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The way to access the most casino games when playing on a mobile device whether that is one of the latest mobile phones or a tablet type of device is by utilizing the mobile web, and if you opt to visit one of our featured Microgaming software powered mobile casinos this way you are going to come across plenty of different Video Poker games.

Below is a roundup of the current mobile web Video Poker games that Microgaming sites have on offer along with a description of what each of these games has on offer, remember that there are also lots of Mobile Card and Table Games available along with more Mobile Slot Games than you could ever have hoped for, so if you find those two categories of games more appealing then do check out our different sections of this website to find out what individual games are on offer.

Playing Microgaming’s Mobile Video Poker Games

You are going to be able to play any of the following mobile web Video Poker games listed below either for free or for real money once you have landed at the mobile casino websites of any Microgaming software powered mobile casino site.

Should you not already be a member of the mobile casino then it will take you a minute or so to register as a new player and then you are free to claim any additional new player bonuses which all of our reviewed and top listed mobile casino sites have on offer.

All of the following mobile Video Poker games have unique pay tables and as such when playing any of these games you will be playing games which come with a long term expected payout percentage which is what you will achieve as long as you are playing optimal strategy.

Jacks or Better

You will not be that surprised to learn that the Jacks or Better Video Poker game was one of the very first variants to be launched onto Microgaming’s mobile gaming platform, this is one of the most played Video Poker games which offers a 4000 coin jackpot when you are playing five coin hands and are then dealt out any of the four possible Royal Flush hands.

Double Double Bonus Poker

One major difference between Microgaming’s mobile web Double Double Bonus Poker game and all other variants is that there is a huge 2000 coin payout paid for a winning four Aces with any 2, 3 or 4 card hand, this is the second best payout on the pay table in addition to the 4000 coin jackpot paid of a maximum bet Royal Flush hand.

Bonus Deuces Wild

The main attraction of Microgaming’s mobile Bonus Deuces Video Poker game is that when playing five coins per hand if you get dealt out a Natural Royal Flush hand then a 5000 coin payout is awarded to you. There are also additional winning hands listed on its pay table which include a 2000 coin payout for being dealt 4 Deuces with any Ace and a 1000 coin payout for being dealt out 4 Aces, these two enhanced payouts are awarded only when playing 5 coins per hand.

Deuces Wild

With there being four Wild cards present in the deck of the Deuces Wild Video Poker game which is another of Microgaming’s mobile web games, this means lots of additional winning hands are going to be dealt out during each session you play. All of the Wild cards are the two valued cards and when playing five coins per game you can win up to 4000 coins per game when you have been dealt a Natural Royal Flush hand in any suit.

Aces and Eights

The mobile version of Microgaming’s Aces and Eights Video Poker game is played with the same pay table as their online version of the game which means you will find the very same set of payouts listed on either variant. Be aware there are additional winning hand combinations in play on this game which include a completely unique set of payouts awarded for all of the different 4 of a kind hand combinations, the best paying hand you can form is the Royal Flush hand which when playing maximum 5 coin hands pays 4000 coins.

Aces and Faces

Another mobile web Video Poker game which comes with a completely unique set of winning payouts listed on its pay table is the Aces and Faces game, the top payout is paid for a Royal Flush hand and that hand pays 4000 coins when playing 5 coin wagers, however the second best paying hand is paid for a set of four Aces and this will award a payout of 400 coins when playing 5 coins wagers.

Optional Gamble Game

Much like when playing at one of the many online casinos powered by Microgaming’s software should you choose to play their mobile web range of Video Poker games then you are going to have the option of taking the gamble game whenever a winning hand has been formed on any single game you have set into play.

When this gamble game is taken then you have to use your skill and judgement to select one of the four face down playing cards which are dealt out on the gamble game bonus screen that you think is a higher one that the face up card.

You are allowed to pick any of the four face down cards and once you have clicked or tapped on that card it will be revealed to you, should it be a lower valued card than the face up card then you will have lost, however, should it be a higher valued card than the face up card then your original winning payout is instantly doubled, and you will then have to option of collecting the cash you have just won or you may opt to try and double it again by taking the gamble game option again.

Author: Marcus Nilsson

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