The Mathematics behind Progressive Online Slots

mega-moolah-jackpotWith jackpots on offer from just a few thousand Pounds, Euros and Dollars right up to jackpots in the millions, the lure of a progressive slot machine is often one that any online slot players cannot resist. Whilst it is very true to say the jackpots on offer are there for the taking, you will first need to have a full understanding of the mathematics behind online progressive slot games as you will find the odds of you winning one of those jackpots will vary massively from slot to slot.

One slight downside of playing any type of progressive jackpot slot is that the payout percentages these slot play out to, via the base and bonus game feature rounds are often nowhere as high as those found attached to standard three reels and five reel video slots.

As soon as you play off any spin of the reels a proportion of the stakes you have just wagered is going to be fed into the jackpot pool or pools if that slot games offers more than one progressive jackpot. This has the knock on effect of the base game often offering a much lower RTP than other types of slots.

Unless you have a lucky winning streak when playing a progressive game your gambling budget is not going to last as long as it would playing any other type of slot game. But that is the compromise you will have to make to have a chance of winning what is often a life changing amount of cash via the progressive jackpot or jackpots any slot game has attached to it.

Understanding Your Staking Options

One very important aspect of playing progressive slots in particular is that you need to know how the jackpot attached to any such slot is won and awarded. If you fail to understand the staking options offered on these kinds of huge jackpot paying slots you run the risk of not having the jackpot activated and in play when you give them a try.

With this in mind take a look at the pay table of any progressive slot game you are thinking of playing, before you set the reels into play. See if you need to play maximum pay lines or stake a certain amount of coins to make the progressive jackpot become activated, and if so then only play that slot in that way.

If for example you are playing a three reel, single payline progressive jackpot which lets you put into play three coins per spin, and you only play one or two coins per spin then you will often find you will never be able to win the progressive jackpot and instead you will win a small amount of coins should you spin in the jackpot paying combination.

Playing a Randomly Awarded Progressive Jackpot Slot

We are aware of many new progressive slot games that award a random jackpot instead of you having to spin in a jackpot winning combination on the pay lines. These slots go by many different names and the actual way you can win one of these random jackpots will vary from slot to slot.

Take for example the Real Series slot games offered at Real Time Gaming Casinos, these types of slot have a constantly growing progressive jackpot fed by the stakes of all players, and the jackpot can be awarded to a player at the end of a single paid for spin of the reels.

However if you are playing slots such an that are found in the Mega Moolah Series of Slots to win one of the four different sized progressive jackpots you first have to be randomly awarded a wheel spinning type of bonus game feature, and your awarded jackpot will only be revealed once you have spun the bonus wheel.

The Likelihood of You Winning a Progressive Jackpot

Sadly you are not going to win a progressive jackpot that often, in fact some people can win several of them in a short period of time and some players are never lucky enough to win one of them! For reference it will be worth you playing the slots that offer more than one progressive jackpot if you do want to win one of those jackpots on offer.

These types of slots award their lower valued jackpots very regularly to players, in fact they can payout those smaller jackpots every few minutes, so naturally you will have a much higher chance of winning one of those progressive than you would playing a slot with just one massive sized jackpot.

However, never forget the only way you can win a progressive jackpot playing any online slot is to actually sit down to play it! You cannot win the lottery if you do not have a ticket into the draw and you cannot win a slot games progressive jackpot unless you feed it with coins and set the reels into motion.

Getting Paid Your Jackpot Winnings

As mentioned above you are not likely to actually win a progressive jackpot when playing any slot that offers them, but they are won regularly enough and as such some people do win them. One thing to keep in mind is when you are very lucky and do win such a jackpot you will not want any headaches getting paid those winnings.

Each slot game designer, gaming platform provider and casino operator will have their own rules as to how they payout their jackpot winners. Some casinos such as those powered by Microgaming will pay the entire jackpot out in one lump sum to winning players, whilst IGT Interactive pay their jackpot winners in annual instalments.

When you are playing at some Playtech and Real Time gaming powered casinos those casino pay their progressive winners in monthly instalments. So as you have the power of choice always stick to playing at casinos that will pay you your winnings quickly in one lump sum payment to save the hassle of being drip fed those winnings.

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