The Mathematics of Casino Bonuses

Being seduced by a casino bonus is something you are going to experience as a real money online casino game player. However, the one aspect to you claiming any type of casino bonus that you should keep in mind is that they are not being offered to you to help you win.

The vast majority of casino bonuses have been structured in such a way that mathematically you are very rarely if ever going to be able to win anything once you have claimed them. In fact every deposit match bonus you will find being offered to you including any type of reload bonus is always going to have something known as a play through requirement attached to it.

As you are required to deposit your own funds into your casino account to claim a deposit match bonus and as you are then putting that deposit at risk by utilizing and claiming a bonus you need to be able to spot which bonuses are going to be offering you the best value and which ones whilst appearing very generous are never worth claiming.

With that in mind we have compiled a series or guides that are going to enlighten you on the mathematics of a range of different deposit match bonuses, and below is an overview of each of those guides, each of which are based around a different type of casino game bonus.

Well Structured Slot Bonuses – You are going to be swamped with bonuses being offered by every single casino site, and one aspect to you making use of any slot game related bonus is that you will need to find the ones offering you the best winning chances.

That is actually not as easy as it sounds, for every casino is going to have their own set of rules and their own differently structured slot game bonus offers. To help you make sense of them all we have compiled a special guide that will explain to you the maths surrounding slot game bonuses and will let you know which are the very best slot games you can play online or on a mobile device.

Plus to help you locate a perfect casino site at which to play at we will be showcasing several of them which have the biggest and most popular range of slot games and each of those casinos will be offering you a well structured slot bonus offer which will give you plenty of playing value.

Video Poker Bonuses Offering Value – With the very high payout percentages that can be achieved when you are playing games such as video poker then finding a true and high valued bonus can be quite difficult, as most of the many different bonuses that can be used on video poker game variants come with enormous play through requirements.

However, if you are an avid fan of playing video poker games online or via a mobile device please do take a look at this bonus guide as it will give you plenty of ideas in regards to the bonus offers which are worth claiming and also which variants are the ones you should be looking to play.

Just remember that as video poker games do have high payout percentages attached to them you are only going to achieve those RTPs’ if you play each variant with the best playing strategy in place, so always learn how to play any variant you do like the look of so you do not make any strategic playing errors.

True Valued Blackjack Bonuses – You really can go on some wild winning streaks when playing blackjack games online or on any mobile device, and the more experience you get playing this popular card game the more winning hands you will be able to play off.

However, bonuses are quite often available to blackjack players and with that in mind we have compiled another guide which we think will be of great interest to you if blackjack is the game you prefer playing.

So take a look at this guide for in it you will find which the very best blackjack games you can play are and also a range of facts and figures that will allow you to find the best bonuses to make full use of. Plus if you have not yet signed up to an online casino site we will give you several ideas in regards to which casinos are going to be awarding you with the best promotions, bonuses and blackjack comps.

Playing Roulette with Bonuses – The chances of you winning big when you are playing roulette is always going to be high, for with some luck in playing and once you have a series of winning outcomes on each spin of the roulette wheel you play off you could turn a very small stake into a large winning payout.

However, due to the high risk nature of roulette many online casinos are very hesitant of giving bonuses away to their players that can be used on any type of roulette games, however by having a good look round you are sure to find some casinos that have some form of bonus offer on which you can use the bonus credits on table games such as roulette.

With that in mind we have dedicated this playing guide to giving you an understanding of the mathematics attached to the game of roulette and we will also let you know what to look out for when comparing roulette game bonus offers, and we will also give you an insight into which roulette games are the ones you should be playing with bonus funds and bonus credits.

We also have several different online casinos to introduce you to that have a wide and varied range of different roulette games on offer. So if your personal favourite casino game is roulette and you want to know what are the best bonuses and variants to play then make sure you give this playing guide your fullest attention.

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