Most Common Microgaming Software Problems and Fixes

microgamingAlthough Microgaming’s downloadable gaming platform and their instant play version is quite robust and reliable, you can occasionally come across a few different problems and errors that can drive you mad, more so if you are unable to get the error rectified.

Sadly, the front line customer support agents at many online casinos are not usually fully trained in the finer points of how the software powering their respective casinos work, and if you report an error via instant chat, email or over the phone you may be given either the incorrect advice in regards to how to fix the error or may end up having to wait while the problem is escalated to a technician.

With this in mind we have compiled a list of common Microgaming software errors that you may experience, and will explain how the problems can be overcome so as to hopefully allow you to get back to spinning the slot reels or playing any of the hundreds of different games this leading software provider offers.

Reels Won’t Stop Spinning

This is one of the most common errors you can get when not just playing Microgaming slot games but several other different software companies slot games online.

You will often find when you are playing slots online and you are maybe downloading something else in the background you suffer very long periods of time between you clicking the spin button and the reels finally being set in motion then all coming to a complete stop.

The way to overcome this is to make sure the only thing you have running, apart from your usual security devices on your computer, is the casino software, and this will give you the maximum amount of bandwidth and should ensure you are not going to suffer this problem.

This problem may also occur when you are playing dice or card games at a Microgaming site. If you do notice when you set any game into play such as Blackjack for example, and the cards are taking an absolute age to be dealt out after clicking the Deal button, then you will need to do the same as described above in regards to closing down anything else you have running on your computer that may be using up a lot of bandwidth.

Software Suddenly Closes

There have been several occasions when we have been playing Microgaming casino games and all of a sudden the software just closes and vanishes from your computer screen.

When this happens to you the customer support team at the casino you are playing at will advise you to uninstall and re-download the software. However, we have found that simply closing down your computer and re-launching it usually fixes this error.

One aspect about playing at a Microgaming software powered site that is going to ensure you never lose out when an error has occurred, is that should a game crash or the software shut down once you have set any game into live play, that game will be available once you reload the software and log into the casino and launch that game from the game menu.

You can always check the outcome of any game played using Microgaming’s Play Check feature if you are in any doubt about the outcome of a game you didn’t see playing out due to one reason or another.

Progressive Jackpot Not Credited

Whilst the odds on you winning a progressive jackpot at Microgaming software powered site may be very high, if you are lucky enough to beat the huge odds and win one then you need to be aware of what happens when you do.

A message will pop up on your computer screen when you win any progressive jackpot and this will show you how much you have won. The jackpot may appear not to be credited to your casino account, but it will be once you click the OK button located underneath the onscreen message.

So if you do win any of the many different progressive jackpots on offer at Microgaming casinos, just give the OK button a click and that huge big fat jackpot will then be credited to your casino account. Your next port of call should be the cashier’s page or banking interface where you should then withdraw that jackpot.

Play-through Attached to a Standard Deposit

Quite often you will find that when you make a deposit into a Microgaming casino which you have not claimed a bonus on, you may find that deposit comes with a play through requirement.

This is usually only the case when you have previously taken a casino bonus and even though your account balance is zero when you make a fresh deposit, you have not finished off playing a game played on a previous session on which you did claim a bonus.

It is therefore vitally important that when you do play with a casino bonus in your account, you finish off playing every game you set into play, or it you fail to do so your next deposit may have a play through requirement carried over from that bonus playing session.

Also always ensure when making a deposit your account balance is at zero. If you have a tiny amount of credits left, such as one cent or one penny, if that account balance is bonus cash then any fresh deposit will come with play through requirements attached to it from that previously played session.

Casino Account Locked

If you try to log into your Microgaming account and a message appears telling you that you account has been locked, then make sure you immediately contact the casino support staff, for there can be lots of reasons why you account has been locked.

The most common reason an account will become locked is in you fail to enter the correct password several times on the trot! However, there may be other reasons for your account being locked, and as such the casino support team should be able to tell you the reason and if innocent enough they can unlock your account or issue you with a temporary password if you have forget yours.

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