More Mobile Slots from Microgaming Goes Live

mayan-princess-slotAs true to their word as ever, Microgaming have launched two additional HTML5 mobile compatible slot games this month of March onto their growing mobile gaming platform, and their choice of games this month to be given the mobile makeover are good ones.

Below you will find the two new mobile slot games Microgaming are bringing out in March 2014, and also we will give you a sneak peek at which mobile slots will be going live in both April and May of this year.

Should you wish to see a deeper review of some of these slot games then please follow the respective link which will take you to our review of that particular game, and this will list all of the relevant facts and figures surrounding that slot, and will enable you to make up your own mind as to whether that game is one you wish to give some play time to or not.

Mayan Princess Slot – It is of course good to see that Microgaming haven’t forgotten that a lot of slot players enjoy those games on which you have an optional number paylines that can be put into play, and this Mayan Princess slot is one such slot on which 20 paylines can be put into play and it comes with its own unique bonus game and a large jackpot is up for grabs.

Tiger’s Eye Slot – Should you fancy playing a new mobile slot which offers double the number of paylines than the above game, then grab your mobile phone, log into any Microgaming powered mobile casino site via the mobile web and you are going to now be able to play the 40 payline Tigers Eye slot.

New Mobile Slots Coming Soon

Microgaming have also let us know that in the coming couple of months they will be bringing out a few additional mobile slot games, however in a change from normal they will be releasing some brand new slots onto both their mobile and online gaming platform both at the same time.

Eagle’s Wings Slot – One slot that has a special set of stacked wild symbols, 25 paylines and a very enticing free spins bonus game feature round and one that is to be launched on Microgaming’s mobile gaming platform in April 2014 is their Eagle’s Wings slot game which will keep every slot player entertained.

High Society Slot – This is the very first new online slot game which is going to be made available in April at the same time as it launches online onto Microgaming’s mobile web platform, and as such you will finally be able to play a slot you will have never seen or played before on your mobile device without having to wait for Microgaming to get around to making it a mobile compatible game.

Football Star Slot – May will see the launch of another new online and mobile slot game from Microgaming which is the Football Star slot, there are no prizes for guessing which sport this colourful and multi stake slot game is going to be themed around.

Microgaming will be adding even more mobile slot games and hopefully a range of additional mobile video poker and mobile card and table games on an ongoing basis, and thanks to their state of the art mobile web compatible gaming platform these mobile games can be played absolutely anywhere you choose and you can of course play the non progressive jackpot paying games for free or play any of their expanding range of mobile slots for real money.

What are HTML5 Compatible Slot Games?

As you have a look around our website you will find several of Microgaming’s slot games have been tweaked and enhanced and made fully compatible with something known as HTML5. If you are not as technically savvy as you should be then this simply means that these types of slot machines have been made to work seamlessly on the new web browser protocol which is known as HTML5.

When you have any type of modern day mobile phone or mobile device when you launch the web browser on that device it will be using this HTML5 protocol, and as such instead of having to download a range of games onto your mobile device, you can play them instantly via the web browser attached to your mobile device.

Look at HTML5 web compatible mobile casino games as being similar to the Flash powered, instant play games that you can play at many online casino sites as that is what they are most similar to.

You are not going to be forced into having to make any type of compromise should you wish to play mobile slot games from Microgaming, for thanks to the way they have been designed the long term payout percentage of each game on the mobile platform are identical to those found on their online gaming platform.

Also if it worth us telling you that if you are a fan of Microgaming’s range of progressive slots then you are going to find lots of them available to players accessing a mobile casino site on any type of mobile device, and these slots all share the same prize pools, so a fair and equal chance of winning a progressive jackpot is offered on both Microgaming’s mobile and online gaming platform and progressive games.

You are able to log into a mobile casino site powered by Microgaming software using the same log in you have if you already have an account at their online casino site, however if you have never played at a mobile casino site before then you are also able to claim any new player bonuses which can be used on all of the above named mobile slots.

Have a good hunt around our website for there are plenty of our long established featured Microgaming powered sites that have, in the last few years, launched their own mobile casino sites and there are plenty of games, bonuses and comps offered at each and every one of them.

Author: Marcus Nilsson

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