Microgaming’s New “Your Gamble” Bonus Game

your-gambleIt has been trialled on quite a number of recent Microgaming video slots, and thanks to the positive feedback from players it looks like the brand new Your Gamble bonus game feature is here to stay and may soon be found on offer on more and more slot games from this industry leading online casino game designer.

If you haven’t come across this Your Gamble feature before, it is a quite unique optional bonus game which you can opt to take whenever you have spun in a winning payline combination on the three slot machines that have been used to test out this feature those being Microgaming’s “Untamed” series of slots which includes the Untamed Giant Panda slot, the Untamed Wolf Pack slot and the Untamed Bengal Tiger slot.

Having had a fairly standard optional gamble game for well over a decade now attached to many of their bonus video slots it would appear Microgaming have been hunting for a replacement to their usual gamble game and this Your gamble feature would appear to be a likely replacement.

The standard gamble game was one on which you simply had to predict what you thought would be the next playing card drawn out of a deck of cards, you could pick red or black in the hope that that would be the colour of the next card drawn and if correct you would double your gambled amount. By selecting the suit of the next playing card, if correct, your gambled amount would be quadrupled in value.

However, this new Your Gamble bonus game puts players firmly in control of their own destiny when they opt to play it as you are able to adjust the odds on which you will be paid out if you have a winning gamble game. Keep on reading for a detailed explanation of just how this Your Gamble game works and operates as it may be of interest to you.

How the Your Gamble Bonus Game Works

The way in which the Your Gamble bonus game works is completely unique and you will have not seen it attached to any other Microgaming slot games other than those listed above before.

When playing any slot which offers this Your Gamble game whenever a winning combination has been spun in you will be given the option of taking the gamble game with the obvious hope of you managing to increase the value of that winning payout.

To take this gamble game you will need to click onto the Gamble button which will become activate and illuminated just above the Spin button when a winning combination has been formed, upon clicking this button the Your Gamble bonus game screen will be launched.

On this gamble game bonus screen you will see a large globe, and underneath this globe are two buttons, a Plus button and a Minus button. In the middle of the globe pointing upwards you will see a special Compass Needle, this is going to start spinning once you click on the Spin button and set the gamble game into motion.

The globe is divided up into two different coloured segments, there is both Green and Red segments, and once you have click on the Spin button and set the Compass Needle spinning, you will be hoping then when it comes to a stop it will be in the Green Zone, and if so then you have won the gamble game, however, if is stops in the Red Zone you will have lost the amount of cash you chose to gamble.

However, what makes this Your Gamble game so very unique is that you are able to adjust how much of the globe is Red and how much of the globe is Green, to increase the total area of the globe coloured Green and therefore turn that section of the globe into a winning zone, you need to click on the Minus button, however any doing this the amount you stand to win will decrease in value, as the odds on the Compass Needle stopping in the winning green Zone will be higher.

If you click on the Plus button then more of the globe will turn into a Red Zone and as this will mean the odds on the Compass Needle stopping on that segment of the globe will increase and the winning payouts and odds you will get should it land on that area will be increased.

Should you have had a winning spin you are then able to carry on gambling via the Your Gamble feature, however you will also be given the chance of banking half of your accumulated winnings before taking the gamble option any additional times.

To collect half of any winnings won on any single successful spin of the Your Gamble game simply click on the Bank button and half of your winnings will be removed from temptations way and removed from the amount of cash you can gamble and will be placed into your casino account.

Your Gamble Payout Odds

There are many different odds on offer on the Your Gamble game depending on just how much of the globe you decide to turn into a winning Green Zone. If you set the globe to its maximum winning area then you will be paid out at odds of one twentieth your gamble amount, which may seem very low winning payout odds, but the Needle Compass will have more chance of landing in the Win Zone.

However it you turn the maximum surface of the globe into the Red Zone, then should the Needle Compass land in the tiny Green Win Zone a winning payout of twenty times your total gamble amount will be awarded to you.

Be aware that at any time you can click on the Collect button to have your winnings credited to your credit meter and once clicked the Your Gamble game will instantly end. There is a maximum gamble limit in place on slots offering this gamble game, and should you be unable to gamble any further due to you having reached this limit your winnings made up until that point will be automatically collected for you.

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