Microgaming’s High Stake Card and Table Games

As you may be a high stake casino card or table game player, then as part of our series of casino game playing guides in this one we will be introducing you to a range of games which are accessible at each of our Rated Microgaming Casinos and can be played for some very high stake levels.

One of the main attractions for players of Microgaming’s downloadable and instant play gaming platforms is all of the games they do have on offer come with adjustable staking options. That does of course mean that as a high stake player you will have no difficulties locating a game that you can set to play off with some very, very high stake amounts in place.

In fact it will be beneficial for you to sign up to any of our featured casino sites, for by doing so not only will you be awarded sign up and welcome bonuses but your high stake gaming action will ensure you rise up through the ranks of those casinos comp and loyalty clubs and will be getting the maximum rewards for all of your real money gaming action.

Below is an overview of the many different card and table games on offer at Microgaming powered casino sites and we have indicated just how high these games can be played for. Be aware that as all Microgaming powered casino sites are multi currency casinos you will be able to register as a player and set your account in your home currency.

The maximum bet table stake limits displayed below we be on offer to you irrespective of your currency setting. So for example when playing single hand blackjack game you will be able to play for a maximum stake of £200, $200 or €200 depending on which currency option you have selected.

3 Card Poker Games – The first casino card game which is one of the most popular at all Microgaming powered casino site is the game of 3 Card Poker, in fact you will find a few different versions of this game available but the best one to play will be the Gold Series version of the game.

This game is of course a multi stake one and as such you will have no difficulties being able to play it for some very high stake amounts if you like to high roller and with that in mind allow us to tell you that on each game of 3 Card Poker you do end up playing you will be able to wager a total of 200.00 on each hand you play.

Gold Series Baccarat – If you like the speed at which you can play Baccarat online then one variant which is going to offer you a very enjoyable type of gaming experience is the graphically enhanced Gold Series Baccarat game.

This game plays and pays to industry standards and as such you will find the Banker, Players and Tied hand betting opportunities return some very high payout odds and if this is a game you would like to play then the maximum permitted stake per bet you can place is a very large and impressive 500.00.

High Speed Poker – There are quite a number of new poker based card games that Microgaming have been launching onto their online gaming platforms recently, and these types of games are proving popular due to the pay tables attached to them offering players the chance to win big at any time.

One game which may appeal to you is the High Speed Poker game on which you will simply be hoping to form the highest valued hand combination possible and when playing this new card game you can play it for stakes as high as 200.00 per hand dealt out to you.

Hold ‘Em High Poker – Another poker based card game which is proving to be popular with some high rolling players is the Hold ‘em High poker game, this will see you trying to form the best poker hand possible with your two base cards and any of the community cards and if this is a game you would like to try out you will be able to play it for stakes as high as 50.00 per hand you play.

Single Hand Blackjack – You will find a large range and variety of single hand blackjack games on offer at Microgaming powered casino sites, however one game that will be worth playing is their Classic Blackjack game.

This game comes with one of the lowest house edges available on any of their single hand games working out, with perfect optimal play at just 0.13% and if you are interested in playing it the maximum stake per hand you will be able to wager is 200.00.

Texas Hold ‘Em Bonus Poker – You will find another high stake poker based casino card game has recently be launched on Microgaming’s online gaming platforms and that game is the Texas Hold ‘Em Bonus game, on which you could win some very high winning payouts if you are dealt out the Royal Flush hand.

This game is available to play for some very high stake amounts and all casinos that have it on offer will allow you to play it with stake as high as 200.00 in play per single hand you do play off, so it is certainly a card game that may be worth playing taking into account its huge jackpot payout.

Multi Hand Blackjack – As you are going to be able to play a range of multi hand blackjack games at all Microgaming powered sites you may be interested in giving these games some play time if you want to play off a large number of hands but in the shortest amount of time.

All multi hand blackjack games offered at Microgaming powered sites will let you play up to five hands per game with stakes of 200.00 per hand and that does of course mean when playing all of those hands on the maximum permitted stake amount you will be played for 1000.00 in total.

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