Microgaming Launches Split Symbol Slots

so-many-monstersWe have some great news for you if you are a fan of Microgaming slots but prefer playing their range of standard payline slots as opposed to their 243 Ways to Win Always Slots which they do appear to be concentrating their design team’s efforts on in the last few months.

They have just announced the launch of a series of three new slot games which come with 25 paylines and each of these brand new slots come with a brand new feature, that being something known as Split Symbols.

If you have never come across Split Symbol Slots before, these are games on which the reel symbols can, after you have spun in a winning combination, split from being one symbol into several symbols and therefore after splitting you then get paid out a much large payout as you have formed multiple winning combinations on that payline.

Microgaming’s new slot games which all boast this new concept are listed below, and each of the special Split Symbols can split into 5 symbols and therefore if you get a 5 symbols winning combination spinning in and each of those symbols split into 5 additional symbols that can result in you being paid out 25 times as much as on the standard winning combination.

The following new slot games from Microgaming all boast the new Split Symbol playing feature, the slots can be sampled at no risk at any of our featured Microgaming Casinos, so if you like the sound of them then why not put each on through their paces in a no risk playing environment, to see if you actually like the way this new base and bonus game feature works and plays.

So Much Candy Slot – Microgaming have designed and launched a handful of slot games which boast a candy type of theme over the years, one that springs to mind is the Chocolate Factory Slot, which is an unusual slot in as much as you can trigger two pick to win bonus games but no free spins bonus rounds.

If you are looking to play a slot offering free spins then it is going to be worth your time playing one of the newer slot games which come with the brand new Split Symbol playing features and this game is Microgaming’s So Much Candy slot.

When playing this new slot you have to play all 25 of the paylines on offer, and whenever a winning combination spins in you could see the reel symbols spitting into multi symbol ones which will increase the winning payout for the winning combination.

Free spins are triggered by spinning in three or more of the scatter symbols, and as soon as you do spin in the required number of scatter symbols you then are given the option of how many free spins you can play.

During the free spins bonus game every reel symbol that is not a Playing Card symbol becomes a single high valued reel symbols, so it is easier to form the higher paying combinations as they are playing off.

So Many Monsters Slot – Maybe someone at Microgaming is a fan of Annie Lennox for the name of this brand new So Many Monsters slots does remind you of the rather weird song she released a number of years ago! However, this new slot game is a slot boasting a Monster related theme which compliments several of their other slots such as the Boogie Monsters Slot.

This is another of Microgaming’s fixed payline slot games and whilst there are 25 paylines on offer per spin of it five video reels you make, you are unable to adjust those paylines which means on each spin all 25 of them will be in live play.

You can of course opt to adjust the coin values and number of coins you play per spin, so even if you are playing with only a small limited bankroll, you should quite easily be able to afford to give it a whirl.

You will find the reel symbols are animated and with additional sampled sound effects this really is a stunning and fully rounded slot game to play, a set of free spins can be awarded to you as you are playing it and as soon as three of the scatter symbols spin into view you will be given a choice of how many free spins you get to play off and each option available will see all of the higher paying reel symbols being replaced by one single reel symbol.

So Much Sushi Slot – Microgaming have always had a passion for designing Asia themed slot games, and to be fair the previous slots that they have launched with such a theme have been very popular slots. If you have played slots such as their Wasabi San Slot and have enjoyed the way it plays and plays then we have a new slot to tell you about and this is the So Much Sushi slot.

This slot has been put together and designed with a fixed payline structure and as such much like the slots above you are forced to play all 25 paylines on each spin, but are free to alter the actual stakes of each spin you play, so both low and high rolling players are going to be able to enjoy playing it on their own chosen stake amounts.

This So Much Sushi slot game also comes with the Split Symbol feature as mentioned on the above brand new slot games and as such you could spin in a 5 of a kind reel symbols winning combination and then see each one of those five symbols splitting into up to five additional symbols, and when this happens you will have a winning payout 25 times.

You can also trigger a set of free spins and as soon as you do you will then be given the option of picking how many free spins you get to play and each option available will see one symbol replacing all of the higher valued reel symbols, so it may just be easier to form the higher paying winning combinations with fewer reel symbols to worry about.

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