Microgaming’s Single Reel Respin Slot Feature

Hot-Ink-Slot-MainThere are several slots from Microgaming which come with a unique game playing feature, and this is known as the Single Reel Respin feature. Below you will find an overview of all of the slots which have this feature attached to them, but let us first start by explaining just how the feature works and if there are any benefits of activating it.

The Single Reel Respin feature is a wagering opportunity that is going to be offered to you before you set the slot game into play. Instead of playing the slot in the standard way, whereby you choose a stake level to play it for then click on the spin button to set the five video reels spinning, you will be given the option of spinning just one of the five reels and not all five of them.

The aim of this feature is that you have to use your skill and judgement to decide if spinning just one of the five reels instead of all five of them is going to increase the chances of that spin being a winning one, based on which reel you respin along with the actual reel symbols in view on the four reels you do not choose to spin.

As the slot games this bonus feature is attached to are All Ways structured slots on which you are not playing a standard set of paylines, but every single permutation of payline in view on the slot screen, then this could be a viable feature to take advantage of.

However, there is one thing that you will need to be very aware of when playing one of these slot games offering this feature, and that is the cost of utilising the Respin Feature is going to vary depending on your chances of spinning in a winning combination.

The cost of the Respin Feature may be as low as 0.01 or could cost you thousands of Pounds, Euros or Dollars depending on the stakes you have set the game to play and the chance of you spinning in either a very low or a very high paying winning combination after that one single reel has been spun.

Strategy for Playing Slots with the Single Reel Respin Feature

One way a lot of players tend to play the slots listed below, all of which have the Single Reel Respin Feature on offer is for them to spin just one reel at a time and as soon as one of the higher valued winning symbols spin in on the first reel they have re-spun then move onto another reel and keep spinning it on its own until another matching high valued reel symbols spins it.

They will then move onto another reel and repeat this playing strategy and then another reel until there is just one reel that is left to be spun, they will then keep re-spinning that final reel until the required high valued reel symbol spins in and therefore that player will win the winning payout associated with the five of a kind combination that has been spun in, when of course it finally spins in.

This can however be as something of a high risk strategy as there is no telling how long it will take for that final missing reel symbol to spin in, and whilst the first four reel respin will be relatively low cost spin to make, when there is just one final reel to be spun the cost of spinning that reel could become huge.

Some players will opt to use this Respin Feature to spin in two of the required bonus or scatter symbols and then concentrate their playing efforts of spinning the third reel in the hope that the missing scatter or bonus symbols then spins in and awards the bonus game attached and associated to that slot and the bonus or scatter symbol, but again the cost of that final third reel re-spins may become large in value, so do keep that in mind.

The downside of playing these types of slots is that you can all too easily become obsessed with utilizing it and when you do the stake required can often diminish the amount of cash you have in your casino account, and often you could bust out before the missing reel symbol spins in.

Slots Offering the Single Reel Respin Feature

Below are a couple of the slot games you are going to find readily available at any Microgaming software powered casino sites which have the Single Reel Respin Feature on offer. Have a look through these two overviews as each slot does come with additional bonus games and their own unique base game structure.

Hot Ink Slot – The Hot Ink slot from Microgaming is designed as a 1024 ways to win slot, and with a pick to win bonus game and a set of free spins that can be triggered it is a very popular slot game. You can opt to spin all five reels and have 1024 ways to win in play for a stake of 50 coins or you can choose to respin just one single reel and the cost of that spin is displayed underneath each reel.

Reel Gems Slot – Another of Microgaming’s most recent video slot game releases that has had a Respin Feature attached to it is their Reel Gems slot. When you choose to play this slot game you can play 243 ways to win via the base game playing structure.

The game also can award you with a set of 15 free spins when you spin in three or more of the scatter symbols, and each awarded frère spin you play off will have x3 multipliers attached to them so any winning combinations spun into vie will be tripled instantly in value.

The cost of playing the base game and setting all of those 243 ways to win into live play is 25 coins or any increment of 25 coins up to 250 coin maximum in total, or you can opt to respin just one reel and the cost of doing so is always displayed underneath each reel.

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