Microgaming Mobile Card and Table Games

If you own a mobile device such as a tablet or mobile phone on which you can access the internet then you are going to find a massive and growing number of different casino games which can be accessed and played anywhere, as long as you have a signal on that mobile device whether it is a wifi signal or from a mobile phone mast you are good to go.

Microgaming currently have one of the largest suites of mobile games on offer and as such by opting to sign up and play at one of the many Microgaming software powered mobile casinos then you are going to have plenty of different mobile games at your instant disposal.

In this section of our website we are going to take a look at the currently available mobile web card and table games, however if you are more interested in playing Mobile Web Video Poker Games or Mobile Slot Games then we have two additional sections of our website dedicated to those types of games, so do check them out.

Microgaming’s Mobile Blackjack Game

You will find it is the Gold Series version of European Blackjack that is available on Microgaming’s mobile web casino platform, and as such if you choose to play at any of our mobile casino sites that offer this leading casino software providers range of mobile games then you will be playing a low variance type of Blackjack game.

As most mobile devices on which you can access the mobile web have touch screen controls then playing this European Blackjack game is going to be very easy, as selecting a stake to play each hand at and then putting the game into play and ultimately making your betting decisions as each hand is playing out is both quick and easy.

As this mobile European Blackjack game is one of their graphically enhanced Gold Series games this means the graphics have been enhanced and you should have a very enjoyable Blackjack game playing session on which you will clearly be able to see each hand dealt out.

Let us now take a look at the liberal game playing rules that you will be able to access when playing the mobile European Blackjack game at any Microgaming software power mobile casino site. The game is of course a multi stake game which means you can play for one of various stake levels, the lowest wager accepted is just 1.00 and this can be raised up to a maximum of 200.00 per hand.

There are two full decks of cards that are going to be in play when playing this mobile Blackjack game. These decks are always shuffled before a new hand is set into live play. Whenever the Dealer’s hand is worth seventeen or higher he is going to be forced to stand that hand, this includes both Hard and Soft 17 valued hands.

As a Player playing this mobile European Blackjack game you are able to Double Down your initial two card hand whenever it is valued as a Hard 9, 10 or 11 hand, when Doubling Down you are paying for a third card to be dealt to your hand and the amount charged for this third card is the same amount as your initial wagered amount.

You are also allowed to split any two matching cards, by this we mean cards that have the same value, but you are not allowed to split ten valued cards which are unalike and this means a Ten and a King cannot be split, but two King cards etc. can be split. You can only split a hand once and when you split any two Aces only one card is going to be dealt to both of them.

If you learn and then put into play perfect playing strategy when playing this Microgaming designed mobile European Blackjack Gold card game then you will be playing a variant which offers a house edge of 0.42%. The payouts achievable are industry standard which means a winning Blackjack hand dealt out to the player which is unmatched by the Dealer’s hand is paid out at 3 to 2 with all other non Blackjack winning Players hands are paid out at the standard even money.

You will be offered Insurance, however this is not an option you should be taking when playing perfect playing strategy, however if you do take it then a 2 to 1 payout is awarded to you on the Insurance bet wagered amount if the Dealer’s hand is a Blackjack hand once revealed.

Microgaming’s Mobile Roulette Game

There is Roulette game which you can always instantly access when playing at a Microgaming software powered mobile casino site via the mobile web and this is their European Gold Roulette game, which being another Gold Series game comes with excellent and enhanced graphics which guarantees you will be getting the ultimate mobile Roulette game playing experience.

The minimum bet you can play this mobile Roulette game for is 1.00 however the actual maximum wagered amount you can place on all of the different betting locations is going to vary depending on which one you select to bet on.

Being a Roulette game with just one zero on the wheel then the house edge of Microgaming’s mobile web Roulette game is low working out at just 2.70%, be aware some mobile casino sites only have the American Roulette game on offer and it is worth avoiding those games as the house edge attached to that particular variant is poor working out as a much larger and unappealing 5.26%.

If your mobile device has a touch screen facility this means that placing all of your wagers onto the betting layout of this mobile Roulette game is very quick and easy and you are going to find it a fast playing game and one you should enjoy playing anytime you wish to play it, be aware some mobile casinos will not let you play Roulette with a bonus, so always take care and check the terms and conditions of any bonus offer if it is Roulette you want to play with a bonus.

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