take a look at what else the Lucky Zodiac slot game is going to offer you if you do decide to give it a whirl online.

A wild symbol is of course in play on all five reels and that symbol is the Lucky Zodiac logo symbol, those symbols can be found on all five reels of the slot and when spinning in any number of them they can help you form winning combinations, just be aware that the bonus game awarding scatter symbol cannot have its winning and bonus game triggering combinations formed with the help of those wild symbols.

Also do be aware that the wild symbols is also the jackpot symbol which does of course mean that you will be hoping to have all five of them spinning in on any payline you have activated, the more you wager by way of coin values and the number of coins in play on each payline will determine just how much you will win as the jackpot payout.

For more information on the entire available winning combinations that can be spun in when playing this slot simply click on the pay table button when you have launched the slot and you will then be able to scroll through that pay table and see just what you stand to win when playing it.

The scatter symbols will award a cash payout when you spin in just two or more of them anywhere in view on the Lucky Zodiac slot games screen, those symbols are the Fire Cracker reels symbols and if you spin in three or more of them then not only will you win a scatter pays winning payout which is going to be a multiple of your total base game wagered amount but free spins are then awarded to you.

When three or more of those scattered Fire Cracker reel symbols have been spun in you will be awarded with up to 12 initial free spins. As the free spins are then sent into live play and are all playing off any winning combination formed will be subject to a randomly awarded multiplier value which can boost those winning payouts by 7 times their usual payout amounts.

The multiplier value is revealed at the end of any winning free spin played off. Another aspect to the free spins bonus round feature which you should appreciate is that not only are the logo reel symbols going to be wild symbols but an additional wild symbol comes into play for the duration of the free spins and those symbols are the Ram reel symbols.

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