Mega Moolah Gets Guinness Book of Records Recognition

mega-moolah-jackpot-wheelIf you are a regular slot player online or even via a mobile casino app which uses the Microgaming suite of games, then you are probably more than aware that recently one lucky player from the UK managed to win the biggest online slot jackpot in history.

That UK based player won the equivalent of €17,879,645.12 in Pounds Sterling, and the most interesting part of that slot win was the lucky player was only playing the slot on the minimum coin value needed to activate all of the paylines on the slot which was a stake of some 25p.

However, one thing that you may not be aware of is that the Guinness Book of Records has a special category in their annual publication that is dedicated to online slot jackpots, and as such Microgaming has just taken delivery of their Guinness Book of Records certificate and will be mentioned in the next edition.

Whilst the odds of winning the highest valued jackpot on any of the Mega Moolah slot game series is of course extremely high, the fact that this player did own the jackpot on such a low stake does prove that any player can win a life changing jackpot when playing slots online.

Mega Moolah Slots as Popular as Ever!

Should you fancy trying your chance of any of the currently available series of Mega Moolah slot games then there are plenty of them available all of which boast their own unique themes.

However, if you have never played this series of slots before then let us now give you a quick run through of how you could win one of the four jackpots attached to each of those slots.

The progressive jackpots are networked together, and as such no matter which slot in the series you choose to play and no matter at which casino site using Microgaming’s range of slots you are playing at, by giving those slots a try you will have a chance of winning one of the four jackpots attached to each of them.

The Mega Moolah jackpots are not awarded in the usual way, that being by you lining up on any activated payline each of the jackpot symbols, instead they are awarded via a unique bonus game.

The Mega Moolah bonus game can be randomly awarded to players at the end of any paid for base game spin on the reels. When the bonus game is randomly awarded to a player a large message drops own onto the screen alerting them the bonus game will now be played off.

The bonus game is a wheel spinning feature, and all that a player needs to do to discover just which one of the four jackpots they are going to win is to set that bonus wheel spinning by clicking or tapping onto the spin button.

The wheel will then start to spin and it will be the segment of the wheel that spins in opposite the arrow that will be the jackpot the player then wins. There is one of four different colours in the many different segments attached to the bonus wheel and each one represents one of the jackpots.

The jackpot do all have different seed values and as such you will have a much greater chance of winning the lower valued jackpots which have seen valued of 10.00 and 100.00 than you will have of winning the larger valued jackpots which have seed valued of 10,000.00 and 1,000,000.00 respectively. One thing we should point out is that as all Microgaming powered casino sites offer players the option of setting their account to one of several different currency options, the currency you have chosen will be the one that you will be playing his slot game for and will also be the value of the jackpot payout.

Obviously that means that due to the value of say GBP to Euro then a UK based player playing his slot for Pounds Sterling will have the chance of winning a much higher jackpot than a player playing it for Euros.

However, as a GBP player is playing for slightly higher stake levels due to the exchange rate that for example a player playing in Euros will be wagering, then the jackpot amounts are fair and proportionate.

Top Tips for Playing the Mega Moolah Slot

As Microgaming slot games are completely random then the best tip we can give you for having the best chance of winning the progressive jackpots attached to the Mega Moolah series of slot is simply for you to give those slots as much play time as you can do.

However, as in the case of the largest ever jackpot winner in the history of this slot game series has proven, you should not be under the impression that the only realistic chance you will have of walking of with those jackpot is by playing maximum stake spins.

It is also worth us pointing out that whilst many of Microgaming’s standard, non progressive jackpot slot games boast very, very high payout percentages, and many of them offer RTP’s in excess of 96% and 97%, the Mega Moolah slot do offer a much lower RTP.

So please do have a look round our website if you are interested in playing any other Microgaming designed and supplied slot games, for there are going to be hundreds of different slot games you can play at casinos offering their range of games and we have fully reviewed each of those slots.

One thing you will find listed on our Microgaming slot game reviews are the payout percentages that each slot has been designed to return to players over their long term play.

That does of course mean by doing a little reach you will be bale to ensure the slot you do end up playing are only those which offer the very highest long term expected payout percentages, and those slots will give you long playing sessions and more winning combinations will be spun in on them.

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