Microgaming Online Slot Machines

microgamingWe have added to our range of online slot game reviews a large range of slots from one of the industry’s leading casino software companies, that being Microgaming. You are always guaranteed to find one of the biggest portfolio of slot machines when you play at any Microgaming powered site.

Having been one of the pioneers of the online gaming environment since 1994 it is very true to say that in regards to their suite of games, especially their slot games, you are going to find many slots which take your fancy should you opt to give any online casino site offering either their fully downloadable, instant playing or one of the newer mobile casino sites a try.

One thing that Microgaming have always strived and have succeeded in doing is to ensure their newly released slot games are unique and come packed with a range of new slot game bonus features which ensures you are not simply playing cloned game versions of their older slot machines.

You are also able to do something when playing Microgaming slot games that you are unable to do at other sites and that is self auditing your slot play for they have a feature known as the “Play Check facility” on which you can review every single slot session you have played on a spin by spin basis.

Casinos offering slots from Microgaming

You will also find all Microgaming slots come with one of three different variances, some games offer lots of low valued payouts, some of their slots spin in midsized winning payouts more regularly than others and you will also find some slots on which you could spin in some massive winning payouts. Have a look at our section titled slot machine variance explained which will give you an idea of how these kinds of slots all work play and operate.

There are of course many different kinds and categories of slot machines that you will find offered at a Microgaming powered site, and to complement their range of casino styled slot games you will find a large suite of fruit machines. These are feature rich games which can always give you plenty of entertainment and excitement when playing them.

Microgaming Slot Playing Guides

If you have never played fruit machines before then it may pay for you to have a look at our complete and in-depth guide on how fruit machines work as it will enlighten you on some of the different playing features each of Microgaming’s fruit machines offer players.

If you are the type of player who usually plays the more classical types of slot, on which no bonus games of bonus features are attached, but you wish to give some of these games a try, then we have several slot playing guides which will explain, in full details how the range of Microgaming bonus video slots works and operate.

As such you will find valuable information in regards to such things as when the bonus rounds are most likely to hit and this information is found in our guide to bonus game trigger points, also in play on the reels of bonus video slots you are also going to find things such as Wild Symbols and Scatter and Bonus Symbols which come in many different guises, and with many different ways these symbols work do checkout those guides to help you get to grip with these kinds of reels symbols found on many video slot games.

To complement the range of player guides we do have an interesting section that will enlighten you on some of the very best slot playing tips, and if you are seeking some added little extras when playing slots online we can recommend that you checkout our section which is called the slot bonuses explained guide, this will give an overview and insight into the many different bonuses that Microgaming powered casino have on offer.

The main attraction for anyone wishing to play online slot games is that by selecting a Microgaming powered site to do that at then you will find slots available to play for various stake levels. We can recommend a visit to our Best Low Rolling Slots and Best High Rolling Slots section of the website which will show you which are the best slots to play based on your slot playing bankroll and budget.

You are also going to get rewarded when you play any real money slot game online at Microgaming powered casinos for all of our top rated ones offer their own unique and exclusive comp clubs. Have a look at our Best Casino Comp Clubs section of the site, for when it comes to getting rewarded with free slot credits simply for playing your favourite slot games there are some very generous comp clubs attached to most of our recommended Microgaming powered sites.

If you choose to sign up to any of our Microgaming casinos that offer the download gaming platform, then in addition to a huge range of slot games you are going to be able to take part and enter lots of daily slot tournaments.

Should you never have heard of, or taken part in these kinds of slot playing competitions then have a look at our guide to slot tournaments for once you discover the prize pools and cash prizes that can be won when entering them, and the fact that you can often take part in them for free, you will be itching to give some of them a try.

Microgaming Classic Slot Games

Let us now present to you the Classic slot games which are found in plentiful numbers at all Microgaming powered sites. These are all structured with just three reels, some of them offer no form of bonus games or additional game play features, whilst some of Microgaming’s Classic slot boasts a basic kind of bonus feature.

7 Oceans Slot – You will not find a more basic Classic slot game to play when you are logged into any of our featured Microgaming software powered sites than the 7 Oceans slot game. You can play up to three coins on its one payline however by playing all three an additional set of pay table listed winning payouts can be awarded, which are not offered to one or two coin players.

Couch Potato Slot – We have opted to list the Couch Potato slot game from Microgaming on this listing for it is one of their high variance slot machines, the way in which it has been designed to be a high variance slot is via a set of wild symbols that can, if you spin in enough of them, help boost your base game winning payouts by as much as 25 times their pay table listed payout amounts.

Bulls Eye Slot – Another of the Classic slot games from Microgaming that has a basic type of bonus game that can be awarded to you when you play it and spin in a special bonus symbol on the last reel is the Bulls Eye slot game, just three reels and one payline in play on it and many different reel symbols can help form a range of low to high valued winning combinations.

Cherry Red Slot –You should enjoy playing Microgaming’s Cherry Red slot for it comes not only with the option of playing one or two coins per spin but with a small set of wild multipliers you can often boost the value of winning combinations that spin in on the reels, the more wild symbols that spin in the bigger the multiplier value you will be awarded with.

Sizzling Scorpions Slot – Check out the Sizzling Scorpions slot game if you like Classic slots that can award you a very unique type of bonus game. When you are playing this Classic Microgaming designed slot machine when you trigger the bonus game you will then have to pick the winner of a soon to be held Scorpion race.

Microgaming Online Video Slot Games

When you launch any Microgaming casino site and log in then click on the slot game menu you will be overwhelmed which the sheer number of 5 reel video slots. Below we have listed a wide section of these kinds of slots, and one thing that is worth noting is that the majority of video slots come with at least one bonus type round, bonus game or bonus feature.

Hot as Hades Slot – The Hot as Hades slot game is one with 20 fixed paylines on offer however when playing off any spin you could be awarded with a multi stage pick to win styled feature round or you could be awarded with a  set of free spins.

Pistoleras Slot – The theme of the rather bizarrely named Pistoleras slot game is one of a Wild West Cowgirl theme and as such you can expect lots of colourful Cowgirl reel symbols in play on the reels. This being one of Microgaming’s more recent slot game releases has some enhanced and highly advanced graphics and sound effects and you can of course win yourself a set of potentially high paying free spins whenever you pin in a set of the scatter symbols.

Kitty Cabana Slot – There have been quite a number of animal themed slots making an appearance on Microgaming multiple different gaming platforms recently, and one slot that is based around a Spa which only allows cats to pamper themselves is the Kitty Cabana slot game! This is another all action slot that is sure to deliver to you an enjoyable and sometime comical slot playing session.

Bush Telegraph – Free spins, a large base game jackpot and an additional pick to win type of bonus game are on offer on Microgaming’s 15 payline Bush Telegraph slot, the free spins do tend to trigger then re-trigger on this slot so it may be a great slot to play if you are a fan of free spins bonus round features.

Big Break – The cast of Apes that are found on the reels and on the bonus game on this slot will bring a smile to your face, especially when you realise they are on their Summer holiday and dressed accordingly, this is one of Microgaming’s 15 payline slots to add to your list of slots to play one day soon.

Cashanova – You can trigger a pick to win bonus game and a set of free spins when playing the Cashanova slot, however when you are playing off the free games a bonus cash prize is awarded on top of any winning combinations that spin in, so you are always guaranteed to win some sizable amounts of cash when those free spins are triggered.

Franken Cash Slot –You will find the animations and sound effects on the Franken Cash slot game make it a very playable type of video slot game, and with two bonus games, one of which you will have never come across before there really is a lot to like about this colourful high paying slot game.

Hound Hotel Slot – There is a very special hotel where all of the cutest looking dogs go, and that place is the Hound Hotel! If you are looking for a brand new slot game to play and one that comes with a cuddly theme then Microgaming have recently released this all action slot game. As you can expect from every single brand new Microgaming slot game it comes with a high payout percentage a mega sized jackpot and when playing it all manner of different bonus games and bonus features can be awarded to you so do look out for this slot when you are next wishing to play slots online.

Mayan Princess Slot – You can play up to 20 paylines when playing Microgaming’s Mayan Princess, however you should try and play them all for when the free spins round is triggered a large multiplier can come into play.

Tiger’s Eye Slot – Thanks to a large number of optional paylines and some stacked wild symbols the Tiger’s Eye slot game from Microgaming can and often does spin in some very large winning payouts.

The Twisted Circus Slot – With its 243 ways to win playing structure, its huge payout percentage and the fact that when playing this Twisted Circus slot game online you could trigger one of two different bonus feature rounds, this is going to be a slot a lot of players cannot resist playing. Found in all of our Microgaming software powered casinos offering the download gaming platform you really should pencil in a little play time to give it some play time. The bonus games are a pick to win type of game and a set of free spins can also be triggered.

Octopays Slot – This is a rather unusual looking slot game, but do not let its unique design put you off playing it. The Octopays slot is one of Microgaming’s 243 ways to win slot games, and as such when you choose to give it any amount of play time online, for one set stake amount you are going to be playing all 243 ways to win that can form on the slot games screen. A free spins feature round can also be triggered to increase your overall winning chances.

Boogie Monsters Slot – Whilst some Microgaming software powered slot games tend to offer a standard set of reel symbols, if you choose to play the Boogie Monsters slot game you are going to find a unique set of reel symbols, the majority of which are ugly looking Monsters.

This particular multi line slot game offers two unique bonus games one being a regularly triggering set of free spins which can and do retrigger quite often, and the second bonus game you should trigger regularly is the Find a Bat bonus game, which will see you hunting around the bonus game screen in search of a set of Bats.

Chocolate Factory Slot – This 9 payline slot is going to tick all of the right boxes for our slot playing website visitors who prefer to play slots on which pick to win bonus feature rounds are regularly triggered and awarded. In fact this slot has two unique picking games both of which can and do payout some large amounts, based on which symbols you pick off the bonus game screen when the feature round has been awarded to you.

Eagle’s Wings Slot – This Eagle’s Wings slot game comes with just 25 payline options, however much like the slot above as there are stacked wild symbols in play and a free spins bonus round to be won the winnings are there for the taking.

Liquid Gold Slot – Free spins will be what you are hoping to trigger if you play the Liquid Gold slot game from Microgaming as when you do get awarded them on this slot game you can spin in some large paying winning combinations thanks to the multiplier values that kick in when this bonus feature round is triggered.

Multiplayer Avalon Slot – Once you play the Multi Player version of the Avalon slot you will probably not wish to return to playing the original version, plenty of winning opportunities will be coming your way and a potentially high paying bonus round could be triggered at any minute.

Multiplayer No Worries Slot – One of the lesser well known Multi Player slot games, but never the less one that is well worth playing is the Multi Player No Worries slot which comes with plenty of paylines, a bonus game which you will be building up to when playing the base game and an instant chat facility so you can chat to your fellow slot players.

Sneak a Peak: Planet Exotica Slot – The Planet Exotica slot is the third and so far final slot in the Sneak a Peek series and you will find a huge potential jackpot can be won when playing the base game or either of the two unique bonus rounds on this multi line video slot.

Sneak a Peek: Doctor Doctor Slot – This slot is one of the excellent if not slightly saucy bonus video slots on which a cast of good looking female medical staff with slowly strip off to reveal their tight fitting underwear.

Sneak a Peek: Hunky Heroes Slot – To ensure the female slot players have a bit of eye candy Microgaming have launched the Hunky Heroes slot on which male heroes can be seen ripping off their clothes during a very unique bonus round.

Spike’s Night Out – There is a great looking slot found in all Microgaming downloadable casino sites and this is the Spike’s Night out Slot which offers 15 optional paylines and a potentially very large paying pick to win type of bonus game feature round.

Multiplayer Wheel of Wealth Slot –For one of the more exciting types of community based bonus games then this Multi Player Wheel of Wealth slot will deliver the goods, it offers the wheel of fortune type bonus game where every player is guaranteed to win one of several large instant cash prizes once that bonus wheel is spun.

Multiplayer Isis Slot – You will find the Isis Multi Player slot game can be something of a tight slot to play at times, and this is due to it being a high variance slot however when it is in one of its paying out moods then boy can it award some mega sized winning payouts.

Hot Ink Slot –You are not going to find many slot machines anywhere online that offers you the same number of winning opportunities as the Hot Ink slot does, for whenever you play this colourful and fast playing bonus video slot you are getting 1024 unique ways to win. This game has also got the brand new re-spun bonus feature whereby you can respin just one reel per game played and this could see you picking up some high payouts if you choose the right reel to spin and in drop the required symbols.

Gladiator Slot – The Gladiator slot is going to be found in the 50 payline slot game menu when you are playing at any Microgaming downloadable casino site, and what makes this one slot game appealing to players more so those who have a passion for free spins bonus rounds, is that you are awarded with no fewer than 100 free spins each and every time you spin in at least three scatter symbols, so you cannot help but spin in plenty of winning combinations when those 100 free spins are awarded to you.

Fortune Finder Slot – There is much more to the 30 payline Fortune Finder than first meets the eye! You will find it comes with not one but three unique wild symbols, and as you are happily spinning the base game reels should a set of scatter symbols spin into view then as long as you can see three of them a bonus free spins round will be triggered.

Fruit Fiesta 5 Reels – One progressive slot game worth playing if you are playing with a low bankroll is the 5 reel version of the Fruit Fiesta slot, which shares the same jackpot pool as its older three reel sister game.

Buffet Bonanza Slot – You can set into play up to 25 paylines on the five reel video slot that goes by the name of the Buffet Bonanza slot and this game has a unique type of re-spin bonus feature that can be awarded to you, on top of this you will also be able to try to increase the winning payouts awarded to you on the base game by taking part in a bonus gamble game.

Lucky Witch Slot – Another bonus video slot you should consider playing is Microgaming’s 15 payline Lucky Witch slot. This game has a free spins round and also a four part bonus game which can increase the chances of you winning a good amount of cash, stacked reel symbols add to the excitement of this game which you should seriously consider playing.

Jungle Jim – The Jungle Jim slot has been around almost since Microgaming went live, however this is one of their great playing and paying slots which really has stood the test of time.

Wasabi San – This slot is one of Microgaming’s Asia theme slots and when playing in you can trigger a free spins bonus feature round or a pick to win bonus game on which you will be picking off fish from a market stall to reveal your winning payout.

Winter Gold – You will have plenty of different bonus games coming your way if you opt to play the Winter Gold slot which is one of Microgaming’s action packed slot games.

Microgaming Progressive Jackpot Slot Machines

For a low risk, high reward gaming session when playing slot games it may be worth you sitting down to play Microgaming’s range of progressive slots. As many of their latest slot games offer low stake options but with all of these slots offering huge progressive jackpots, you will always have a chance of winning one of several large and often life changing jackpot payouts.

Mega Moolah Summertime Slot – One slot game which has just been launched on Microgaming’s mobile gaming platform having proven to be a very popular slot games via their online gaming platforms is the Summertime Slot. This slot only has a small number of paylines but when playing it thanks to wild multiplier symbols, a double or nothing gamble game and a set of free spins that can be awarded to you it is a slot which is a great playing and sometimes a very high paying one.

Mega Moolah 5 Reel Drive Slot – This is the progressive jackpot version of Microgaming’s original 5 Reel Drive slot game, four jackpots are on offer along with you being able to trigger a set of high paying free spins.

Major Millions Video Slot – You are going to find both a three reel and five reel version of Microgaming’s Major Millions slot game, it has to be said their multi line five reel version is one of the better versions of this game so look out for it when you next log on for its jackpot is massive.

Cash Splash Video Slot – The Cash Splash slot has paid out over the many years it has been online a constant stream of high valued jackpots, there is both a 3 reel and now a video slot version of the game, however it will cost a modest 3.00 to play either version of the slot and have a chance of winning the jackpot.

Tunzamunni Slot – This game has just three reels upon it and one single payline, however it is one of Microgaming’s very low stake progressive slots and with the coin values being locked and fixed at 0.05 and with just five coins being needed to activate the progressive element of the game on the pay table a maximum bet spin will only cost you 0.25.

Treasure Nile Slot – One of Microgaming’s basic video slots which have no bonus game what so ever yet comes with a progressive jackpot is their rather elderly Treasure Nile slot game which has been online and available through their network for over a decade now. Be warned though to have any chance of winning its ever rising progressive jackpot you will need to play all nine of its paylines, so try and make sure you play it with all lines activated.

Major Millions Mega Spin – Whenever you get the urge to play progressive slots but want the maximum chances of winning then head on over to the Major Millions Mega Spin slot for you can play six of these slots all on the same screen, and that will massively increase your chances of winning.

Wow Pot Five Reel Slot – The video slot version of the Wow Pot slot lets you put into play 15 paylines, but make sure you do for there is no way of winning the progressive jackpot when playing fewer than fifteen paylines.

Wow Pot 3-Reel Slot –  The classic Wow Pot slot is always a favourite with many online slot players, just three reels and a very low set of stake options are found on this slot and no bonus games are on offer which will only slow down your session anyway.

Microgaming Fruit Machine Games

We have also included below a small selection of the fruit machine type slot games which always take pride of place in Microgaming software powered online casino sites. When playing any of the listed fruit machines you are going to be in for a high paced gaming session and slots that offer a large number of base and bonus game features.

Billion Dollar Gran – You are going to be playing a bowls match with some OAP’s if you spin in three bonus symbols when playing this Microgaming powered fruit machine and for extra winning chances instead of winning set cash payouts when three matching symbols have spun in, you instead win a set of guaranteed winning spins on a separate bonus slot game.

Chavin’ it Large – This is one of the Microgaming fruit machines which will only award you a bonus game when you have spun in three consecutive winning combinations, this means it can take quite a while to trigger its bonus game but when it does it is often worth the wait as some huge cash awards can be won on it.

Abra-Kebab-Ra – Wait until you hit and trigger the bonus round on this fun to play Microgaming fruit machine for when you do you will be faced with a plethora of decisions in regards to how you play it. The bonus game is a higher or lower type of guessing game, however you are faced with picking one of three different reels to spin in the hope that the higher or lower prediction you make is correct and you then move further up the bonus ladder.

Pandamonium – You have to work your way around a bonus board when you trigger the bonus game on this Microgaming fruit machine game, avoiding the losing squares and trying to land on the winning positions, try and play this bonus game conservatively for you could end the game quite quickly if you take too many risks when playing it.

Winning Wheels – This is another of the action packed and high paying fruit machines that Microgaming have on offer, the bonus game is one of the popular bonus board rounds and thanks to the way this game has been designed you will be sent to the bonus board quiet regularly as it is triggered very regularly as you are playing the base game.

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