Minimum Risk Strategies for Playing Video Poker

video-pokerVideo Poker is one of those casino games that you can warm too quite quickly when you first come across it, on the other hand though it can be a game you have no attraction to at all and your first time playing it can often be your last.

However, it is of course a game on which you are going to get the best paybacks, for with payout percentages found on the vast majority of variants being in excess of 99.00% when played with the best strategy and the minimal of risk it is a game that does appeal to a low of people who want value from their gaming sessions and a chance of regularly taking home a profit.

With this in mind if you are averse to risk when gambling and you want to improve your chances of making a profit when playing video poker, in this guide we will enlighten you on the best minimum risk strategy for playing the most commonly found and played variant.

Jacks or Better Minimal Risk Strategy

Let us introduce you to the best strategy to play certain hands when you are playing Jacks or Better video poker. You should first and foremost be looking for a pay table that returns the highest expected payout percentage when playing this variant of video poker.

The NetEnt single hand variant has the highest paying pay table as far as online casinos go, so if you have access to such a site you will benefit from an RTP of 99.56% when playing their variant of this game. If you cannot for whatever reason access a NetEnt casino site then Microgaming and Playtech and most other software and casino gaming platforms will offer a slightly lower paying variant of Jacks or Better that has the standard pay table attached to it that will return a payout percentage with optimal play of 99.54%.

Suited 10 and an Ace – The best way to play a hand on which you have been dealt out an Ace and a 10 which are both of the same matching suits is for you to only keep the Ace and to discard the 10 along with the other cards. The most commonly made mistake for players is for them to hold both the suited 10 and Ace card, however perfect strategy calls for just the Ace to be held.

3 High Cards Containing an Ace (Unsuited) – This is a hand that is often misplayed by players, and perfect strategy will call for you to hold the two lowest high cards in your hand and to discard all others. That may sound slightly odd however that is indeed the only way you should be playing any such hand.

4 Cards to an Inside Straight Containing 2 High Cards – Now you may think the best way to play this hand combination when it has been dealt out to you is to hold the four cards to an inside straight, however that would be the incorrect strategy as the best way of playing this type of hand is for you to keep the two high cards only.

4 Cards to an Inside Straight with One High Card – When faced with this type of hand combination you should opt to keep the High Card only and not as many people tend to do hold the four cards to an inside straight.

4 Cards to an Inside Straight with No High Cards – The final hand combination that we would like to show you how to play perfect strategy on is when you have four cards to and Inside Straight but have no High Cards in your hand, the best and most optimal way of playing these types of hands is for you to discard everything and hope the replacement cards form a winning combination.

Understanding the Above Hand Combinations

As you may be new to the world of playing video poker some of the above hand combinations may be completely alien to you and as such below you will find an overview of the hands named and mentioned above to allow you to easily spot them.

High Card – The High Cards found in a deck of cards and those which we have made reference too above are the Jacks, Queens, Kings and any Ace cards that are dealt out to you when playing Jacks or Better video poker. The reason why it is often the best strategy to hold these particular cards is that if you then get dealt in another matching card you will receive a winning payout worth the value of your initial stake and as such will not have made a loss on that winning hand combination.

Outside straight – An Outside Straight hand is one that is just one card away from being a Straight Hand, however the term open ended refers to the fact that you will need one card which is either higher than the highest valued card in that hand or one card which is lower than the lowest valued card in that hand to complete a Straight Hand. For example an Outside Straight Hand could be a 5, 6, 7 and 8 card hand and to complete the hand to form a Straight you will need a four or a nine card.

Inside Straight – An Inside Straight Hand is one that requires one card somewhere in the middle of the hand to enable it to become a Straight Hand. For example if you have been dealt out a 4, 5, 6 and an 8 card then that hand require a 7 card to become a Straight Hand, another example of an Inside Straight hand would be when you have been dealt out a 7, 8, 10 and Jack card, the card you will then need to be dealt to form a Straight Hand is of course a 9.

The best way for you to get to grips with playing any variant of video poker optimally and without thinking is to play as many hands as you can, and preferably when you are playing in a demo mode version of the game. For by playing for free initially you will soon be able to master the way to play the game without any playing errors costing you anything.

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