Midweek Moolah Slot Tournaments

midweek-moolahYou can enter the Midweek Moolah slot tournament in one of two different ways. You can opt to pay a direct entry fee into this tournament, the details of which can be found below. Or you could win a totally free of charge entry by taking part in one of the many different Freeroll Qualifying tournaments that are held in the days leading up to this tournament taking place.

You will be able to take your entry into all Midweek Moolah slot tournaments on one of three days, and as such it is quite easy to find a little spare time to enter this tournament, and with a very large prize pool on offer all Midweek Moolah slot tournaments are worth entering.

However, do be aware you can opt to take both continues and re-buys when taking part in a Midweek Moolah slot tournament, and as such they do tend to be popular with players who have a fairly large bankroll, and tend not to appeal to players with a low valued bankroll available! In case you are wondering when these tournaments are held, they are of course open and live on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday of each week of the year.

Prize Pool

There are thirty prizes on offer on each Midweek Moolah tournament. Twenty of these prizes are cash amounts and ten of them are free entries into the Monthly Monster slot tournament held at the end of each month.

The player who managed to amass the highest score once the Midweek Moolah tournament has ended will win €1250, those players finishing in positions two to four each pick up €1000. Entrants finishing in positions five to eight each get €800, whilst all those players finishing in positions nine to twelve will win €600. Entrant’s finishing in places thirteen to sixteen and seventeen to twenty each win €400 and €200 respectively.

Finishing this slot tournament in positions twenty one to thirty will see those players picking up a free entry into the Monthly Monster slot tournament.

Entry Fee and Tournament Credits

Whilst there are a lot of cheaper slot tournaments that you can take part in, due to the prize pool offered on this Midweek Moolah tournament it may be one that appeals to you and if so and you wish to pay to take part in it you will have to find an entry fee of €15. However, do not forget that Freeroll Qualifiers are available so you could win a free entry into it by taking part in one of those Qualifiers.

We do know that not all Microgaming casino players have their accounts set to Euros and if this is the case with your account then you can still instantly pay for your entry into all available tournaments and your €15 entry fee into this particular one will be deducted from your account balance in your chosen currency at Microgaming’s currency exchange rate which is never too high.

Continue and Re-buys

The Midweek Moolah slot tournament has both Continue and Re-buy options available. When the Gold Factory slot game is being used then you are allowed to buy 10 Re-buys and a maximum of 5 continues. The cost of each Re-buy is €15 and the cost of each Continue you choose to take is charged at €10 for each one taken.

You are awarded on the Gold Factory tournament slot game a total of 20000 tournament credits when you have chosen to take the Continue option and you get a total of 10 minutes in which to play them off, and if you have opted to purchase and use one of the Re-buy options you are charged €15 for each one taken and will be credited with 30000 tournament credits and will have an additional 12 minutes in which to play off those tournament credits.

Tournament Entry Minimum and Maximum Stakes

The must play tournament slot, the Gold Factory slot is the slot you are more than likely going to find offered on the Midweek Moolah slot tournament. This is a 50 payline slot games which ensures you should, when playing all of those 50 paylines, get plenty of point scoring winning combinations forming as you play the slot.

You get the option of playing for stakes as low as just one tournament credit per spin or can play for stake levels as high as 1000 coins per spin when this slot is the base game used, and it will therefore be up to you just how many tournament credits per spin you play.

Remember that you are awarded with a total of 30,000 tournament credits when you take your initial entry and that will of course mean if you opt for stakes of 1000 coins per spin you will only get 30 spins in total to play offer when playing max bet spins, so keep that fact in mind and if you would prefer more spin then reduce the stake levels down in value accordingly.

Tips for Playing Midweek Moolah Slot Tournaments

You should always be prepared to spend more than the initial entry fee when you are playing in slot tournaments that are structured as Midweek Moolah ones, for by doing so you will be able to have funds available to utilize the continue option.

You are going to be playing against often thousands of fellow entrants when playing in this type of slot tournament and as such there will be several of them that will be buying their way to the higher regions of the leader board by buying continue after continue.

Should you not have enough spare funds to take the continue option, then you should try and win a free entry first and if, and only if you manage to get a high enough score off a free entry should you then consider buying a continue option, for overall just one entry into the tournament will have very little chance of you getting a cash prize paying position on the leader board.

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