Microgaming Pull Their Fruit Machines

pub-fruity-slotIn an unusual move from Microgaming, they have pulled their entire range of Fruit Machines from all of their gaming platforms leaving players wondering if they are ever going to return again.

Having launched their very first UK styled Fruit Machine many years ago, Microgaming have always been a software company that players could rely on to provide a quite diverse range of Fruit Machines, all of which came packed with base and bonus game features and gave players an much more entertaining type of online slot playing session.

We noticed the range of Fruit Machines being pulled from all of our featured Microgaming software powered sites at the end of May, and having enquired why they have been removed we have been told varying stories.

This ranged from some casinos saying they were being updated to some casinos saying they have been removed due to lack of interest! The last time we can recall Microgaming pulling a slot game was when the Lord of the Rings slot was withdrawn due to licensing problems with the Tolkien family, this slot never did return by the way.

Should you enjoy playing Fruit Machines online and are fond of Microgaming’s casino platform then we have put together a listing of Video Slot Games Comparable to Fruit Machines, which may be of interest to you. That guide will present to you a range of the video slots which boast a high number of base and bonus game features and should give you just as much entertainment as when you are playing Fruit Machines.

Pub Fruity Slot Game Still Available

If you are a fan of playing Microgaming’s Fruit Machines then it is not all doom and gloom for their Pub Fruity Fruit Machine is still currently available to play. Whilst this is by no stretch of the imagination the most exciting Fruit Machine Microgaming have ever launched, if you are craving playing these types of gaming machines then that is currently the only one that you will have access to.

We have not seen many other established online casino game designers launching a range of Fruit Machine type games over the years. However, Playtech did launch a Fixed Odds Fruit Machine a number of years ago, and whilst this slot does not boast the usual array of bonus features or bonus games that Fruit Machine players enjoy, it does come with an unusual playing structure which may appeal to you.

Barcrest Online Fruit Machines

Whilst Microgaming may have withdrawn their range of Fruities from the online environment, there are no shortages of other software providers and slot game designers who have these types of gaming machines still on offer.

If you have played Fruities in land based venues before then you will almost certainly have come across Barcrest’s range of land based games. This UK based company has been designing Fruit Machines for decades, and whilst they have been taken over and bought out by a much larger company they still supply games players love playing.

To give you an idea of how you can Play Barcrest Fruit Machines Online we have put together a guide showcasing the current crop of Fruities that are available to play online at various different sites, so do check it out as you should instantly recognize several of the Fruities listed.

Mobile Device Compatible Fruit Machines

As there are now many different mobile casino game designers who are dreaming up some very advanced Fruit Machines which boast new themes and plenty of new and never seen before playing structures, bonus games and bonus features, we have decided the time is right to compile another guide which may be of interest to you.

This is our Most Played Mobile Fruit Machines guide, which is going to showcase the top Fruit Machines currently available to anyone with a mobile phone or tablet type device. You really are going to be impressed by not only the way these games work and play out, but just how diverse in their design they are.

Choosing an Online or Mobile Fruit Machine to Play

If you have never come across Fruit Machines before, and are wondering how they work and play and how they are so much different from the standard casino slot games found online then do have a read through of our guide on How Fruit Machines Work, for when you know just how they have been designed and how you are going to get a much more entertaining and bonus feature packed type of playing style you may wish to give them a try for yourself.

We have also just compiled an interesting article which is going to list the many unique aspects of some Fruit Machines that make them much more playable than others. Do have a good look over our Advanced Fruit Machine Playing Features section of the website, for it will enlighten you on the bonus games, bonus features and a range of other unique qualities that makes one Fruity much more playable than others.

If Microgaming do re-launch their range of Fruit Machines we will of course keep you fully updated so please do make sure you bookmark our website and return in the very near future. However, in the meantime there are literal thousands of other slot games available online, and throughout our website you are going to find in-depth and informative reviews on all newly launched slot games along with information on how to play them and how to get access to lots of exclusive slot game bonus offers and special promotions.

When it comes to playing any online or mobile slot game you are always going to get the best winning chances and an extended slot playing session by sticking to those games which boast the highest payout percentages.

We have listings of all of the major software companies who slot games are available at all online and mobile casino sites and these listings will point you in the direction of their slots which come with the highest RTP’s and are therefore the games you ought to be playing.

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