Myths Surrounding Live Dealer Casino Games

myth-bustedOnline casino players can often be somewhat sceptical when they come across a range of games they have never played before. This is often true when a player comes across the new breed and next generation of Live Casino Games of which there are plenty of them now available at various casino sites.

Having taken a look around the web we have come across a whole range of Live Casino game playing myths which are simply not true and as such below we will enlighten you on what some of these myths are and will put you right on exactly how these types of games work, play and operate which should allow you to separate the truth from the nonsense often attached to Live Casino Games.

Winning Players Get Banned

You may come across websites or gambling related message boards that claim winning players who log into a Live Casino site and have a winning session will immediately get banned by the casino operators.

The one aspect of any type of Live Casino game or in fact any casino game you will come across is that each game has its own built in house edge, and the more a player plays any one game the more likely it is that the house edge is going to guarantee the player will lose.

It would make no sense what so ever for the owner or operator of a Live Casino site to ban a winning player, for by doing so they will have no chance of winning those payouts back by banning the player! You are more likely to get showered with lots of little extras such as reload bonuses and the such like once you have had a winning streak and have cashed out your winnings, for the casino will obviously want a chance to win back those winnings paid out to you.

Having said that I have actually managed to get myself banned from the live dealer games over at Party Casino once upon a time after having won a €1000 bet on their live dealer blackjack games. To this day I still can not understand why they did this as I would have ended up being a loser in the long run. This is the one and only time I’ve ever heard of this so it’s not really the norm. It should also be said that I had no problem cashing out my winnings after the bet was won so it was no harm as I could just move on the the next online casino that offered live dealer games.

Bonuses are Tighter

When you compare the value of the bonuses offered to Live Casino players with those that are given away to players opting to use software and random number generator driven games it is true to say that those given to the latter named players do tend to look more generous and offer them the chance of claiming much higher deposit match bonuses than Live Casino game players.

There is however a reason for this and that is there are no slot games available in a Live Casino format and as such only low house edge games such as Baccarat, Blackjack and Roulette are on offer.

As these games offer players much more value and winning opportunities than when playing slots for example the bonuses found in Live Casinos do tend to come with higher play through requirements and the deposit match type bonuses may not be as large as those offered to standard software driven casino game players.

You can easily check this out for yourself, by taking a look at any of our featured Live Casino sites and reading through the terms and conditions of the bonus offers, and you will often find that they do offer good value based on the house edge of the live Casino games you can use those bonuses on.

The Games Are Rigged

One quite comical myth surrounding Live Roulette games is that as soon as the Croupier sets the wheel into live play the operators of the casino will then play a pre-recorded clip of the ball spinning around the wheel and will select a clip on which the winning number is one which no players have bet on or the number that limits their payouts by choosing a number with only a small number of players wagers on.

Once again this is total nonsense as each Live Casino venue is covered by many cameras and it would be technically impossible to do this when so many players are playing and monitoring those video feeds.

Playing Rules are Worse

Another myth surrounding Live Casino Games is that the rules attached to many of the games are player unfriendly and by this we mean the payouts may be lower than on other types of similar games and as such they return a much lower long term expected payout percentage and a much increased house edge.

This again is simply not true for when you are playing at any of our featured online casinos that offer Live Casino Games you will for example come across Roulette games which are played to the French Roulette variants rules and as such those games boast a house edge of just 1.35% which is way lower than the American Roulette games found in software driven casino sites which have a house edge of 5.26%.

You are also going to come across some fairly liberal game playing rules attached to Live Blackjack games and as such will find more than enough variants with lower house edges attached to them than the land based and software driven online casinos variants.

The Dealers Earn Commission

One complete myth surrounding Live Casino Games is that the Dealers and Croupiers earn commission and/or a kick back from player losses, and as such are told to keep players chatting via the chat room and do anything that it takes in their powers to keep players playing for longer.

This is simply not true for all Live Casino Game Dealers and Croupiers are fully trained much like those found in a land based casino venue and it does not matter whether a player wins or loses they get paid their standard rate of pay.

In fact an online Dealer or Croupier may actually earn less money than a land based Dealer or Croupier as they are not going to be given tips when a player wins as we have yet to come across an online Live Casino game that gives players the option of tipping them! So it doesn’t affect the casino employees whether you win or lose, they are still going to pick up their pay check at the end of the week or month.

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